Bull is an animal worshiped as symbol of horned reptilians (Alpha Darconi's) and Saturn, an inversion of symbol of the sun (human soul), the ball in the sky, especially in the Fertile Crescent (crescent moon as bull horns) during the Age of Taurus.  The mad scientists of Atlantis created genetic engineering half man half animal (Beasts), which became the anthropomorphic gods (religion= bull-ief system with sym-bols) of Sumeria and Egypt, legend of the minotaur, later the Devil (dia-bull-o) in Christianity.

From the moment people became dependent of agriculture, the priest class created a religion based on the bull, sheep and the goat (mystery religion, secret of death and life/rebirth) with metaphors of crop and harvest. The bull cult continued through obelisks (phallus of Baal) in Egyptian religion, paganism, Christianity, Satanism, freemasonry and modern pop culture.

40.000 bc bull cave paintings in Indonesia and Lascaux France.

Native Americans worshiped bisons and buffalo's and sacrificed people on their totem poles.

Taurus= electromagnetic torus field with 2 poles-bull horns, like the force in a  tor-nado. bull=>terms belief system, bullying, bullet, bulletin, bulldozer, bullshit, hyperbole, blood, bowl, blue, cerebellum, bull's eye.

Osiris= vertical iris of the ox. Bulls have dichromacy cannot distinguish the color red.

Tor=door. Earth sign Taurus with red eye Aldebaran (the Silver Gate) is one of the cardinal signs, seen as henges (sites like Stonehenge as astrological calendar), dimensional portals. Orion (=the Aryans) is depicted slaying the bull of Taurus.

13.000 bc the moon is brought into orbit of the earth (crescent moon-bull horns symbol).

9000 bc Göbekli Tepe (belly hill)

4000 bc (start of Age of Taurus) bull worship at çatal Höyük Turkey.


The Sumerians worshiped bull gods Anu, Enki and Enlil and female demon Joudy.  Enlil bull of heaven was the father of Nanna (Sin crescent moon =bull horns). Enuma Elis describes the the Milkyway galaxy as creation of dragonness Tiamat.

In 1300 bc statues of Baal were made in Ugarit (near Phoenicia, modern day Syria). Baal means 'the Lord'. In Phoenicia Amon Ra became Baal Hammon. Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven represent Orion and Taurus.

Isis Asherah was considered the consort of Baal, associated with the dove symbol. The Canaanites worshipped a golden bull.


blood sacrifice of the Apis bull, Osiris bull cult in Memphis. leg of the bull constellation at the North Star, now the Big Dipper. goddess Taweret (Taurus, Ros Tau=rose cross) hippo with 7 stars of Pleiades on her back. The snake/DNA staff is the cane/Quain, the L or ?-shaped crook staff, that shepherds wear as the ox-goad to control the oxes and sheep by force.

The pyramid shafts were aligned with Draco and Orion. Obelisks (quartz crystals accumulating life energy) represented the power of sun god Ra and the phallus of Osiris (father god Jupiter). In the mythology of Osiris, Isis found his phallus and regenerated him through sex magic with the help of Thoth. The Egyptians invented bowling with bowling balls. The Baal worshiping Hyksos kings of Canaan invaded Egypt as the 15th dynasty. bull art in Qrta and Subeira.

1350 bc Holy Cow goddess Hathor, Bat and Isis. El/Al and Baal are worshiped as bull God program,  through sacrifice by the Saturn cult in the Middle East. The worship of Baal is a inversion of sun worship, the Divine Masculine, represented by a masculine bull and worship of the world axis, the sacred pole with constellation Draco on top (one eye-ball).

Phoenicians invent letter Aleph and Beth (house of the bull), Phoenician alphabet based on 2 bulls aleph and lamed (Al). words designed as spell. Angus =bull=>angel. 2 triangles male female.


Tor (bull)=>the Torah, wheel of Tarot. The jews build their Wailing Wall with the chiseling technique of Baalbek. Baal worshippers sacrificed their first born child to bull statues of Baal with a fire in its belly. The fire sacrifice to Baal started on april 19 and ended on 1 may (Taurus). Moloch was also represented as an owl.  Other variations were Bel and Baal Zebub (Lord of Flies). The ram is a symbol of the higher mind (cerebrum) conquering the lower (reptilian mind), the cerebellum. Like the bull, the sacrifice of the lamb represented the death-rebirth of the sun (soul) in the new year.

The brazen sea bowl cat the Temple of Solomon was carried by 12 bulls, the Ark of the Covenant had 2 angels (poles-bulls). letter Lamed : ox goad.

The jews, captive in Babylon, wrote the bible, read on 2 scrolls two poles (bi-bulls). The name bible is derived from Greek 'biblia' (the books) and the Phoenician city Gebal (in Greek Byblos), close to the 33d parallel (city Babylon), known for its worship of cow goddess Hathor and export of papyrus, made from crows and bulls (bull god El, bi-ble with para-bles of astrological sym-bol-ism, duality of blue and red bull, sun and moon).  It was based on Sumerian-Babylonian mythology, a jealous god worshiped as The Lord, and a creation myth is told of a holy bloodline with a good and evil child Abel (=Bael) and Cain (child of Lucifer). The descendant of Cain was Tubalcain. Le Diable=Bael. The tower of Babel=Baal.

Moses melted the Golden Calf to white powder. Ox-head and Horse-face are figures in Chinese mythology.


Zeus abducted Europa as a white (shapeshifting) bull. legend of the labyrinth in Knossos with minotaur, slain by Theseus. Alpha and Lambda fire symbol of bull penis. The sacred pole was worshiped as Athena Pallas, holding a spear. The elite built palaces with phallus like towers with bells. First theaters with Akh-tors in the cult of Dionysus, accompanied by a bull.

