The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the secret service of the US, run by the Jesuits as spies for the Church of Rome, masters in deception, spreading misleading conspiracy theories with the CIA as Pluto, the Jungian Shadow, synonym for dark secrets, oil, communism with the masonic JFK ritual as 'mother of all conspiracy theories'.

It is closely associated with British MI6, the totalitarian world state United Nations. In the history of the CIA the name William often shows up, as William V represents the Shadow, the Daemon (associated with Pluto). Politicians are actors on the world stage, events are planned according to kabbalistic symbolism. The history of the CIA is closely intertwined with the history of mind control.

Information about the CIA is often mixed with distraction about fictitious projects Project Bluebook, Philadelphia Experiment, Stargate Project, Project Mockingbird, Project Montauk, Project Monarch, Project Mannequin,...

History of the CIA

1500s John Dee works for spymaster Francis Walsingham, under control of the Cecils.

1790 Washington DC becomes the capitol of the US.

1832 the Russell and Taft family found secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University. The Oddfellows in Baltimore work with Edgar Allan Poe.

1878 founding of the Cosmos Club in Washington DC, in alliance with National Geographic Society.

1896 Charles Bonaparte, descendant of jesuit Napoléon, organizes a Bureau of Investigation. The British Empire creates service service organisations Fabian Society, Theosophical Society, Society for Psychical Research and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

1908 The FBI is formed, pretends to fight organized crime.

1909 British secret service becomes MI5 and MI6.

1913 founding of the Rockefeller Foundation.

1914 in Britain Charles Masterman is appointed to make war propaganda at War Propaganda Bureau of the Foreign Office (Wellington House) with HG Wells (Fabian Society), William Archer (supporter of Bernard Shaw of the FS), Arnold Bennett and jesuit AC Doyle (HOGD), Alfred Harmsworth (The Times, Daily Mail, married to Mary Milner).

George Sylvester Viereck (CCNY) publishes pro-German propaganda The Fatherland in NY with Aleister Crowley.

1917 Woordow Wilson (Cosmos Club) establishes the Committee on Public Information with George Creel, Carl Byoir, Charles Merriam (the Left Wing Church), Robert Lansing (related to John Foster Dulles) and Edward Bernays (related to Sigmund Freud) to make war propaganda. Creel and Byoir work for Hearst, Creel like William Hearst is a member of the Bohemian Club. Wilson is advised by Walter Lippman (mentored by William James TS, SPR). Lippman's friend Felix Frankfurter co-founds the ACLU.

1921 The CFR is founded. Advertising techniques of Edward Bernays are used by the press (The NY Times) in political campaigns to manipulate public opinion.

1927 the Rockefeller Foundation funds the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, employer of Josef Mengele. Owen Young (Rockefeller Foundation) is assigned to rebuild the German economy (the Young Plan). John Rockefeller is the largest shareholder of Chase National Bank (swastika logo), working with General Electric (RCA, who become the first tenants at Rockefeller Center).

1931 Heinrich Himmler appoints Reinhard Heydrich as head of secret service SicherheitsDienst (SD).

1933 a cult is created around Adolf Hitler, with the advertising methods of Bernays, promoted in press of William Hearst. Eugene Meyer (Federal Reserve) publishes the Washington Post.

Lindbergh Baby kidnapping media ritual with mason and Oddfellow Charles Lindbergh (Horus archetype like Howard Hughes) as an excuse to give more power to the FBI, with J. Edgar Hoover as director (Knight of Malta, mason and Shriner).

1934 The Communist Party USA founds propaganda magazine Partisan Review, led by William Philips (CCNY, NYU, NY Intellectuals).

1938 Orson Welles War of the Worlds media hoax on CBS radio, based on novel of jesuit HG Wells (Wellington House, Fabian Society).

1940 Winston Churchill's Special Operations Executive, experiments at Inverlair Lodge Scotland. Eugene Meyer as president of World Bank in 1946, is succeeded by John McCloy.

Georgetown Set (close to jesuit university Georgetown in Washington DC) Frank Gardner Wisner, Stewart and Joseph Alsop, Averell Harriman, John Dulles (CFR, brother of Allen Dulles CFR and brother of jesuit cardinal Avery Dulles), Jesus James Angleton, Phil Graham and Katharine Meyer, Mary Pinchot Meyer, John McCloy (World Bank, CFR), David Bruce (Alison Mellon). They meet at the house of Charles Chip Bohlen (Wise Men).

