Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is a Monarch mind controlled sex slave-actress, owned by Disney, used in the media and Hollywood film industy to normalize the Luciferian pedophilia - sodomy religion. She started modelling at 11 months and posed nude for Hugh Hefner's Playboy at age 10. She is a descendant of the Torlonia's, a family of Vatican bankers, intermarried with the Borghese, Orsini and Colonna families. Her father worked for cosmetic company Revlon, with Marcella Borghese.

She was educated at Lincoln School like Shari Belafonte, Shirley Clarke, Tisa Farrow, Brandon DeWilde, David Rieff and Nelson Rockefeller and at Princeton.

She was a friend of Diana's lover Dodi Fayed, JFK Jr and Michael Jackson, attended parties of Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

She married tennis player André Agassi, born 4/29 St Catherine's Day, date of wedding William and Catherine, who dated Barbara Streisand, was sponsored by Dupont (Colonna) and later married tennis player Steffi Graf. She is now married to Chris Henchy. She is also related to Disney actress Glenn Close.

Her grandfather Franz Xavier (Francis Xavier one of the founders of the Jesuits) Shields played in 1937 movie Hoosier Schoolboy with Mickey Rooney (movies with Judy Garland). His 2nd wife was Katharine Mortimer, sister of Stanley Mortimer, the grandson of Henry Morgan Tilford, founder of Standard Oil. Stanley Mortimer married Vogue model Babe Cushing Mortimer Paley, who was present at the famous Truman Capote masque ball and friends with Grace Kelly, who died in a car crash, 15 years beore Diana and Dodi.

Her sister Minnie Cushing was the 2nd wife of Vincent Astor and whose sister Betty Cushing was the wife of James Roosevelt. Their daughter Amanda Mortimer married Steve Ross, CEO of TimeWarner.

In the late 70's Shields visited Studio 54 with her friend Michael Jackson.

Astrological chart

born 5/31/1965, date Clint Eastwood, Colin Farrell, Leah Thompson, Rainier III of Monaco, Azealia Banks, d Eliphas Levi, d Timothy Leary.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini. Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Virgo, Taurus - Moon (Diana, like Milla Jovovich), Venus, Mercury.

Houses 10, 9, 12. 10: Venus and Moon in Gemini, 9: Sun and Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Taurus, 12: Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo. 3: Neptune in Scorpio.


1976 Alice Sweet Alice (Alice in Wonderland programming) knife and baby like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, who also played Alice.

1978 Pretty Baby as prostitute Violet Keith Carradine (John Carradine OTO) as photographer EJ Bellocq, Susan Sarandon directed by Louis Malle (l'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud, married to Candice Bergen) Paramount Pictures.

1978 King of the Gypsies Eric Roberts Shelley Winters (the New School, Lolita) Susan Sarandon Judd Hirsch Sterling Hayden (CIA with Carl Jung) Michael Gazzo (The Godfather II)
1979 Tilt (the Chariot)
1979 Wanda Nevada Peter Fonda Henry Fonda (playing cards like The Manchurian Candidate, Alice in Wonderland programming) character Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)
1979 Just You and Me, Kid as Kate George Burns (Kate's child George) Ray Bolger (Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz)
1980 The Blue Lagoon as Emmeline Lestrange (Stranger in a Strange Land) Christopher Atkins (Susan Atkins cult of Antichrist Charles Manson) Leo McKern (Antichrist movie The Omen) Columbia Pictures directed by Randal Kleiser (Grease with John Travolta) remake 11 years later with Milla Jovovich.
cameo in the Muppet Show as Alice in Wonderland
1981 Endless Love (year 11 Lust) as Jade Butterfield (butt=anus Jayne Mansfield), year of wedding of Diana and Charles, soundtrack by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. Martin Hewitt Shirley Knight Don Murray (Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe) James Spader (Stargate), 1st role of Tom Cruise, directed by Franco Zeffirelli (gay agenda), senator of Silvio Berlusconi's party.

1983 Sahara John Rhys-Davies (Treebeard in Lord of the Rings) Lambert Wilson (the Merovingian in Matrix Reloaded)
1984 The Muppets Take Manhattan (mm=33, doll programming, Miss Piggy= Sharon Tate) cameo with Liza Minelli, daughter of Judy Garland.
1984 Wet Gold Rosemary's Baby pose
1984 Speedzone Shari Bellafonte Peter Boyle (Wizard in Taxi Driver) Alyssa Milanor John Candy Eugene Levy Shari Belafonte
1989 Brenda Starr (pentagram) Timothy Dalton (James Bond) 4/5 date Dodi Fayed
1989 Backstreet Dreams Sherilyn Fenn Nick Cassavetes, son of John Cassavetes (RB) Joe Pantoliano
1992 Running Wild (kitten programming Lust) Martin Sheen
1993 Freaked Alex Winter Keanu Reeves (Bill and Ted) as Dog Boy (Sirius the Dog Star) Mr T Randy Quaid.
cameo in the Simpsons
1994 The Seventh Floor as Kate Fletcher
1996 Freeway (pink sky, dissociation) as victim of violent child pornography Keith Sutherland Reese Witherspoon Amanda Plummer Brittany Murphy
1998 The Misadventures of Margaret (mm=33) Parker Posey Elizabeth McGovern
1999 Black and White Robert Downey Jr Jared Leto Claudia Schiffer Wu Tang Clan (Hip Hop programming) Ben Stiller Mike Tyson Marla Maples (wife Donald Trump) Kidada Jones (Quincy Jones, Tupac Shakur) Bijou Philips Joe Pantoliano
1999 The Bachelor as Bucky Hale-Windsor Chris O'Donnell Renée Zellweger Mariah Carey
1999 The Disenchanted Forest (Wicked Witch Wizard of Oz)
2001 After Sex Virginia Madsen
2004 Our Italian Husband Chevy Chase
2005 Bob the Butler Tom Green
2007 National Lampoon's Bag Boy (orange juice=sodomy).
2007 That 70's Show as Pamela Burkhart mother of Mila Kunis
2008 Justice League Kyle MacLachlan as Superman Neil Patrick Harris
2008 The Midnight Meat Train (phallus) jesuit Bradley Cooper
2008 The Goldilocks and 3 Bears Ruby Bear (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz)
2009 Hannah Montana (Disney) as Susan Stuart Miley Cyrus Tyra Banks
2010 Furry Vengeance Brendan Fraser
2010 The Other Guys Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg Samuel Jackson Michael Keaton Eva Mendes Dwayne Johnson
2010 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Victoria Justice
2011 Chalet Girl Felicity Jones
2011 The Greening of Whitney Brown Kris Kristofferson
2011 The Hot Flashes Daryl Hannah Eric Roberts
2011 Daisy Winters Sterling Jerins
2020 My Boyfriends Meds Alicia (Alice in Wonderland)


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