Roman Empire

cult of Mithras slaying bull. Roman boys wore a bulla amulet during Lustration. bulls were sacrificed at theTaurobolium. Roman elite family Colonna had a phallus like column as emblem. Roman Emperors and their Carthaginian enemies worshiped Baal through names like Hannibal, Elegabal,.. The minotaur was described by Ovid. The cult of Baal/Bel, the Belgae tribe led to nation state Belgium.


In paganism the Aryans (Draco-Orion bloodline, in the education system labeled as 'Celts') danced around the maypole as phallus symbol, a celebration of the Sacred Marriage of the Green Man and its bride, rebirth of the regenerative powers of the sun and mother earth (and Venus as fertility goddess). The cult of Baal continued as Christianity of the Catholic Church who created the image of Jesus Christ (slaying of the bull god) and Satan (Saturn) the Devil with bull horns. The popes wrote papal bulls. All medieval cities had bell towers in the center of their squares. In Mecca people worshipped Hubal.

1096 Oxford University.

The Medici family put an obelisk in their Boboli gardens.

In Turkey the Doner Kebab represents the spinning bull pole. In Spain bulls were sacrificed in arena's by torero's, bulls were used to chase people in the Pamplona bull run.

1321 Dante Divine Comedy inferno with the minotaur.

1516 The Spanish Borgia family (red bull logo) founded the jesuit order.

1616 rosicrucian manifesto's.

1626 St Peter's Basilica in Rome, built on taurobolium, with the Lateran obelisk on St Peter Square (St Peter=Jupiter). Frederick V was emperor of the Palatinate. Guardians of the sacred pole became the policy of politicians and police.

1775 the American Revolution started by masons as a modern sacrifice ritual with the Battle of Lexington on april 19. In the prison industry prisoners were chained to a black ball as symbol of Saturn. oxygen as element 8 in chemistry. Buffalo soldiers.

In freemasonry the god Baal is worshipped as Jah-Bul-On. Osiris became Hiram Abiff. Masons used the password Tubalcain (phallus symbol, two balls and a cane, 007).

1780 Bullingdon Club at Oxford.

An obelisk was placed after the Battle of Borodino and on the Place de la Concorde after the mason controlled French Revolution.

1861 First Battle of Bull Run. The bull worship continued bull stock (bull) exchange on Wall Street.

1881 founding of Rite of Memphis in Naples Italy.

Obelisks were put in Washington DC, City of London and in Central Park NY. concept of 'bullets' in the war industry.

Bertolt Brecht wrote a play named Baal (used as inspiration for work of David Bowie). In ballet dancers try to balance on the sacred pole. The Hierophant is seated upon the bull of Taurus.

1904 Aleister Crowley Liber Al.

The program Modernism was used to build new obelisk like phallus symbols like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the black Willis Tower in Chicago.

1927 Metropolis (Fritz Lang) Moloch.

1930 etchings of Pablo Picasso.

1933 Minotaure magazine André Breton, Man Ray, Jacques Lacan, Salvador Dali,...

Baal and Judy represent male and female component of the Dark Side.

During the WW1 and WW2 ritual fascists (Benito Mussolini built another obelisk in Rome, book burnings as modern fire worship) and communists all celebrated 1 may.

1947 Jorge Luis Borges The House of Asterion. term 'bullshit'. breeding of bull-dogs.

1953 The Wild One Marlon Brando leather jacket trend, leather fetish in sadomasochism. Elvis Presley as the new bull god, Sun Records, Memphis.

1963 media actor Martin Luther King (sun=the king)  famous speech at the obelisk in Washington DC. the JFK Killing of the King ritual. José Delgado demonstrated mind control of a bull.

1966 founding of Chicago Bulls.

1968 the Luciferian Left Wing Church doctrine implemented in may.

1976 CN tower bull penis with torus in Tor-onto Canada as antenna for Bell (1776 steps like WTC One World Trade center 1776 feet).

1980 Raging Bull Martin Scorcese Robert De Niro Joe Pesci. The Shining minotaur-labyrinth symbolism.

1984 energy drink Red Bull. Terminator (red eye symbolism) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1986 Labyrinth Jennifer Connelly.

1990 Bull's Eye Michael Caine.

1991 Silence of the Lambs Anthony Hopkins (AH like Adolf Hitler) as Hanni-bal with Jodie Foster.

1993 closest approach of Sirius, Chicago Bulls father of Michael Jordan (OPP) on july 23 (dog days).

1994 Speed Sandra Bullock.

1997 Diana (moon goddess) Spencer died after passing the Place de la Concorde and near the Eiffel Tower.

Actresses Judy Garland and Jodie Foster represent Judy, the consort of Baal.

bull logo of Lamborghini, Jupiler.

The obelisk on Trafalgar Square was used in V for Vendetta, predictive programming of the fake protests on Trafalgar Square during the Covid19-ritual.

2001 The 911 Twin Towers ritual ended in building the One World Trade Center tower. Idris Elba (=Bael) played in the Black Tower. trend of internet bullying. Pedro Almodovar Talk to Her.

2006 Minotaur Tom Hardy.

Christian Bale (Christ-Baal, also in Shaft about black phallus) played in the Dark Knight trilogy with Wayne Tower as phallus of Baal.

2010 Inception transgender Elliot Page labyrinth Ariadne symbolism.

2011 Occupy Wall Street.

2016 During the Isis ritual  the gate of Baal was placed on Trafalgar Square (TS=39, inversion of solar number 93, Time Square). bully Donald Trump.