Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a Monarch mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to announce the 911 Twin Towers ritual, push the sodomy-gay agenda and play the role of Horus, king William V (Wills, whose bloodline goes back to the House of Bruce). He was married to Demi Moore, is now married to Monarch slave Emma Heming (model for Victoria's Secret).

His daughter Rumi Willis acted in The House Bunny (Alice in Wonderland programming) and Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (911 Sharon Tate ritual). He was used to promote the US army and political puppet George W Bush. He rents an apartment at Trump Tower of Donald Trump.

Astrological chart

born 3/19/1955, date first gnostic mass in California, Sirhan Sirhan (killer RFK), d Arthur C Clarke, Harvey Weinstein(s 3d birthday, pisces ruled by neptune, the moon, 3d decan mars, a month before Diana's lover Dodi Fayed.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini (the lovers). Dominants: Pisces (the Moon), Aquarius (the star), Virgo (the Hermit, looking up) - Sun (orange, the child, christ like William, bald head like Crowley, Trump Tower), Mercury, Neptune.

7, 5, 10. 1: Libra, 2: Neptune in Libra, 3: Saturn in Scorpio, 5: Venus and Moon in Aquarius, 6: Mercury in Pisces, 7(partners): Sun in Pisces, 8: Mars in Taurus, 9(voyages): Gemini, 10: Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer, 12(hidden): Virgo.(neptune trine midheaven, sun opposite asc).


1980 the First Deadly Sin Frank Sinatra
1985 Moonlighting with Cybill Shepherd (Diana's Moonchild William)
1987 Blind Date Kim Basinger
1988 Sunset (Johnny Depp's Viper Room at Sunset Boulevard) as Tom Mix who lived at Log Cabin in Laurel Canyon like first hippie Vito Paulakes and Frank Zappa and appeared on cover of Sgt Pepper's with Crowley, movie-real theme in movie of Malcolm McDowell (mm=33, A Clockwork Orange) 4/29 St Catherine's Day, date wedding William and Catherine
1988 Die Hard (year 18 the moon, John McClane (cc=33) Christmas,(mercury=air travel) announcing the 911 Twin Tower ritual. change clothes (=change alters) the Chariot (jupiter long travel) the Tower, Alan Rickman 69, devoureaux white aug 6 (atom bomb)
1989 In Country (fence)
1989 Look Who's Talking son of Scientlogists John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, child Harpo)
1989 Thats Adequate the star Robert Downey Jr as Einstein
1989 Die Hard 2 (twin towers)
1990 (year 20 Aeon) Look Whos Talking Too John Travolta Kristie Alley Damon Wayans Olympia Dukakis Don S Davis Mel Brooks Roseanne Barr
1990 Bonfire of Vanities (the sun) Tom Hanks Melanie Griffith Bruce Willis Morgan Freeman Kirsten Dunst Mary Alice Smith book of Tom Wolfe (Electric Kool-Aid Test about Ken Kesey and his Stanford/MK Ultra mind controlled Merry Pranksters)
1990 Mortal Thoughts
1991 Hudson Hawk (hh=88 Mercury, hawk Horus, Hudson river ny) the Hanged man, secret society machine da Vinci lead to gold
1991 Billy Bathgate Stanley Tucci as Lucky Luciano Dustin Hoffman as Dutch Schultz Nicole Kidman Steve Buscemi Disney
1991 The Last Boy Scout Damon (Damian) Wayans Halle Berry
1991 The Player cameo (neptune movies) Tim Robbins
1992 Death Becomes Her, (cancer breasts) pushing Diana off the stairs, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn (wife of Kurt Russell), director Robert Zemeckis (BTTF) magic potion eternal youth, alcoholic.
1993 Striking Distance Sarah Jessica Parker Tom Hardy
1994 Color of Night lust
1994 North (north star, the fool) narrator easter bunny like Jack Rabbit Slim Alice in Wonderland programming) the World card Elijah Wood Julia Louis-Dreyfus
1994 Pulp Fiction (orange juice=33=sodomy) Quentin Tarantino Uma Thurman Samuel Jackson John Travolta Tim Roth Rosanna Arquette produced by Harvey Weinstein

1994 Nobody's Fool (Nemo, the Fool) Philip Seymour Hoffman (also sun as dominant) Paul Newman Melanie Griffith Jessica Tandy (last film before dying on 9/11)
1995 Die Hard with a Vengeance, Samuel Jackson as Zeus Carver (Jupiter) Twin Towers, Simon (Jeremy Irons) sign that says 'i hate niggers' (Virgo minorities) may 19 date Harry and Meghan Markle
1995 Four Rooms keyhole, Quentin Tarantino Tim Roth mercury, Diana ritual Madonna Antonio Banderas
1995 12 Monkeys (red mercury, red eye like Damian, announces the Covid19 ritual) the sun in the middle of 12 constellations, time traveler (Neptune illusion, insanity) James Cole jc  Brad Pitt  Christopher Plummer  David Morse Terry Gilliam.
1995 Last Man Standing (last=Virgo)
1996 Beavis and Butthead Do America (sons of Donald Trump in the White House) gemini the Chariot
1997 The Fifth Element the Hierophant Gary Oldman Milla Jovovich (Alice in Resident Evil)
1998 Armageddon, Liv Tyler 71 like Diana (Grace) Ben Affleck Billy Bob Thornton
1998 The Jackal (the moon Damien dna jackyl) Jack Black Richard Gere 8/31 date death Diana

