Bob Dylan

Robert Alan Zimmerman/Bob Dylan is a jewish mind controlled folk singer, used in the music industry as part of the CIA controlled Civil Rights Movement and 60's counterculture of Greenwich Village New York. He was signed to Columbia Records (Columbia University instigated the Civil Rights Movement) and produced by John Hammond (Hotchkiss, Yale, Vanderbilt Sloane S&B family).

He is of Ukrainian descent. He was a member of jewish student fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu (like Les Wexner, Hollywood producer Jon Landau, Maurice Greenberg, LeVar Burton, Gerry Schwartz, Paul Glaser, Philip Roth, Michael Milken, Bernard Madoff, jesuit Dikembe Mutombo, Steve Wynn).

Hammond married Esme Sarnoff (NBC chairman Robert Sarnoff, son of David Sarnoff, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, previously married to Felicia Schiff Warburg). Hammond's cousin was William Sloan Coffin (S&B), also an actor in the Civil Rights Movement. He mentored Nick Venet of Capitol who signed The Beach Boys (Laurel Canyon).

From 1962 his manager was Albert Grossman (Vanderbilt University), who also managed Janis Joplin (Haight-Ashbury) and had a house in Woodstock. His music was hyped by The New York Times and used to infiltrate the anti-war movement. His wife Sara Nozinsky appeared in HarperBazaar of Hearst.

They lived at Hotel Chelsea (like Laurel Canyon actors Jim Morrison, Nico, Joni Mitchell and Haight-Ashbury actors Allen Ginsberg, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin) and later in Woodstock.

He participated in the March on Washington with Joan Baez (1/9 like Catherine Middleton) and a publicity stunt with the Ed Sullivan Show with his song about the John Birch Society (the Right Wing Church). John Hammond was replaced by producer Tom Wilson, who also produced Sun Ra, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed and Laurel Canyon acts Mothers of Invention and Eric Burdon.

All Along the Watchtower was covered by Jimi Hendrix (used in Forrest Gump, Watchmen, A Bronx Tale). Mr Tambourine Man was covered by Laurel Canyon act The Byrds, produced by Terry Melcher (house of Sharon Tate). It Ain't Me Babe was covered by Laurel Canyon act The Turtles (later in Frank Zappa's Mother of Invention), Johnny Cash and June Carter. The music of Dylan, The Byrds and The Turtles was produced by The Wrecking Crew of Phil Spector.

He named himself Dylan after poet Dylan Thomas, who appeared on the Sgt Pepper's cover of The Beatles with Crowley and Bob Dylan himself.

His son Jacob Dylan was signed to Jimmy Iovine's Interscope.

On 7/29/1966 (date of Diana's wedding with priest Robert Kennedy Runcie) he had a mysterious motorcycle accident after which he did not tour for 8 years.

In 1967 he appeared on the Sgt Pepper's album of The Beatles. Nico used his song I'll Keep it with Mine on her album Chelsea Girl. He was a friend of Wavy Gravy (Merry Pranksters, Woodstock).

The Weathermen were named after a Bob Dylan song.

In the 70's he signed to Asylum Records of David Geffen.

Mercury: the Fool, the Joker, single Jokerman, famous line 'said the Joker to the Thief'.

In 1973 he played in MGM movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Deputy with Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Dern, Richard Jaeckel (Hollywood High School) and Jason Robards.

In 1985 he participated in the We Are the World publicity stunt of Columbia Records (charity for famine in Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania) with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Harry Belafonte, Bob Geldof, Ray Charles, Lionel Richie and jesuit Quincy Jones

In 2001 movie Vanilla Sky the Freewheelin Bob Dylan cover is imitated by Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz.

Heath Ledger (Joker), Christian Bale (the Dark Knight trilogy), Cate Blanchett portrayed different aspects of Dylan in I'm Not There.

Trayvon Martin was shot by a white man named Zimmerman.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature, the Pullitzer Pize and is a member of the Legion of Honour.

Astrological chart

born 5/24/1941, date queen Victoria, Priscilla Presley, Kristin Scott Thomas.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Libra. Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Taurus, Sagittarius - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (BD=42).

Houses 5, 6, 7. 5: Saturn, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter in Taurus, 6: Sun, Venus in Gemini, 7: Mercury in Gemini. 8: Pluto in Leo.

Discography and filmography

1962 Bob Dylan Blowin' in the Wind anthem of the Civil Rights Movement
1963 The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (the Lovers) blue volkswagen van

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues reference to John Birch Society
1963 Live at Carnegie Hall (Carnegie related to Vanderbilt)
1963 Madhouse on Castle Street BBC tv play David Warner (The Omen, Titanic)
1964 the Times Are A a-Changin'
4 days before Michelle Obama (slogan Change)
1964 Another Side of Bob Dylan
1965 Bringing It All Back Home (the Empress) reference to poem of Edgar Allan Poe
1965 Highway 61 Revisited
1966 Blonde on Blonde
1967 John Wesley Harding (All Along the Watchtower)
1967 Don't Look Back concert documentary by Donn Pennebaker who also filmed the Monterey Pop festival of John Philips and participated in John Lennon's film Up Your Legs Forever
1969 Nashville Skyline
1970 Self Portrait
1970 New Morning (song George Jackson about death Black Panther George Jackson)
1973 Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (Knockin' On Heaven's Door, covered by Guns 'n' Roses) MGM film by Sam Peckinpah with Kris Kristofferson Jason Robards Elisha Cook Jr Harry Dean Stanton Bruce Dern
1973 Dylan
1974 Planet Waves
1975 Blood on the Tracks
1975 The Basement Tapes
1976 Desire
1978 Street Legal
1978 Renaldo and Clara Joan Baez Allen Ginsberg Harry Dean Stanton
1979 Slow Train Coming
1980 Saved
1981 Shots of Love
1983 Infidels Sly and Robbie (program Reggae)
1985 Empire Burlesque
1986 Knocked Out Loaded
1988 Down in the Groove
1989 Oh Mercy
1989 Dylan and the Dead (Haight-Ashbury act Grateful Dead)
1990 Under the Red Sky
1992 Good as I Been to You
1993 World Gone Wrong
1997 Time Out of Mind
2001 Love and Theft
2003 Masked and Anonymous Larry Charles (Borat and Bruno with Sacha Baron Cohen) Jeff Bridges Penelope Cruz Giovanni Ribisi Luke Wilson Jessica Lange Angela Bassett Ed Harris Val Kilmer Bruce Dern Cheech Marin
2005 No Direction Home: Bob Dylan Martin Scorcese (The New School) documentary
2006 Modern Times
2007 I'm Not There Heath Ledger (Joker), Christian Bale (the Dark Knight trilogy), Cate Blanchett Charlotte Gainsbourg Julianne Moore Todd Haynes (gay agenda) Kris Kristofferson

2009 Together Through Life
2009 Christmas in the Heart
2012 Tempest (John Dee, The Tempest, year of the London Olympics)
2015 Shadows in the Night
2016 Fallen Angels
2017 Triplicate
2019 Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese The Beauty Queen Allen Ginsberg Patti Smith jesuit Jim Gianopulis Joan Baez Sharon Stone Larry Sloman (biography of Harry Houdini)
2020 Rough and Rowdy Ways

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