Brandon Lee

Brandon Bruce Lee was a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Joker archetype (like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix) announce the William and Catherine wedding, the James Holmes Phoenix ritual. He was the son of actor Bruce Lee who worked with Sharon Tate for the movie The Wrecking Crew (Tarantino's Kill Bill and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood). He was shot in 1993 by Michael Massee on the set of his movie The Crow (movie becoming real theme of the James Holmes Phoenix ritual). The same year River Phoenix died in Johnny Depp's nightclub the Viper Room.

Brand=fire Horus, Joe Brandt Columbia, Marlon Brando, Joker Russell Brand, Brandolini. In 1985 Urbano Colonna of the Order of Jesters made death in opera with raven. His sister Shannon Lee played in vampire movie Blade (Sharon Tate in the Fearless Vampire Killers).

Astrological chart

born 2/1/1965, date death Buster Keaton (Sherlock Jr -Holmes), Clark Gable, Stephanie of Monaco (daughter of Grace Kelly), Lisa Marie Presley (Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley), Harry Styles (born 93 days after death River Phoenix).

Asc: Capricorn, mc: Scorpio. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Virgo, Aquarius - Jupiter (like Sharon Tate), Pluto, Saturn.

died 3/31/1993 (Judgement/Aeon path 31, JFK Zapruder film frame 313, Revelation 13, River Phoenix on 10/31, Diana on 8/31), date Patrick Magee, Ewan McGregor, René Descartes, Al Gore month after 28th birthday (club of 27 Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain)


1986 Legacy of Rage.
1986 Kung Fu the Movie with David Carradine (died in the Hanged Man pose like Sharon Tate, son of John Carradine OTO) playing flute like Kill Bill
1987 Kung Fu: The Next Generation CBS Colonna-Columbia (pilot only like Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction)
1988 Ohara
1989 Laser Mission Ernest Borgnine 1/24 like Sharon Tate, aiming gun at viewer like The Manchurian Candidate
1991 Showdown In Little Tokyo as Johnny Murata Dolph Lundgren the Hanged Man position
1992 Rapid Fire (fire=brand) one eye 'dangerous' like Michael Jackson 'Dangerous'

(1993 Demolition Man Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix, played with sister Brandon Lee in Blade)
Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) In Utero cover fallen angel like the Crow
1994 The Crow (black bird of Revelation, Nigredo process of Saturn, corvus sign B-Virgo) posthumous release Alex Proyas as Eric Draven Michael Massee (mm=33, also in Seven and Lost Highway) as Funboy (based on Iggy Pop) Sophie Shinas Ernie Hudson jesuit Patrick David Kelly (=Philip K Dick Valis, rockstar Eric Lampton with child Sophia, based on David Bowie). produced by Edward Pressman (LSE of Fabian Society).

Brandon Lee in pop culture

1999 The Matrix poster like The Crow (Keanu Reeves in John Wick of his stunt double Chad Stahelski)

2008 The Dark Knight Heath Ledger posthumous movie as Joker, alter ego of Bruce Wayne, imitating the scenes of The Crow.

Jay-z American Gangster poster the Crow
2010 Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter

2013 The Lone Ranger (shot on ranch of George Spahn, of Charles Manson, year birth George) Johnny Depp as Brandon Lee reborn

2019 Joker Joaquin Phoenix, brother of River Phoenix shoots Robert de Niro, as Joker in a live talk show.


Mind control