Canada is a country founded in 1867, by declaring its independence from the UK. It has a population of 38 million people. It was conquered and colonized by France and the British Empire (fleet of Elizabeth I). It is governed by the Jesuits. Its capital is Ottawa, its largest city is Toronto. It has the 9th largest GDP in the world (4th largest exporter of petroleum). Its monarch is Charles III.

History of Canada

500 bc Dorset peoples (remnants of the nordic Atlantis civilization).

1000 Vikings of Groenland settle in Canada.

1500 the Iniut people replace the Dorset people. The European colonists conquered the indigenous people of Canada, through European diseases.

1534 The fleet of Francis I of France (Order of the Golden Fleece) founds a French colony, New France.

1756 Seven Years War, the British Empire and jesuits conspire against France and Portugal, their competitors in the Indian opium trade.

1763 France loses its territory in Canada.

1840 Act of Union, Province of Canada.

1853 jesuit school St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

1857 The Bronfman family founds beverage company Seagram.

1867 the title Prime Minister is created, John Macdonald (Odd Fellows) as pm.

1896 establishment of jesuit school Loyola High School.

1919 Canada joins the League of Nations/United Nations.

1918 Bronfmans gets rich of Prohibition, work with mafia figures Al Capone and Charles Luciano.

1934 Wilder Penfield establishes the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

1943 John Rees of Tavistock meets with Canadian psychiatrists.

1951 LSD and mescaline research of Humpfrey Osmond at Souris Valley Mental Hospital in Weyburn.

1953 Ewen Cameron conducts MK Ultra research at McGill University (attended by Leonard Cohen). Jesuit Marshall McLuhan announces the Global Village culture of the internet. Hypnotist George Estabrooks works for CIA Project Bluebird.

1959 Roy Thomson buys British newspaper Sunday Times (the media industry).

1967 Roy Thomson buys The Times. Buckminster Fuller's Biosphere at Expo 67 in Montreal (with Elizabeth II, Robert Kennedy, jesuit Charles de Gaulle, jesuit Lyndon Johnson, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Haile Selassie, Harry Belafonte, Maharishi Yogi, Grateful Dead, Diana Ross and The Supremes).

Joni Mitchell is used in CIA project Laurel Canyon.

1971 multiculturalism becomes the official state doctrine. The Bronfmans found Polygram, Universal, WarnerMusic and create the Mega Group with Les Wexner. Eugene Levy, David Cronenberg, Mike Myers, Carrie-Anne Moss, Donald Sutherland, William Shatner and Christopher Plummer (related to John Abbott) are used in the Hollywood film industry.

1972 jesuit Pierre Trudeau (Club of Rome) as pm, jesuit Allan MacEachen as deputy pm and jesuit Warren Allmand as Solicitor General. Margaret Trudeau is used in the Studio 54 scene in NY.

1984 jesuit Brian Mulroney as pm. Bruce LaBruce is used to push the gay agenda in program Punk Rock. founding of the Cirque du Soleil. Gerry Schwartz (Rosedale Toronto, Sigma Alpha Mu like Bob Dylan) founds Onex Corporation (private equity).

1985 staged Ernst Zündel trial.

1994 Suroosh Alvi, Gavin McInnes and Shane Smith found Vice in Montreal with government funding. Serge Monast spreads theories about Project Bluebeam.

1997 Frank Giustra co-founds Lionsgate Entertainment.

2001 Trailer Park Boys with jesuit Mike Smith.

2002 debut album of Avril Lavigne (program Punk Rock).

2003 Céline Dion is used in the Las Vegas entertainment scene.

2006 jesuit Noubar Afeyan founds Moderna.

2006 Vice works with Terry Richardson and Spike Jonze.

2008 Thomson Corporation merges with Reuters to form Thomson Reuters, with David Thomson (Hudson's Bay, Zellers) as chairman.

2009 Mind controlled actor-rapper Drake and The Weeknd are used in the music industry (program Hip Hop).

2011 John Baird (George Soros as scapegoat) as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

2015 Pierre Trudeau's son, Justin Trudeau as pm.

2016 Justin Trudeau pushes the transgender agenda with Bill C-16 (Jordan Peterson as controlled opposition). Gavin McInnes founds the Proud Boys (provocateur agents of the Right Wing Church).

Harley Pasternak is used in a fake alternative media ritual (Dan Dicks, AmazingPolly, Tucker Carlson) with Kanye West.

2019 Chrystia Freeland (Atlantik-Brücke, Washington Post, The Economist, WEF, married to reporter of The New York Times) as deputy pm.

2020 the fascist Covid19-ritual with Rebel News with Jack Posobiec as controlled opposition in the Right Wing Church.

2021 jesuit Seamus O'Regan as Minister of Labour.

2022 Freedom Convoy media farce with Tamara Lich (Maverick Party) and James Bauder (Qanon psyop) in Prince George (child of William V), promoted by jesuit Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Qanon), jesuit Donald Trump.

Prime ministers

John Macdonald (Oddfellows), Alexander Mackenzie, John Abbott, Wilfrid Laurier, Robert Borden, William Lyon Mackenzie, Louis St Laurent, John Diefenbaker, Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau (jesuit, LSE), John Turner (Beta Theta Pi), Brian Mulroney (jesuit, BlackStone), Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin (Berggruen Institute), Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau.

Propaganda outlets

- CBC: jesuit Linden MacIntyre, jesuit Gerry Dee

- CTV: BCE Inc, jesuit Alexandre Trudeau,..

Controlled opposition

- Amazing Polly (pro-Trump)
- Dan Dicks (Anarchopulco)
- Jordan Peterson
- LifeSiteNews
- Rebel News
- Tom MacDonald

United Kingdom

United States