Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a youth organization, founded in 1910, to restore the Greek gay-pedophilia religion, in alliance with similar fascist movements like YMCA, Wandervogel (Hans Blüher) and Hitler Youth in Germany. It is closely associated with Greek fraternity Alpha Psi Omega, NASA and the Mormon Church. It uses the fleur-de-lis symbol and the pedophilia symbol of the bear of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (adapted into movie by Disney).

The Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the BSA (double headed eagle highest degree in masonry).

Famous Eagle Scout BSA members

Alan Ashton (Word Perfect, Mormon) Lawrence Ferlinghetti (publisher)
Boyd Matson (National Geographic) Lee Berger (National Geographic)
Buzz Aldrin (NASA) Louis Freeh (FBI)
Charles Duke (NASA) Marion Barry (Columbia DC)
Cleveland Sellers (Civil Rights) Mark Mays (Clear Channel)
Dallin Oaks (Mormon Church) Marvin Ashton (Mormon Church)
David Foreman (Earth First!) Matt Gonzalez (Green Party)
Dick Beyer (wrestler) Michael Aquino (Temple of Set)
Donald Rumsfeld Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of NY)
Donn Eisele (NASA) Michael Moore
Edgar Mitchell (NASA) Mike Rowe (Discovery Channel)
Frank Richard Spencer (bishop) Neil Armstrong (NASA)
George Thomas Coker (Vietnam War) Norman Augustine (Lockheed Martin)
George Meyer (The Simpsons) Ozzie Nelson
Gerald Ford (Knight of Malta) Paul Theroux (father of Louis Theroux)
Glen McLaughlin (Knights of St John) Philo Famsworth (electric tv)
Henry Paulson (Goldman Sachs) Ralph Reed (Christian Coalition)
Howard Hunter (Mormon Church) Rex Brown (Pantera)
HR Haldeman (Watergate) Rex Tillerson (ExxonMobil, Trump)
James Brady (Secretary of Reagan) Robert McNamara (World Bank)
James Bridenstine (NASA) Roger Chaffee (NASA)
James O'Keefe (Breitbart) Ron Hubbard (Scientology)
James Valentine (Maroon 5) Sam Walton (Walmart, Sam's Club)
Jeffrey Holland (Mormon Church) Samuel Skinner (White House)
Jim Lovell (NASA) Slater Rhea (tv singer)
John Ehrlichman (assistant to Reagan) Stephen Bechtel Jr (Beta Theta Pi)
John Groberg (Mormon Church) Steve Hartman (CBS News)
John Inglis (NSA) Walter Wriston (Citicorp)
John Silber (Boston University) William Cameron McCool (NASA)
John Tesh (Christian) William Gates (father of Bill Gates)
JW Marriott (Marriott International) William Hanna (Hanna-Barbera)
Kenneth Arnold (UFO psyop) William Keeler (Cardinal)
Kim Clarke (Mormon Church) William Sessions (FBI)
Konrad Juenling (gay agenda) Zach Wahls (gay agenda)
Lawrence Bacow (Harvard)  

History of the BSA

1907 British Army Officer and homosexual Robert Baden-Powell (Dragoon Guards) founds the masonic Scout Movement with Fleur-de-lis symbol with branches worldwide. He fought in the 2nd Boer War in South Africa, and was a member of the Order of St Michael and St George, Order of the Christ, Order of the Dannebrog, Order of the Phoenix, Order of Orange-Nassau and Order of the Bath. His father was a priest of the Church of England. His wife was related to Winston Churchill.

1910 The Boy Scouts of America organization is founded by Charles Alexander Eastman (native American lobbyist for the Dakota, YMCA), William Boyce (Presbyterian, mason, Shriner, Odd Fellows), Daniel Carter Beard, Ernest Thompson Seton (Woodcraft Indians, married to Theosophist Grace Gallatin, friend of Rudyard Kipling). Uniforms are supplied by Sigmund Eisner, father of Monroe Eisner (Philips Exeter), grandfather of Michael Eisner (Disney, Paramount).

1911 boy scouting badges with swastika's.

1934 Nazi Germany bans boy scouting as a rival of Hitler Youth.

1941 Rudolf Hess flies to the UK to surrender and is guarded by BSA member Burton Andruss.

1951 John Schiff (married the daughter of banker George Fisher Baker of Jeckyll Island Club) as president.

1966 BSA member Gene Coon produces Star Trek. Laurence Ferlinghetti pushes the pedophilia agenda with Allen Ginsberg.

1969 Apollo moon landing rituals with BSA members Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell and Neil Armstrong.

1970s Nippon Animation makes anime series of Ernest Thompson Seton's novels.

1984 Sanford McDonnell (McDonnell Douglas, which merged with Boeing) as president.

1996 John Creighton (Phi Gamma Delta, CEO of UAL Corporation, United Airlines). Herbert Wertheim funds the University of Miami.

1998 Edward Whitacre (CEO of General Motors, AT&T, ExxonMobil Delta Tau Delta like Matthew McConaughey)

2002 Baden-Powell is named 13th in BBC's list of Greatest Britons. Michael Bloomberg as mayor of NY.

2008 John Gottschalk (Phi Gamma Delta, Omaha World-Herald) as president.

2010 Rex Tillerson (Alpha Phi Omga, ExxonMobil, CSIS) as president.

2012 Wayne Perry (Mormon Church) as president.

2013 BSA allows homosexuals.

2014 jesuit Robert Gates (CIA, Alpha Phsi Omega, Order of the Arrow, CFR, Atlantic Council, National Security Council) as president.

2016 Randall Stephenson (AT&T, CFR, mentored by Carlos Slim) as president.

2017 BSA allows transgenders to become boy scout (transgender agenda), participates in the Gay Pride Day in Washington.

The Louisville Courier-Journal publishes an article of Andrew Wolfson that states that the Explorer program of Learning for Life was used for sexual abuse.

Rex Tillerson becomes Secretary of State under jesuit Donald Trump.

2018 Jim Turley (Business Roundtable, Ernst & Young) as president.

2019 Dan Ownby, member of Phi Gamma Delta with owl and rose symbol (like Calvin Coolidge, Philip Knight of Nike, Donald Trump Jr, Mike Pence, jesuit Jim Gaffigan, Dermot Mulroney, John Ritter, Seth Meyers, William Jan Berry, Ralph Morgan, Jack Kerouac, Norman Peale), also associated with sexual abuse.


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