Wisner worked together with Kim Philby of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and British Union of Fascists.

Start of nuclear research of the Manhattan Project.

1941 Knight of Malta Allen Dulles (CFR, Century Group with Francis Pickens Miller, Henry Luce, Dean Acheson, Henry Sloan Coffin, James Warburg) leads the NY office of Knight of Malta William Donavan's Office of the Coordinator of Information, in the building of British Security Cordination on 5th Avenue in NY.

1942 6/13 Theodore Roosevelt (Cosmos Club) appoints William Donavan (papal Order of Sylvester) as head of the OSS, helped by William Stephenson and Stewart Menzies of MI6. Training of agents at Camp X in Ontario (the Farm, Roald Dahl, Paul Dehn) and Congressional Country Club at Bethesda Maryland. OSS agents Ralph Bunche of the UN and fake Civil Rights Movement, director John Ford, Serge Obolensky (family of Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society, chairman of Hilton, married to Alice Astor), James McCord.

The first Macy conferences of the Macy Foundation on sociology and cybernetics. Start of nuclear research project Manhattan Project at Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico.

1943 more research on propaganda through Donavan's Morale Operations Branch (Henry Murray, Columbia's The New School, W.H. Auden, Vladimir Nabokov), development of psychological warfare techniques by Charles Douglas Jackson. Wiliam Paley of CBS, married to ex-wife of John Randolph Hearst, is made director of radio operations of the Psychological Warfare branch of the Office of War Information in London.

Committee on National Morale under Franklin Roosevelt with George Gallup (polling public opinion), Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, Hadley Cantril (Princeton research of Orson Welles hoax, worked with Theodor Adorno on the Radio Project), Erik Erikson (term identity crisis), Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School, Columbia The New School), Gordon Allport (teacher of Stanley Milgram), Leonard Doob (propaganda), led by Arthur Upham Pope (friend of William Hearst and John Rockefeller).

The Tavistock Group is formed (controlled by the Russell, Forbes, Parsons, Carnegie-Mellon, and Spencer families) with Ronald Forbes Adam, Ronald Hargreaves (WHO), Tommy Wilson, Wilfred Bion (group therapy), Kurt Lewin, John Rickman, John Sutherland, John Bowlby (Cecil agent) and Eric Trist (Yale). Cultural marxists Herbert Marcuse and Franz Neumann of the Frankfurt School join the OSS.

In the Ukraine, Alfred Rosenberg founds the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN), with Yaroslav Stetsko as leader.

1944 Dean Acheson helps founding the World Bank.

1945 jesuit James Donavan, Dwight Eisenhower (CFR, NATO, Columbia University), John McCloy (deputy of Secretary of War Henry Stimson, World Bank, Ford Foundation, Atlantik-Brucke, Chase Manhattan, chairman CFR) and Knight of Malta Spyros Skouros (20th Century Fox) order propaganda film 'The Nazi Plan' for the Nuremberg trial.

The American Jewish Committee founds propaganda magazine Commentary.

Operation Paperclip (transfer of German nazi scientists to the US with help of Knights of Malta J. Peter Grace, Otto Skorzeny, Reinhard Gehlen, Heinrich Himmler, Allen Dulles): nazi scientists Wernher von Braun, Walter Domberger, Friedrich Hoffman, Georg Rickhey, Arthur Rudolph, Theodor Benzinger, Otto Ambros, Alexander Bolling, Kurt Blome, Kurt Debus, Erich Traub, ..They are transferred to Fort Detrick Maryland, Fort Bliss Texas, Redwood Arsenal Alabama, continue research on chemical warfare, drugs, rocket science.

Paramount Pictures films The Lost Weekend at Bellevue Hospîtal with Jane Wyman, the wife of Ronald Reagan.

1946 Sydney William Souers United Nations National Security Council. movie O.S.S with Alan Ladd. In the UK, the Foreign Office founds the Information Research Department. The US helps establishing the Gehlen Organisation of Knight of Malta Reinhardt Gehlen.

1947 the OSS of William Donavan becomes the CIA, with the eagle Horus as logo like the nazi's, four divisions: Intelligence, Plans, Research, Support, each headed by a deputy director. team of John Ford (John Carradine OTO), Carl Jung. Roscoe Hillenkoeter (Office of Naval Intelligence).

