Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress (PAC) is an American think tank of the Left Wing Church, founded in 2003 by jesuit John Podesta, controlled by the Jesuits.

It is funded by Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, Walton Family Foundation. It is affiliated with Media Matters for America of David Brock.

John Podesta is a political puppet of the jesuits, who served in the Clinton, Obama administration, was chairman of Hilary Clinton's campaign and is professor at jesuit university Georgetown. He is also a columnist in the Washington Post.

He and his brother Tony Podesta (also jesuit university Georgetown) founded the lobby group Podesta Group in 1988 and played a role in the UFO psyop and psyop Pizzagate, a distraction with controlled opposition Julian Assange of Wikileaks, to justify more censorship.

CAP is closely associated with David Brock's Media Matters for America.


- Adam Conner (Facebook, campaign of John Kerry)
- Andrew Hauptman (Universal Pictures, Andell Inc, Koor Industries, producer of Danny Boyle's Millions and State of Play with Russell Crowe, married to Ellen Bronfman, daughter of Charles Bronfman)
- Brian Deese (BlackRock, National Economic Council)
- Daniella Gibbs Leger (Sony Music, Huffington Post)
- Donald Sussman (NYU, Weizmann Institute, Democracy Alliance, campaign of Al Gore)
- jesuit Elisa Massimino (CFR, Massimo family)
- Eric Mindlich (Goldman Sachs, Eton Park Capital Management)
- Fred Hochberg (NYU, gay-transgender agenda, married to Tom Healy CFR)
- Gayle Smith (CFR, ONE Campaign of Bono, Covid19-scam)
- Glenn Hutchins (CFR, Brookings, Federal Reserve NY, advisor of Bill Clinton)
- Greg Rosenbaum (The Carlyle Group)
- Hamilton James (Choate Rosemary Hall, Blackstone Group of Stephen Schwarzman S&B, Costco of Jeffrey Brotman Zeta Beta Tau)
- Hansjörg Wyss (Swiss billionaire, Wyss Foundation, Democacy Alliance with George Soros and Susie Russell Tompkins)
- Heather Boushey (economic advisor of Joe Biden, leftist institute The New School)
- Jane Hartley (jesuit, Obama administration, CFR, Charlie Hebdo media ritual, married to Ralph Schlosstein of Evercore Partners)
- John Podesta
- Jon Vein (married to Ellen Goldsmith, Artist Management Group, founded by Michael Ovitz CFR Disney)
- Judith Lichtman (jesuit university Georgetown, ACLU)
- Julian Castro (Stanford, Harvard, Obama administration, NBC News, gay-transgender agenda, Inter-American Dialogue)
- Kathleen Kennedy (daughter of Robert Kennedy, sister of Robert Kennedy Jr, CFR, Inter-American Dialogue, jesuit university Georgetown, American Bridge 21st Century of David Brock)
- Laura Tyson (National Economic Council, CFR, Berggruen Institute)
- Lois Quam (CFR, Global Health Initiative)
- Neera Tanden (campaign of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Joe Biden's Office of Managent and Budget)
- Patrick Gaspard (Democratic National Committee, US ambassador to South Africa, campaign of Jesse Jackson, friend of NY mayor Bill de Blasio, Central European University of George Soros, Paris Peace Forum, Open Society Foundations)
- Paul Applegarth (Millenium Challenge Corporation)
- Peter Edelman (aide of RFK, jesuit university Georgetown, New Israel Fund, Center for Community Change, married to Marian Wright of Children Defense Fund and Civil Rights Movement with MLK)
- Rebecca Rosenberg
- Robert W Roche (American Chamber of Commerce in Shangai and Japan)
- Ron Kirk (US Trade Representative, cousin of William Astor Kirk of NAACP)
- Sharito Gruberg (jesuit, gay agenda)
- Stacy Abrams (CFR, Chatham House, endorsed by Obama, gun control agenda)
- Steve Daetz (ProPublica with Donald Sussman)
- Tom Daschle (senatot from South Dakota, anthrax letters media ritual after the 911 ritual, supporter of Barack Obama, advocate of universal health care)
- Tom Perriello (Open Society Foundations)
- Wesley Clark (NATO, Atlantic Council, CFR, CSIS, National Endowment for Democracy)
- Win McCormack (The New Republic of Walter Lippman)
- Winnie Stachelberg (Human Rights Campaign, gay-transgender agenda)
- Zeke Emanuel (Zionist family, Covid19 scam, brother of Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel of Endeavor)

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