Cecil Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes was a political puppet of the British Empire, used to move towards UN world government. He was 1st Prime Minister of the Cape Colonies.  He was educated at Oriel College Oxford. He helped acquire a monopoly on diamond mining in South Africa, financed by Catholic Church bankers N.M. Rothschild. In 1888 he founded DeBeers mining, financed by Alfred Beit and Nathan Rothschild. He worked with the father of Harry Hay (gay agenda).

In 1892 British Colonists in Africa founded the city Fort Salisbury, named after Robert Cecil Lord Salisbury.

In 1894 the British South Africa Company founded Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

In 1897 Alfred Milner (Coefficients with Bertrand Russell, Leo Amery and Fabian Society members like HG Wells) visited South Africa, worked with Rhodes and founded the Milner Schools. He was a friend of Arnold Toynbee, uncle of Arnold Joseph Toynbee (Tavistock). He worked for the Pall Mall Gazette (sold to William Waldorf Astor) under William Thomas Stead, a friend of Rhodes, AC Doyle and William Randolph Hearst, the inventor of the tabloid press. Stead died on the Titanic. Milner became chairman of zinc mining company Rio Tinto.

He was visited by British agent Rudyard Kipling, friend of Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouting movement (pedophilia, BSA). Baden-Powell, Rhodes and Milner played a role in the Second Boer War, while Leo Amery was correspondent for The Times.

With Robert Cecil (RIIA) he helped creating the League of Nations-United Nations. He was a friend of Albert Grey, John Ruskin (Athenaeum Club) and Randolph Churchill. He was a member of the Apollo University Lodge.

The island Rhodes temporarily was a headquarter of the Knights Templar (statue Colossus of Rhodes).

In 1902 Oxford University established the Rhodes Scholarship. Rhodes Scholars: jesuit Bill Clinton, Naomi Wolf (the Feminist Church), Norman Manley (pm of Jamaica), Malcolm Turnbull (pm of Australia), Bob Hawke (pm of Australia), Tony Abott (pm of Australia), David Porter (YMCA), Kris Kristofferson, Pete Buttigieg (gay agenda), Ronan Farrow (son of Mia Farrow), Terrence Malick, Wasim Sajjad (president of Pakistan), Alain LeRoy, PR Stephensen (Mandrake Press which published Aleister Crowley's Moonchild), Hera Jay Brown (transgender agenda), George Estabrooks (Harvard, hypnosis project Bluebird), Leonard Huxley,..

He was mentioned in Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West.

In 1926 Ernest Oppenheimer was elected to the board of De Beers.

The Rank Organisation produced biopic Rhodes of Africa.

In 1977 Carroll Quigley published Tragedy and Hope: the Anglo-American Establishment with focus on Rhodes. His work was promoted by George Edward Griffin (John Birch Society).

Robin Brown wrote The Secret Society: Cecil John Rhodes' Plan for a New World Order. Catherine Radziwill wrote Cecil Rhodes Man and Empire Maker.

born 7/5/1853.

died 3/26/1906.

South Africa

Alfred Milner