1998 Mercury Rising (1998, 9y old, Mercury in Pisces)
1998 The Siege (year 6 the lovers) announces the 911 ritual Denzel Washington Anette Benning
1998 Breakfast of Champions the star Barbara Hershey Owen Wilson based on novel of Kurt Vonnegut
1999 The Sixth Sense, Damien, already dead Haily Joel Osmond

1999 The Story of Us Michelle Pfeiffer Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks)
2000 The Whole Nine Yards (serial killer), Matthew Perry as Nicolas Oz (Wizard of Oz programming), wife Rosanna Arquette as sophie, 2/18 date Travolta
2000 The Kid (looking up, Virgo)
2000 Friends Jennifer Aniston (Bruce and Rachel like Batman trilogy)
2000 Unbreakable (broken glass=split mind) the moon, sol invictus, jc reborn, David Dunn (the hermit, strength), gemini, Samuel Jackson as Mr Glass (adjust).
2001 Bandits (mercury thief)
2002 Hart's War William WW2 Colin Farrell Terence Howard Linus Roache (father Bruce Wayne) Sam Worthington
2003 Tears of the Sun (the sun resh head) Monica Bellucci
(Rugrats Go Wild, Charlie's Angels william rose)
2003 The Whole Ten Yards gemini the lovers bunny slippers (Alice in Wonderland)
2003 Oceans Twelve George Clooney Brad Pitt Matt Damon
2003 Hostage, target eye of horus
2005 Sin City (Babylon) the hierophant Jessica Alba Clive Owen Rosario Dawson Michael Madsen Josh Hartnett Benicio del Toro Brittany Murphy
2005 That 70's Show Mila Kunis
2006 Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake Emile Hirsch Olivia Wilde Sharon Stone Nick Cassavetes
2006 Lucky Number Slevin Josh Hartnett Morgan Freeman (mentor of Bruce Wayne) Ben Kingsley Lucy Liu
2006 Fast Food Nation (hamburger scene Pulp Fiction) as Harry Richard Linklater Patricia Arquette Ethan Hawke Greg Kinnear Paul Dano Kris Kristofferson Avril Lavigne Wilder Valderrama (Lindsay Lohan)
2006 Over the Hedge Steve Carell (Bruce Almighty) Avril Lavigne
2006 16 Blocks Richard Donner (The Omen) Mos Def David Morse
2007 Perfect Stranger Halle Berry
2007 Planet Terror Robert Rodriguez Rose McGowan Josh Brolin as William Michael Biehn Naveen Andrews Fergie Quentin Tarantino
2007 Live Free or Die Hard Timothy Olyphant
2008 Assassination of a High School President
2008 What Just Happened Robert de Niro Kristen Stewart Catherine Keener Stanley Tucci Sean Penn Magnolia Pictures
2009 Surrogates, clone centers gemini
2010 Cop Out Tracy Morgan Rashida Jones
2010 Red as CIA agent Frank Moses (=Akhenaten solar religion) Mary-Louise Parker Morgan Freeman (Red in The Shawshank Redemption) John Malkovich
2011 Set Up 50 Cent Ryan Philippe
2011 Catch. 44 Forest Whitaker
2012 Lay the Favorite Rebecca Hall Catherine Zeta-Jones
2012 The Cold Light of Day Henry Cavill Sigourney Weaver
2012 Moonrise Kingdom
Edward Norton (with Liv Tyler in Hulk) Bill Murray Frances McDormand Jason Schwartzman Tilda Swinton Harvey Keitel
2012 The Expendables 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Jean-Claude Van Damme
2012 Looper gemini, time loop Joseph Gordon Levitt Emily Blunt. gold watch like Pulp Fiction.

2012 Fire with Fire Vincent D'Onofrio Rosario Dawson 50 Cent Julian McMahon Richard Schiff
2013 A Good Day to Die Hard Jai Courtney
2013 GI Joe (eye of horus) Retaliation Dwayne Johnson Jonathan Pryce Channing Tatum
2013 Red 2 Anthony Hopkins Helen Mirren
2014 Sin City A Dame to Kill For (poster the Omen) Mickey Rourke Jessica Alba Josh Brolin Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rosario Dawson Christopher Lloyd Lady Gaga
2014 The Prince (prince William) 50 Cent John Cusack
2015 Rock the Kasbah Bill Murray Kate Hudson
2016 Split (broken glass= split mind) James McAvoy
2017 Once Upon a Time in Venice (the Fool) John Goodman
2017 First Kill Hayden Christensen
2018 Death wish (shadow the Omen) Vincent D'Onofrio Elisabeth Shue
2018 Air Strike Adrien Brody
2019 Glass (broken glass=split mind) wills William the moonchild Samuel Jackson Anya Taylor-Joy
2019 Motherless Brooklyn Edward Norton
2019 10 Minutes Gone
2019 Trauma Center
2020 Survive the Night
2020 Hard Kill
2020 Breach Rachel Nichol
2021 Cosmic Sin
2021 Out of Death
2021 Midnight in the Switchgrass Megan Fox (Meghan Markle) Machine Gun Kelly Emile Hirsch


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