The Bourbon family is a French elite family, founded in 1272. They are descendants of the French Capetian-Valois dynasty-House of Orléans who ruled France, intermarried with the Italian Farnese family who founded the jesuits and Scottish Stuarts. Like the Medici family, its coat of arms contains a fleur-de-lis symbol. French king Henry III (Medici) was assassinated by a Dominican and replaced by the Bourbons.

Its cadette branches are Bourbon-Anjou, Bourbon-Braganza, Bourbon-Busset, Bourbon-Parma, Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Bourbon-Orléans, House of Condé, House of Conti.

Charles III fought for Charles V Habsburg in the Sack of Rome of 1527.

Antoinette of Bourbon was a Roman Catholic and married Claude of Lorraine Duke of Guise. Their daughter Mary married James V Stuart of Scotland (their daughter was Mary Queen of Scots, beheaded by Elizabeth I). Their son Francis of Guise was Grand Prior of the Order of Malta.

Francesco Bourbon del Monte was a cardinal of the Catholic Church and patron of Galileo Galilei and Caravaggio, who worked for Francesco de Medici.

Philip V (Bourbon-Anjou) son of Louis Le Grand Dauphin (House of Orléans), ruled Spain after the end of the Spanish Habsburg bloodline (death of Charles II in 1700) and the War of Spanish Succession with Joseph Louis Bourbon (Order of the Golden Fleece). He married Elizabeth Farnese (daughter of Duke of Parma) and had 3 sons: Louis I, Ferdinand VI, Charles III.

Antoine of Navarre fought in the French Wars of Religion.

Henry IV was King of France from 1589 to 1610.  He expelled the jesuits but they gradually regain control through confessors and diplomats like Bellarmine and Possevino who try to reconcile the Emperor with the Pope. He granted the edict of Nantes for more religious tolerance to appease the Huguenots and end the war. He married Margaret of Valois. In 1600 he married Marie de Medici, related to Emperor Ferdinand and the Orsini's, out of war debts with the Medici's. He protected Francis Bacon when he was accused of pedophilia.
In 1603 he allowed the Jesuits back into France with Pierre Coton as confessor. In 1610 he is murdered and replaced by his son who works with Cardinal Richelieu.

Louis XIII was King of France and King of Navarre, married to Anne Habsburg of Austria. He and Cardinal Richelieu established the Académie Française.

Charlotte Bourbon married William the Silent (House of Orange) who lead the Protestant revolt against the Roman Catholic Habsburgs (start of the Eighty Years' War). She was the mother of Louise Juliana who married Frederick IV, the parents of Frederick V who married Elizabeth Stuart (founding of the House of Hanover).

Louis de Bourbon, 1st Prince of Condé was a Hugenoth leader.

Louis Grand Condé (Bourbon) was trained by jesuits, fought in the Thirty Years' War and married the niece of Cardinal Richelieu.

His son married the daughter of Edward Prince Palatine (son of Frederick V).

Louise de Bourbon Count of Clermont was grandmaster of Grand Orient France (Rite of Perfection was named Chapter of Clermont after him) and played a role in the Seven Years' War. Henri Jules and Louis Condé were insane.

Françoise Marie de Bourbon (daughter of Madame de Montespan) married 1st cousin Philippe II Duke of Orleans (friend of Chevalier Michael Ramsay), who became Regent of France in 1715.

Louis XIV (the Sun King) lived in the Palace of Versailles as Sun King (centralized state based on the Divine Right to rule). He married Marie Therese Habsburg in 1773 and helped to develop Scottish Rite freemasonry (with double headed eagle symbol of the Habsburgs) with the Stuarts. He worked with cardinal Franz Egon von Furstenberg. The jesuits opened the Lycée Louis Le Grand, named after him. Madame de Montespan (involved in child sacrifice) was his mistress.

From 1734 the Bourbons ruled in Naples.

Louis XV (le Bien-Aimé) was King of France from 1725 to 1775 and married to Marie Leczinska (daughter of King of Poland Stanislaus I). His mistress was Madame de Pompadour. In 1756 he declared war on Britain (Seven Year's War). In 1757 Frederick the Great's Dragoons defeated the French at the Battle of Rossbach (Saxony). His son-in-law Philip founded the Bourbon-Parma branch.

Charles de Bourbon fought the Brunswicks (motherlodge of Germany, Frederick the Great) and US-Britain (House of Hanover, James Wolfe) in the Seven Years' War.

Mariana Victoria married Joseph I of Portugal (House of Braganza) with anti-jesuit Marquis de Pombal as Chief Minister.

Louise Henriette de Bourbon married Louis Philippe of Orléans.

Louis Philippe d'Orléans (Philippe Egalité), son of Louise Henriette, was a member of the Illuminati and helped spreading the riots of the Women's March on Versailles (against Marie Antoinette).

After the French Revolution (temporary rule of Napoleon Bonaparte) and the Battle of Waterloo, the power of the Bourbons (Louis XVIII) was restored.

Philippe Egalité's son Louis Philippe I became King of France after the July Revolution of 1830. His daughter married the 1st king of Belgium mason Leopold I Saxe-Coburg (friend of mason Karl Marx).

Alfonso XII (married to Maria of Orléans and later to Maria Christina Habsburg-Lorraine) restored the power of the jesuits in Spain.

Isabella of Parma married Joseph II.

Zita of Bourbon-Parma married Charles I of Austria.

Marie de Bourbon married into the House of Savoy.

Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma married Ferdinand of Bulgaria.

Rene of Bourbon-Parma married Margaret of Denmark.

Anne of Romania, the daughter of Rene and Margaret was the wife of Michael I of Romania. She attended Parsons School (The New School) in NY.

The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies controls the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George (Templar Cross emblem with PX cross), claiming Constantine I was the founder. Members: Napoleon II,  Carl Mayer Rothschild, Alexander II Romanov, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart de Silva, Carlos of Bourbon-Parma (grandson of nazi prince Bernhard), Timothy Dolan, Rupert Loewenstein (manager of The Rolling Stones -Mick Jagger), Friedrich Wilhelm Hohenzollern, Anthony Bevilacqua, prince Laurent of Belgium, Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Carlo Ruspoli, Franz Karl Habsburg-Lorraine, Agostino Borromeo, Victoria Battenberg, Klemens von Metternich, Vittorio of Savoy,...

Juan Carlos is King of Spain, King of Jerusalem and Knight of Malta.

Maria Christina was educated at Harvard.

Carlos Farnese Bourbon de Parme married Princess Irene of Holland (House of Orange, Club of Budapest), the daughter of nazi Prince Bernhard

Guillaume de Luxembourg was trained by jesuits, worked for the IMF, European Commission and ArcelorMittal and married Sibilla Torlonia.

Maria Pia of Bourbon-Parma is the mother of Umberto II of Italy and Marie Jose of Belgium.

Henry of Bourbon-Parma married Infanta Adelgunes (Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg).

Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg is 1st cousin of Philip I of Belgium.

Virginia Bourbon del Monte married Eduardo Agnelli.

Camilla Parker, a descendant of the Stewarts and Bourbons, married Antichrist figure Charles.

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