Chaim Weizmann

Chaim Weizmann was a jewish political puppet, freemson, chemist and Zionist, used to play the role of first president of Israel from 1949 to 1952. He was educated at Technical University Berlin like Ludwig Wittgenstein and Wernher von Braun and University of Fribourg like Juan Carlos I and KArl Friedrich Hohenzollern. He was present at the Balfour Declaration with Moses Gaster, Victor Rothschild, Arthur Balfour. He was a friend of Martin Buber, Charles Dreyfus (Manchester Zionist Society) and Albert Einstein. Like Balfour, he was present at the Paris Peace conference. He helped establishing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Gaster's daughter married the brother of Zionist Harold Laski (Frankfurt School, Fabian Society).

From 1920 he led the World Zionist Organization of Theodor Herzl, succeeding Otto Warburg (del Banco, Black Venetians). In 1922 he met with St John Philby.

The Weizmann Institute of Science was established in 1934. Its governor George Weidenfeld (BBC, Order of the British Empire, friend of Angela Merkel) bought Greenwich Village publisher Grove Press with Ann Getty. Grove Press published Samuel Beckett, William Burroughs and Vladimir Nabokov.He was Weizmann's Chief of Cabinet.

David Ben-Gurion was his prime minister. Jesuit Yosef Tekoah was advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was chairman of Yad Vashem.

His cousin Ezer Weizmann became 7th president of Israel in 1993.

born 11/27/1874.

died 11/9/1952 (Rev 911), date Kristalnacht, Carl Sagan.