Capitalism is a doctrine in the pseudoscience of economics that serves as foundation of the pyramid-shaped global financial system of slavery invented by the Saturn cult (Saturn=planet of materialism, control), based on the Divine Right to Rule humanity. It is closely linked to the doctrines of atheism and Darwinism. Communism (or its moderate form socialism) is used as controlled opposition against capitalism in the Left Wing Church. It thrives on modern day myths like infinite growth, the American Dream, democracy, free market, Invisible Hand of the market, trickling down of wealth,...  

In capitalism the means of productions are privately owned but in reality corporations are ruled by elite families who also govern the political puppet show (corporate fascism) and invent money out of thin air and plan economic crisises in alliance with corporate media.

History of capitalism

2000 bc the banks of the Nile provide fertile soil=>worship of the banks, one eye-pyramid system of slavery.

1500 bc Babylonian Empire, Sacred marriage, holy prostitution, worship of the Whore of Babylon. Captive jews learn Chaldean sorcery and the tricks of banking.

300 bc Roman Empire Capitol of Rome (Caput El, the head Saturn) on Capitoline Hill.

800 Islamic Golden Age, invention of free trading and banking, bookkeeping system.

1202 Fibonacci introduces Indo-Arabian numeric system in Liber Acaci (Fibonacci sequence), new system of bookkeeping and banking techniques.

1397 Cosimo de Medici founds the Medici Bank.

Dutch colonists found Dutch East India Company (VOC) as first multinational, in  Amsterdam they work with Sabbatean jews at the first stock market. The protestant doctrine Calvinism helps giving rise to capitalism.

1558 mercantillism in Elizabethean England (controlled by the Cecils).

1600 founding of the (British) East India Company, opium trade with India to drug and conquer the Indian population.

The jesuits experiment with communism on tribes in Paraguay.

market of black slaves at Wall Street.

1760 Industrial Revolution (members of the Lunar Society like Benjamin Franklin and Erasmus Darwin) spreads from Britain to the rest of Europe.

1776 Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations. Jesuit trained David Hume (Scottish Enlightenment).

1810 Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild bankers (bankers of House of Hesse) as Nouveau Riche.

1821 UK adopts the gold standard.

1839 first Opium War.

1840 Pierre-Joseph Proudon What Is Property?.

1845 Benjamin Disraeli uses the word capitalism in his work Sybil.

1867 The jesuit trained Karl Marx publishes Das Kapital (deliberately selected as a jew, to blame the horrors of communism on a jewish conspiracy and give rise to fascism).

1870 Gold Standard as foundation of international monetary system.

1886 founding of Coca Cola.

1914-1945 the WW1 and WW2 ritual. Russian Revolution of communists in Russia that replace the Romanovs.

1917 Vladimir Lenin Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.

1944 Friedrich Hayek (Austrian School) Road to Serfdom

1945 propaganda of British Empire and US (capitalism with puppet show democracy and consumerist pop culture) as moral victors. The Fabian Society creates welfare state.

post war boom, Germany as leading economy of Europe.

1968 rise of the Left Wing Church doctrine, jesuit JP Sartre defends communist Che Guevara and jesuit Fidel Castro, cultural marxism.

doctrine of Keynesianism, regulating markets, welfare state). defense of capitalism by Chicago School, Mont Pelerin Society.

1981 Reaganomics of Ronald Reagan. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson as pop stars of capitalism to enforce the belief in free market and entrepreneurship (glorification of capitalism in program Hip Hop with Jay-z, P Diddy,..).

Corporations use Saturn sigils and symbols for their brands to evoke Saturn energy.

collapse of communist economies of East Bloc countries, transfer of power to oligarchs (Roman Abramovich, Len Blavatnik). Paul Krugman (awarded with Nobel Prize) and Goldman Sachs bankers as economic guru.

Michael Moore (Capitalism a Love Story), Rage Against the Machine, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous and Left Wing Church media actors (Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders) play their part in problem-reaction-solution policy.

Communist-capitalist China as new economic superpower. BlackRock, Vanguard Group.

2013 Thomas Piketty Capital in the Twenty First Century. jesuit Walter Block Anarcho-capitalism. Jesuit pope Francis as critic of capitalism.

2020 the Covid19-ritual and Russian-Ukrainian War-gas prices ritual as attack on small businesses, Great Reset narrative in controlled alternative media to evoke fear of communism (Bill Gates and George Soros as villain).

the Financial System

Wall Street