Capitol attack 2021

The Capitol attack of 1/6/2021 was a media farce with actors of the Right Wing Church, to frame all resistance to the fascist Covid19-ritual as 'crazy', 'conspiracy theorist', 'Trump supporter', or 'dangerous extremist' and to increase censorship on Facebook and Instagram.

As part of the political circus, Trump supporters were given false hope with psyop Qanon.

While the official narratives blames the staged election of jesuit Donald Trump on fraud, 'fake news' and a Russian conspiracy ('investigated' by Robert Mueller of FBI), requiring more censorship, rumors about fraud during the staged election of jesuit Joe Biden were framed as ridiculous. Trump's campaign of constant provocation was designed by Roger Stone, who worked with Roy Cohn of the John Birch Society.

The Stop the Steal rally was organised by:

- Ali Alexander, associated with Alex Jones and Roger Stone. He attended White House meetings and met with Jack Dorsey of Twitter (Business Roundtable).

- Jesuit Paul Gosar (right wing internet trolls Groypers, Nick Fuentes, Tommy Robinson) used George Soros as villain.

- Andy Briggs, trained at Brigham Young University of the Mormon Church, worked with Ed McMahon and chairs the Freedom Caucus with jesuit Mick Mulvany (Chief of Staff of Donald Trump) and members of the Tea Party Movement. He played the role of climate denier (villain for the Climate Church) and Covid19 denier (controlled opposition against jesuit Anthony Fauci, hydroxychloroquine distraction). He is advisor of Families United, controlled opposition of the Mormon Church against the gay agenda.

- Proud Boys of Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice, owned by Hearst. He worked for Adult Swim of Warner Bros tv, Infowars of Alex Jones and Rebel News, as provocateur agent to fit the villain archetype with alt-right hatespeech of the Left Wing Church. He also worked with Roger Stone, Joe Rogan, Milo Yiannopoulos (pedophilia agenda) and Enrique Tarrio.

- Tea Party Patriots of Jenny Beth Martin (Washington Times of the Unification Church) and Mark Meckler (so called alt tech-website Parler).

- Qanon, Alternate Reality Game and psyop with cryptic messages with Donald Trump and Fox News of Rupert Murdoch as saviour.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Republicans, who refused to wear masks, were tested positive for Covid19 (programming non-compliance= dangerous, right wing).

Jesuit Dinesh D'Souza (Commentary, American Enterprise Institute) participated in the media ritual on Twitter.

Nancy Pelosi (husband of jesuit Paul Pelosi, all 3 children jesuit trained) played the role of victim and helped passing the CARES Act, 2,2 trillion dollar. Hollywood comedy actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, played the role of Republican with moral outrage (later used on Twitter to condemn all non-compliers in the Covid19-ritual).

The staged riots and violence of Right Wing actors served as an antithesis to the staged riots and violence of BLM actors (Divide and Conquer tactic of the Roman Empire).

Donald Trump

the Right Wing Church