Bonanza was a NBC tv show (pop culture propaganda) about the Cartwright family living in Nevada in the 1860s, created by David Dortort (CCNY), produced by Richard Collins, broadcast from 1959 to 1973, with actors mind controlled in Project Bluebird and MK Ultra.

Bonanza is a code word used asa hypnotic trigger in programming. Bonanza High School in Las Vegas Valley trained Jenna Jameson (gem alters, the porn industry, programmed at Disneyland, married to Brad Armstrong of Wicked Pictures), Corinna Harney (Playboy, Vampirella of Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures), Jason Reed (Tenacious D with Jack Black). Bonanza City New Mexico was used for The Legend of the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and Rust (Alec Baldwin shooting Halyna Hutchins ritual).

Richard Collins was educated at Beverly Hills High School and Browning School like John D Rockefeller Jr, Jamie Dimon, Marshall Wilson Astor, Robert Shriver Kennedy and the son of Douglas McArthur (Korean War). He was a member of CIA fronts Communist Party USA and Hollywood Anti-Nazi League with John Ford and Dorothy Rothschild.

It was filmed at George Spahn's Spahn Movie Ranch of the Manson Family (programmed with LSD), also used for The Lone Ranger and the Creeping Terror with William Thourlby (The Manchurian Candidate, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter). Bonanza actor Jesse Pearson narrated documentary Manson (1973) of Samuel Z Arkoff's AIP.

Lorne Hyman Green (jewish) played in The Love Boat, Battlestar Galactica, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, The Wizard of Oz of Topcraft,..

Pernell Roberts participated in the fake Civil Rights Movement with MLK.

Michael Landon Orowitz (jewish) played in Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven.

Jesse Pearson played in Bye Bye Birdie based on Elvis (filmed on Mockingbird Square), with Janet Leigh, Ann-Margret, Ed Sullivan and Dick Van Dyke.

Guy Williams played Disney series Zorro, Lost in Space of Irwin Allen (jewish), The Day the Earth Stood Still (set in Walter Reed Army Hospital of Project Bluebird),..

Dan Blocker (Korean War veteran=Project Bluebird). His son David Blocker was executive producer of Hanna Montana the Movie with Miley Cyrus.

Bing Russell (father of Kurt Russell) acted in The Twilight Zone, The Donna Reed Show, The Monkees, I Dream of Jeannie,..

David Canary (Peyton Place)

Hazel Court (Danger Man of Lew Grade)

Tim Matheson (Hanna-Barbera, A Very Brady Sequel, Ronald Reagan in Killing Reagan)

Bruce Dern (The Trip of Roger Corman, George Spahn in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

Clay Tanner (devil in Rosemary's Baby)

Victoria Vetri (Terry in Rosemary's Baby)

Mitch Vogel (programmed with Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan)

David Canary (Peyton Place, Tennessee Williams play, The St Valentine Day Massacre of Roger Corman, Curb Your Enthousiasm)

Mike Farrell (HHS) was married to Shelley Fabares, ex-wife of Lou Adler. He was a business partner of Marvin Minoff (William Morris Agency, married to Bonnie Franklin of One Day at a Time). He worked with Margaret Singer (Project Bluebird)  for the Cult Awareness Network. She also worked for the National Institute of Mental Health, interviewed Charles Manson, testified at the fake Patty Hearst trial.

Robert Carradine son of John Carradine (OTO) brother of Keith and David Carradine.

Will Geer (Group Theatre, gay agenda with Harry Hay of OTO)

Lou Frizzel (Summer of 42, Capricorn One)

Keir Dullea (2001 ASO, De Sade= torture of trauma based mind control)

Geoffrey Lewis father of Scientologist Juliette Lewis, played in The A-Team, Dillinger, The X-Files, Pink Cadillac,..

Inger Stevens (Swedish, Laurel Canyon, father Columbia University, played in movie the World, the Flesh and the Devil with Harry Belafonte, Madigan with Henry Fonda, CBS show The Twilight Zone, died on Belthane 1970)

Stella Stevens (Elvis Presley movie Girls!Girls!Girls!, The Nutty Professor, The Poseidon Adventure with Leslie Nielsen, ABC show Fantasy Island, Wonder Woman,  Murder She Wrote, married to producer of Alice Cooper=Alice in Wonderland)

Linda Day George (Mission Impossible)

Baynes Barron (War Is Hell, movie Lee Harvey Oswald was watching when arrested)

Kathryn Hays (Gem in Star Trek=Gem alter, married to Glenn Ford).

music by Ray Evans (jewish, ASCAP, Que Sera Sea of Doris Day)

In episode 92 Look at the Stars brilliant student Albert Michelson (Virginia City native) is discriminated for being jewish.

1988 Bonanza The Next Generation CBS John Ireland (pedophilia agenda with Tuesday Weld and Sue Lyon) Barbara Anderson (Star Trek, Mission Impossible, The Love Boat) Michael Landon Jr (jewish) John Amos (married to Lilliane Lehman)

1993 Bonanza The Return Dean Stockwell

1998 Bonanza the Attack Ben Johnson (The Outlaw) Richard Roundtree (Shaft) Leonard Nimoy Kent McKray (USO tours with Bob Hope)

2001 Ponderosa Brad Dourrif (OFOTCN)

Spahn ranch was recreated for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at Corriganville Movie Ranch (The Lone Ranger, Drums of Fu Manchu, Fort Apache with John Wayne and Henry Fonda, Star Trek, bought by Bob Hope) with Brad Pitt (bottomless pit of Revelation 911), Austin Butler as Tex Watson, Dakota Fanning and Bruce Dern as Spahn, Bing Russell's son Kurt Russell.


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