Cable News Network is a 24 hour tv network and propaganda tool of the media industry, founded in 1980 by Ted Turner (married to sex slave Jane Fonda) and Reese Schonfeld (Columbia, United Press International). Its headquarter is in Atlanta Georgia (33d parallel).

Media actors: Thomas Braden (CIA), Fareed Zakharia (CFR, Berggruen Institute), Jim Sciutto (CFR, Islam scare), Paula Zahn (CBS, CFR), Arick Wierson (jesuit), Susan Candiotti (jesuit), vice-president Stuart Loorey (Quill and Dagger), Larry King, Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt, ..

History of CNN

1980 first female anchor Kathleen Sullivan (trained by Dominicans).

1982 Crossfire Newt Gingrich (American Enterprise Institute, Bohemian Club)

1985 Larry King Live Larry King (Tau Epsilon Phi, married to Playboy model Alene Arkins). William Ross Adey (Pandora Project) demonstrates a Russian LIDA machine to cause fatigue to Chuck DeCora.

1990 Gulf War war as entertainment. Tom Johnson (Bohemian Club, Rockefeller Foundation, assistant of jesuit Lyndon Johnson) as president.

1992 Both Sides with Jesse Jackson.

1996 Turner Broadcasting System merges with Time and Warner.

1998 Ted Turner creates the United Nations Foundation through a 1 billiion dollar gift, with Rania of Jordan, Gro Harlem Brundtland (pm of Norway, director-general of WHO), Mark Malloch Brown of Open Society Foundations.

2001 the 911 Twin Towers media ritual (trauma based mind control).

Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute).

Crossfire Tucker Carlson Robert Novak (Alpha Epsilon Phi) James Carville (campaign of jesuit Bill Clinton) Paul Begala (advisor of Clinton, jesuit school Georgetown).

2003 Anderson Cooper 360° Anderson Cooper (elite family Vanderbilt). Paula Zahn Show.

2006 CNN Newsroom Live Jim Sciutto (CFR, Islam scare).

2008 Fareed Zakaria GPS. jesuit Brooke Baldwin.

2010 Rick's List Rick Sanchez (Russia Today)

2011 Piers Morgan Live interviews with Alex Jones. Erin Burnett OutFront Erin Burnett (Goldman Sachs, NBC show The Apprentice with jesuit Donald Trump).

2012 Jeff Zucker (NBC, The Apprentice with Donald Trump) as president.

2013 The Lead with Jake Tapper (Phi Beta Kappa, ABC News).

2014 Don Lemon Tonight Don Lemon (NBC news, gay agenda)

2015 the Isis ritual (apocalyptic fear, trauma based mind control)

2016 the Pizzagate psyop with actor Edgar Maddison Welch.

2017 jesuit Donald Trump (associated with McMahons of wrestling industry like Ted Turner) played the role of antagonist of CNN, promoted as outsider by Newt Gingrich, Fox News and Breitbart News.

Cuomo Prime Time jesuit Chris Cuomo (ABC news, brother of jesuit Andrew Cuomo, culprit in the Covid19-ritual).

Michael Brown media ritual

2020 the George Floyd media ritual, staged riots at CNN Center. Promotion of the fake BLM movement.

2021 Stanley Tucci Searching For Italy.

the Media