The CIA claims to gather intelligence on external threats, in contrast with the FBI, that focuses on domestic cases with authority of law enforcement.

Roswell media psyop about extraterrestials on the 33d parallel. Sandoz Laboratory introduces LSD as drug in psychiatry.

Founding of the Tavistock Institute and death of MI6 agent Aleister Crowley. Alfred Kinsey founds the Institute for Sex Research, funded by CIA front Rockefeller Foundation.

1948 drug and chemical experiments (sarin gas developed by nazi's) on humans at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland.

1949 founding of Mossad.

1950 CIA fronts Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty. 4/20 Project Bluebird, Artichoke, research on trauma based mind control, hypnotic triggers and dissociation.

Ron Hubbard publishes Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science, based on Cybernetics, work on catharsis therapy of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and William Sargant. Dianetics makes a distinction between the conscious analytical, subconscious reactive and somatic mind. The aim of the Dianetics auditing procedure is to erase the reactive mind (Yesod, moon goddess Diana, storehouse of images). Hubbard works with Aldous Huxley.

Heroin is sold by Bayer. CIA director Walter Bedell Smith is on the board of Committee for United Europe who helped forming the European Union. Korean War between North Korea (Soviet Union) and South Korea (US-UN).

Founding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) in Berlin (Nikolaj Nabokov, Bertrand Russell, Sidney Hook, Arthur Koestler, John Dewey of Columbia The New School) and its US branch American Committee for Cultural Freedom (ACCF) with Max Eastman. Propaganda writers are mostly trained at The New School or CCNY and write for Commentary. Founding of the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD).

1951 Frederick Trubee Davison (S&B, son of Henry Davison Federal Reserve) director of personnel. Humpfrey Osmond and John Smythies conduct LSD research in Weyburn Hospital Canada.

1952 Le Cercle group with Konrad Adenauer, Antoine Pinay (continental Europe conservative establishment, intelligence network and policy coordination). Robert Lovett (S&B) creates the National Security Agency (NSA) with hq at Ford Meade Maryland. rumors about Project Bluebook (Edward Ruppelt).

1953 director Allen Dulles (CFR, Order of Malta, Century Group with Dean Acheson, Henry Luce of Time, Henry Sloan Coffin, James Warburg). Project MK Ultra, research on drugs, hypnosis and trauma based mind control. same day James Bond, based on John Dee, secret service as heroic and sexy (Ian Fleming MI6 like Crowley). John Gittinger develops the Personality Assessment System for the CIA.

Overthrow of Iranian pm Mohammed Mosaddegh with Kermit Roosevelt and Miles Copeland.

Humpfrey Osmond gives mescaline to Aldous Huxley who writes 'The Doors of Perception'. Osmond works with Christopher Mayhew (British Information Research Department with George Orwell). He treats Gerald Heard (The Realist with Huxley, HG Wells of Fabian Society, Arnold Bennett of HOGD) and Bill Wilson, who later founds the Alcoholics Anonymous. Oscar Janiger, cousin of Allen Ginsberg, gives mescaline to Alan Watts.

New year psyop with Indian mystic DG Vinod, channeling of the Nine, involvement of Marcella Dupont, Alice Astor (husband of OSS agent Serge Oblensky, related to Blavatsky), Andrija Puharich (Roundtable Foundation of the Astors, CIA Fort Detrick), Ruth Forbes, Lyal Watson (Bronfman), Stanford Research Institute, Gene Rodenberry (Star Trek), supported by vice president Henry Wallace (Theosophical Society) who puts a pyramid with all seeing eye on dollar bill (Crowley's prophecy of Aeon of Horus was channeled by Aiwass, blueprint for the New Age cult).

1954 Time magazine gives publicity to LSD (Sandoz company of Warburg) as wonder drug. John Lilly invents the isolation tank. Korean CIA (Sun Myung Moon, Bo Hi Pak, David Kim, ties with APACL) founds the Unification Church in South Korea.

1955 Knight of Malta William F Buckley Jr (S&B) founds National Review magazine, with propaganda of ACCF members. Clement Greenberg (ACCF) promotes Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock (ACCF), Willem de Kooning. Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita, promoted by Graham Greene (MI6 under Kim Philby, friend of Fidel Castro).

