The Borgia family is a Spanish family that played a role in creating the Order of the Jesuits, and ruled the Kingdom of Aragon (Borja is a town in Aragon) and the Holy Roman Empire (Draco-Orion Empire) in alliance with the Catholic Church. They were originally Hebrew-speaking Babylonians living in Morocco who worked with the Canaanite Carthaginians during the time of the Roman Empire. They were accused of being marrano's (crypto-jews) and known for incest, poisoning and murdering. They worked with the d'Este's, Farnese's, Trastamara's and Sforza's.

Alfonso Boja (pope Callixtus III) was pope (head of the Catholic Church).

Rodrigo de Borja (pope Alexander IV) was educated at the University of Bologna in Italy and pope (head of the Catholic Church) from 1492 to 1903. He was the father of Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia.

His cousin Orsino Orsini married Giulia Farnese, the sister of pope Paul III (Alessandro Farnese), patron of Michelangelo.

After the victory against the French Valois dynasty, they attacked the Sforza's.

Cesare Borgia was a cardinal, Duke of Valentinois and leader of mercenary soldiers. He was educated at the Sapienza University in Rome. His mother, Alexander IV's mistress was also the mistress of pope Julius II (Giulliano della Rovere). He was praised in Niccolo Machivalli's the Prince. His daughter Louise married Louis II de la Trémoille at age 16.

Lucrezia Borgia married Giovanni Sforza, Alfonso of Aragon and later Alphonse d'Este (House of Welf/Guelph). Their son Ercole II Este-Borgia married the daughter of Valois.

Her other son became cardinal Ippolito II d'Este. She had an affair with Francesco II Gonzoga, who was married to Isabella d'Este. Henri de Guise, descendant of Ercole Borgia, played a role in the St Bartholomew Massacre (killing of protestants) and development of Hermetic knowledge. The Borgia Apartment contained depictions of Hermes Trismigestus (cult of Mercury).

Francis Borgia was the 3d Superior-General of the jesuits. He worked with Ferdinand II (House of Aragon) and Charles V Habsburg (Order of the Golden Fleece). He often posed with a skull (the jesuits=Saturnian death cult).

The Borgia's worked in alliance with Bona Sforza, married to Sigismund I of Poland.

Innocent X (Pamphili with fleur-de-lis symbol, painted by Diego Velazquez) was a descendant the Borgia's.

Alessandro Borgia was Grandmaster of the Order of Malta.

Rodrija Borgia Cevallos was president of Ecuador, who met George HW Bush to discuss the drug trade.

In 1922 Conrad Veidt played in Lucrezia Borgia.

Alvaro Alfredo Magama Borja played a role in Operation Condor of CIA to install military dictators in South America.

Juan José Borja Papini is the manager of GrupoBorja. Francisco de Borja Lasheras is a member of the ECFR.

Dietrich Mateschitz created the Red Bull energy drink to promote extreme sports and create an adrenaline rush.

In 2011 Bravo/Showtime produced The Borgias with Jeremy Irons (jesuit plot in The Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo di Caprio) as pope Alexander IV.

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