Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) is a tv network and propaganda tool of the media industry, founded in 1930 and owned by the Saturn cult (one eye symbolism), in alliance with Columbia Pictures, Columbia Records and Columbia University.

Media actors: jesuit Norah O'Donnell, jesuit George Crile, Lesley Stahl (CFR), Bob Schieffer (CFR), Gene Jankowski (Order of Malta)

William Paley (Zeta Beta Tau) worked for propaganda office Office of War Information in London. He married the ex-wife of William Hearst.

1938 experiment in creating media hoaxes, Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast, based on novel of Fabian HG Wells, studied by Hadley Cantril in the Princeton Radio Research Project with Paul Lazarsfeld (Columbia University), Frank Stanton and Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School, the Left Wing Church). CBS buys Columbia Records.

1940 The Office for Inter-American Affairs funds a propaganda war with Germany to influence South America, using CBS and agents like Walt Disney, Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth (wife of Orson Welles), John Ford,.. radio show Suspense.

1948 The Ed Sullivan Show (tv hosts as modern priests, program Pop Culture).

1949 The Lone Ranger (filmed at Spahn ranch of Manson Family, also used in Bonanza).

1950 Frank Shakespeare (jesuit, Order of Malta, The Heritage Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, US ambassador to the Vatican) as president. Suspense tv show Roald Dahl Boris Karloff Leslie Nielsen Cloris Leachman.

1951 use of the one eye symbol as logo. I Love Lucy Lucille Ball William Asher, produced by Jess Oppenheimer (worked with Bob Hope).

1952 soap Guiding Light. Art Linkletter's House Party. CBS Television Workshop Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly James Dean James Lipton Roald Dahl.

1954 Lassie Cloris Leachman (Wrather Productions of Jack Wrather of Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, who also buys The Lone Ranger).

1955 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Vincent Price Laurence Harvey Vera Miles John Cassavetes Robert Bloch (friend of HP Lovecraft).

1956 Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show (60 million viewers).

1957 The DuPont Show of the Month Jill St John.

1958 Wanted Dead or Alive Steve McQueen Martin Landau.

1959 James T Aubrey as president (formula of 'broads, bosoms and fun'). The Twilight Zone Richard Donner. Dennis the Menace (child Horus of the Aeon of Horus) Sylvia Field (Walt Disney Presents Anette with Anette Funicello)

1960 Route 66 Martin Milner (Fort Ord army base). The Andy Griffith Show. Miss Universe.

1961 Way Out (mirror alters) Roald Dahl.

1962 The Beverly Hilbillies.

1963 The Judy Garland Show, produced by George Schlatter.

1964 Gilligan Island Alan Hale Jr (Hollywood High School). The Beach Boys and The Muppets on the Ed Sullivan Show.

1965 The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Laurel Canyon band The Byrds (Terry Melcher), Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Doors on the Ed Sullivan Show. Hogan's Heroes Bob Crane Richard Dawson (husband of Diana Dors)

1966 Mission Impossible Stephen Hill (Solomon Krakovsky, jewish, Actors Studio) Barbara Bain  (Russian jew, trained by Lee Strasberg) Martin Landau (jewish, Space 1999 with Rudi Gernreich) Peter Graves (Phi Kappa Psi) Barbara Anderson (The Virginian, Star Trek)

1968 Hawaii Five-O. 60 Minutes. The Doris Day Show.

1969 Apollo moon landing ritual with Robert Heinlein and Arthur C Clarke (MGM movie 2001 ASO). Kirk Kerkorian buys MGM and appoints James T Aubrey as president, replacing Edgar Bronfman.

1970 CBS Enterprises is rebranded as Viacom. The Mary Tyler Moore Show Valerie Harper Cloris Leachman Betty White (Beverly Hills High School).

1971 The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. All in the Family Rob Reiner (BHHS) as hippie, Norman Lear (jewish, People for the American Way with John Podesta's brother Tony Podesta, married to Frances Loeb).

1972 M.A.S.H. (Korean War) Mike Farrell (classmate of Richard Perle at Hollywood High School, married to Shelley Fabares, ex-wife of Lou Adler) Jamie Farr (Pasadena Playhouse, transgender agenda) Sally Kellerman (Hollywood High School) Alan Alda (The Aviator) Loretta Swit (Mission Impossible) Larry Gelbart (jewish, Fairfax High School)  Gene Reynolds (Blumenthal) Richard Hooker (Beta Theta Pi)

The Waltons Will Geer (gay agenda with Harry Hay OTO) Patricia Neal (married to Roald Dahl, who wrote for Playboy) Judy Norton (Scientology, Playboy) Ralph Senensky (Pasadena Playhouse) produced by Lee Rich (jewish).

1974 Rhoda Valerie Harper.

1975 The Jeffersons Roxie Roker (Alpha Kappa Alpha, mother of Lenny Kravitz) Marla Gibbs (AKA) Norman Lear. Alan Wagner as vice-president of programming (later president of the Disney Channel). Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. Phyllis Cloris Leachman.

One Day at a Time Mackenzie Philips Valerie Bertinelli (married to Eddie Van Halen) Bonnie Franklin (B'nai B'rith family, Beverly Hills High School, married to Marvin Minoff of Endeavor, business partner of Mike Farrell) Shelley Fabares (married to Lou Adler) Nanette Fabray (niece of Fabares) Norman Lear.

1976 Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Polly Holliday Diane Ladd (PCS). The Jacksons Michael Jackson Sonny Bono Mackenzie Philips.

1977 Good Times Janet Jackson.

1978 Dallas Joan Collins (Colonna) Charlene Tilton (HHS) Patrick Duffy Donna Reed (ABC show The Donna Reed Show).

1979 Dukes of Hazard Catherine Bach (married stepson of Angela Lansbury).

1983 Press Your Luck Peter Tomarken (BHHS).

1984 Murder, She Wrote Angela Lansbury.

1985 The Twilight Zone (CIA interrogation techniques) Arthur C Clarke Stephen King Wes Craven Robert Downey Joe Dante Terry O'Quinn Cloris Leachman (music by The Grateful Dead)

1986 Second Serve (transgender agenda) Vanessa Redgrave. My Sister Sam (Samantha alter) Pam Dawber Rebecca Schaeffer.

1987 CBS sells Columbia Records to Sony. Bold and the Beautiful Katherine Kelly Lang (Beverly Hills High School) jesuit Hunter Tylo, Spencer family like Diana Spencer. Tour of Duty (Vietnam War)  Zev Braun Tony Becker (HHS, The Waltons) song of The Rolling Stones.

1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animation series.

1993 Walker Texas Ranger Chuck Norris (George Walker Bush). Late Show with David Letterman.

1994 Viacom buys Paramount Pictures. jesuit Joseph Califano (CFR, advisor of jesuit Lyndon Johnson). Touched By an Angel.

2000 Survivor.

2001 Viacom buys BET Networks. The 911 Twin Towers ritual with jesuit Mika Brzezinski, daughter of jesuit Zbigniew Brzezinski (TC).

2002 CSI Miami David Caruso.

2005 Criminal Minds. How I Met Your Mother Neil Patrick Harris (gay agenda)

2007 The Big Bang Theory Chuck Levine (jewish) Sara Gilbert (jewish, lesbian) Simon Helberg (jewish) Star Trek fan Jim Parsons from Pasadena=Jack Parsons

2013 Under the Dome (Stephen King) Samantha Mathis.

2014 Bad Teacher jesuit Colin Hanks Madison De La Garza (half-sister of Demi Lovato) jesuit Jay Chandrasekhar.

2017 Instinct Alan Cumming Naveen Andrews.

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