1956 Humpfrey Osmond invents the word 'psychedelic'. First movie of Stanley Kubrick (CCNY) with Sterling Hayden. founding of Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) in Germany.

1957 Gordon Wasson (LSE, JP Morgan) magic mushroom (mm=33) article in Life magazine (Henry Luce). In Haight-Ashbury the Beat trend is spread by William S Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac (The New School).

1958 founding of DARPA and NASA.

1959 Knight of Malta Dwight Eisenhower founds the National Captive Nations Committee (NCNC) with jesuit Lev Dobriansky and ABN leader Yaroslav Stetsko.

1960 Bilderberg conferences Anglo-American bankers and industrialists, started by Bernhard Lippe and jesuit Josef Retinger. Young Americans for Freedom Sharon Statement at 9/11 at house of William F Buckley.

1961 director Knight of Malta John McCone with John F Kennedy as president. Harvard drug experiments with CIA agents Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert. Paul Schäfer leads the German colony Colonia Dignidad in Chile.

Opening of CIA headquarters at Langley Virginia. Operation Mongoose, Cuban Project authorised by JFK (media ritual with jesuit Fidel Castro). start of the JFK murder mystery stories about mafia Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Santos Trafficante, jesuit Robert Maheu, lawyer of Howard Hughes (Horus archetype like JFK). Dulles is replaced by Richard Helms (Le Rosey).

1962 Founding of the Esalen Institute at Big Sur California (the New Age Church) Mike Murphy, Dick Prince, Carl Rogers, James Bugental, Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Stanislav Grof. Willis Harman works at Stanford Research Institute, start of the human potential movement, promotion of drugs like LSD with Alfred Hubbard.

1963 the JFK ritual J Edgar Hoover as FBI as bad guy, Jungian Shadow. William Mellon Hitchcock funds the LSD cartel of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and offers the Milbrook estate to Leary and his friends.

The Merry Pranksters Ken Kesey, Stewart Brand, Paul Krassner (documented by Tom Wolfe, treated by Paul McHugh) spread and promote LSD as hippies and heroes of the new counterculture. Clay Felker who promotes Tom Wolfe and the New Journalism trend, also employs Gloria Steinem (Feminist Church). Marcus Raskin, aide of McGeorge Bundy S&B, founds the Institute for Policy Studies with James Warburg.

(According to the mythology of the Black Church, the FBI investigated and blackmailed Martin Luther King Jr, to give him extra credibility as anti-establishment figure)

Lookout Mountain Laurel Canyon. Founding of the satanic Process Church of the Final Judgement in the UK (Robert de Grimston, ties to Hubbard's Scientology, swastika symbol, Thelema of Crowley, celebrities Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull Habsburg). Mary McCarthy (ACCF) writes novel The Group about free love. Programming of celebrity rock stars in Chelsea Hotel in NY.

1964 MK Ultra is revamped as MKSearch (Search for the Manchurian Candidate).

1965 William Francis Raborn. Phoenix Program Vietnam war with Ted Shackley (Le Cercle). CIA front Forum World Features in London with Brian Crozier (Le Cercle), overseen by Kermit Roosevelt, funded by John Hay Whitney (Pilgrims Society). In Haight-Ashbury the Grateful Dead is formed, promoted by Bill Graham (trained at CCNY).

Swinging London scene: The Beatles, Carnaby Str and King's Road Chelsea, Mod fashion of John Stephen (look of The Kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces), manager Andrew Oldham (US Air Force family), Michael Caine, Terence Stamp, promoted by BBC (Top of the Pops with pedophiles Jimmy Savile and Jonathan King). Michael Hollingshead, friend of Timothy Leary, spreads LSD in London. Jean Rosemary Shrimpton is used as model for HarperBazaar of Hearst and Vogue of jesuit Condé Nast.

1966 Richard Helms (Phi Beta Kappa, Le Rosey, grandson of Gates McGarrah of Bis Bank) as director. Jesuit Robert Gates joins the CIA.

Founding of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan in San Francisco and Black Panther Party in Oakland (Angela Davis in LA).

Andy Warhol films Chelsea Girls at Chelsea Hotel with Nico and other actresses mind controlled at Bellevue Hospital.

Truman Capote's masked ball with Andy Warhol, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Candice Bergen, Lauren Bacall, for Katherine Graham of the Washington Post.

Founding of the World Anti-Communist League: Otto Skorzeny (nazi rat lines of Die Spinne, Order of Malta), Ray Cline, Sun Myung Moon (Unification Church), Willis Carto (Liberty Lobby, JBS), Larry McDonald (JBS), Roger Pearson (Order of Malta), Oliver North, Iran Contra's,.. Jesuit trained Tongsun Park (International Youth Federation for Freedom with Douglas Caddy of YAF) founds the Georgetown Club in Washington. ARPA develops ARPANET.

1967 Human Be-In of Michael Bowen (Theosophical Society, father of Michael Bowen Jr) with Lenore Kandel (The New School, friend of Kenneth Anger), Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, CIA bands Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company.

John Philips (Mulholland Drive with Polanski and Nicholson) organises the Monterey Pop festival (Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Simon & Garfunkel). Summer of Love media ritual. The Trip by Roger Corman, with Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern, filmed in Laurel Canyon.

1968 the American Academy of Asian Studies is rebranded as the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof (connected to mother of Courtney Love, wife of Kurt Cobain), Angela Davis (student of cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse, the Black Church), Alan Watts, Chani Nicolas (gay agenda), Douglas Vakoch (Vanderbilt University, SETI institute of Carl Sagan and Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates), Starhawk (feminism, neopaganism), jesuit Brian Swimme, jesuit Richard Tarnas (Esalen Institute). Carlos Castaneda The Teachings of Don Juan (neo-shamanism). George Wallace as presidential candidate is backed by the JBS.

CIA/MI6 bands Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page buys Crowley's house in Boleskine), Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne).

1969 Woodstock festival with Nelson Rockefeller as governor. Bill Ayers (Students for a Democratic Society) founds CIA front group Weather Underground, who play a role in the staged Days of Rage riots in Chicago.

1971 UN prohibits LSD.

1972 mediastunt Watergate with The Washington Post, media actors Katharine Graham (TC, Vassar College like her friend Jackie Kennedy, closely associated with Yale and University of Chicago of Rockefellers, daughter of Eugene Meyer, brother of Bob Graham CFR), Howard Hunt, James McCord (CIA), Doug Caddy of William F Buckley's YAF, lawyer jesuit Daniel Sheehan.

Pluto and Uranus (alien, otherworldly) in Libra: rumors about Project Stargate, a remote viewing project at SRI of Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff and Andrija Puharich.

1973 James Schliessinger, jesuit Vernon Walters, William Colby (Order of Malta, Le Cercle). Edwin Feulner and Paul Weyrich found The Heritage Foundation. Edgar Mitchell founds the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

1973 start of Operation Condor: installing of military dictatorships in Latin America (Emilio Médici in Brazil, Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay, Jose Maria Bordaberry in Uruguay).

1976 George HW Bush.

1977 Henry Knoche, Stansfield Turner. William Casey founds the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol CFF).

1978 Neonazi Roger Pearson becomes chairman of the WACL.

1979 Deborah Davis (The NY Times, that also employed Truman Capote) writes 'Katharine the Great' about Katharine Graham of Washington Post, claiming CIA project called Operation Mockingbird, started by Dulles and Cord Meyer, controlled Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Ben Bradlee (Newsweek), Walter Pincus (Washington Post), William Paley (CBS), Henry Luce (Time).

Cord Meyer was married to Mary Pinchot Meyer, part of the Georgetown set with Graham, who later had an affair with JFK who lived in the house next to the Meyers. According to rumors, spread by CIA agents like Timothy Leary, Meyer influenced Kennedy's 'views on nuclear disarmament and rapprochement with Cuba' (Pluto: dark secrets, nuclear power, communism). Mary Meyer died in a mysterious media ritual (JFK 'the mother of all conspiracy theories') with Raymond Crump as murder suspect (Raymond Polanski, Raymond name in The Manchurian Candidate). Her sister married Ben Bradlee of Newsweek, also part of the Georgetown Set.

1981 jesuit William Casey (Order of Malta) as director, Frank Carlucci (Order of Malta), Bobby Ray Inman (CFR), jesuit John McMahon (Lockheed Martin) as Deputy Directors. Miles Copeland's son manages The Police (Stewart Copeland as drummer), Sting, Dead Kennedies, R.E.M..

Burton Gerber (CFR, associated with jesuit university Georgetown) is stationed in Moscou. John Singlaub founds a US chapter of the WACL. Committee for the Free World is founded, with members of CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom, Melvin Lasky, Midge Rosenthal Decter, jesuit Jeanne Kirkpatrick, funded by Richard Mellon Scaife.

1982 Banco Ambrosiano P2 Lodge media ritual with Roberto Calvi as the Hanged Man, year 12 the Hanged man, year birth Antichrist figure William V. The Opus Dei conspiracy theory (conspiracy within Catholic Church) is repeated by jesuit Avro Manhattan, later used in Da Vinci Code. Jesuit John Loftus focuses on the nazi-Rockefeller-CIA connection in The Belarus Secret: The Nazi Connection in America.

Sun Myung Moon (Unification Church) founds the Washington Times.

1983 Brainstorm (Stanislav Grof as consultant).

1985 Assemblee of World Religions with Huston Smith (Leary's Harvard experiments) and Sun Myung Moon (UC) in Washington.

1986 jesuit Robert Gates. Iran Contra media ritual (involvement of WACL) jesuit John Kerry, jesuit Daniel Sheehan, San Francisco Examiner (Hearst), Ted Shackley interviewed by Tower Commission (year 16 the Tower).

1987 William Webster (director of FBI from 1978-1987)

1991 director Robert Gates, Richard Kerr (Mitre Corporation of MIT, also in Virginia), William Studeman (Northrop Grumman).

1993 James Woolsey (CPD), part of the Climate Church, on the board of Genie Energy with Rupert Murdoch and James Rothschild, descendant of Thomas Cornell like Jimmy Carter, Rchard Nixon and Bill Gates (Boston Elite).

Jesuit Edwin Feulner (THF, Le Cercle), jesuit Lev Dobriansky (CNCN), jesuit Zbigniew Brzezinski (Le Cercle, TC) and Lee Edwards (Young Americans for Freedom, World & I of Unification Church) found the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

1994 movie Stargate (reference to Stargate Project) Kurt Russell (like Russell Targ) as Jack O'Neill stargate to desert planet (Jack Parsons Babalon Workings in Mojave desert) James Spader and jesuit Erick Avari (also in Independence Day, union phallus and vagina).

1995 director John Deutch (CFR, TC).

1996 director jesuit George Tenet (CFR, Order of Malta).

1999 CIA headquarters named George HW Bush Center For Intelligence.

2001 Disclosure Project psyop. the 911 ritual. Controlled opposition Russia Today uses Michael Scheur.

2004 John McLaughlin.

2005 director Porter Goss (Yale, Book and Snake, Psi Epsilon with uncle George W Bush)

2006 Michael Hayden. The Good Shepherd Robert de Niro as William Sullivan based on William Donovan Matt Damon character based on Jesus James Angleton.

2009 jesuit Leon Panetta (Atlantic Council, CSIS)

2011 Michael Morell, jesuit David Petraeus (Atlantic Council, CFR, TC)

2013 jesuit John Brennan. Flat Earth psyop Santos Bonacci, B.O.B., Eddie Bravo. Fake whistleblower Edward Snowden (born exactly one year after William V).

2017 Meroe Park, Mike Pompeo (Tea Party of the Koch family), Gina Haspel.

2019 Qanon psyop (false hope narrative to promote jesuit Donald Trump as Saviour, 'ex-CIA agent' Robert David Steele).

2021 David Cohen, William Joseph Burns, Avril Haines. CIA psyop Capitol attack.

Project Blue Book in NBC series, Twin Peaks of David Lynch, series on History Channel (Hearst).


Misleading books on secret service

Christopher Andrew 'Secret Service'
David Talbot 'The Devils Chessboard: Rise of Secret Government'
Gordon Thomas 'Secret Wars'
John D Marks and Victor Marchetti 'The Cult of Intelligence'
John Douglas and Mark Olshaker 'Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Crime Unit' (2017 Netflix series)
Joseph Trento 'Secret History of the CIA' 2001
Tim Weiner 'Enemies A History if the FBI', 'the Legacy of Ashes History of CIA'
Simon Willmets 'In Secrecy's Shadow'
Gary Webb 'Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocain Explosion' (movie Kill the Messenger, series Snowfall)

History of Mind Control

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