Billy Zane

William George Zane Jr is a mind controlled actor of Greek descent, used in the Hollywood film industry. He was educated at the American School in Switzerland (like Francesca Gregorini) and Francis W Parker School in Chicago (like Daryl Hannah, Jay and Jennifer Pritzker). He married Australian actress Lisa Collins and dated Kelly Brook (Playboy, Italia Conti Academy, Britain Got Talent).

Astrological chart

born 2/24/1966, date Steve Jobs.

Dom: Pisces (the Moon), Aries, Virgo - Mars, Pluto, Neptune.

Mars conj Mercury, Saturn, Lilith and Sun in Pisces opp Pluto conj Uranus in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn.


1985 Back to the Future "Match" O'Malley Michael J Fox Thomas Wilson Christopher Lloyd
1986 Critters Dee Wallace
1989 Going Overboard King Neptune Adam Sandler Lisa Collins
1989 Dead Calm Nicole Kidman Sam Neill
1989 Back to the Future Part II "Match" O'Malley
1990 Megaville Grace Zabriskie
1990 Memphis Belle Matthew Modine Eric Stolz John Lithgow Tate Donavan Sean Astin
1991 Femme Fatale Elijah Colin Firth Danny Trejo Lisa Zane
1991 Blood and Concrete Joey Turks
1991 Millions Donald Pleasence
1991 Twin Peaks David Lynch Sheryl Lee Sherilyn Fenn
1992 Orlando Tilda Swinton Quentin Crisp (transgender agenda) Heathcote Williams
1993 Sniper NSC Agent Richard Miller Tom Berenger
1993 Posse Stephen Baldwin Mario Van Peebles Big Daddy Kane
1993 Poetic Justice Brad Janet Jackson Tupac Shakur Maya Angelou Q-Tip Regina King
1993 Tombstone Kurt Russell Val Kilmer Michael Biehn
1993 Betrayal of the Dove Alan Thicke
1994 Reflections on a Crime John Terry
1994 The Silence of the Hams Jo Dee Fostar (Jodie Foster) Dom DeLuise Phyllis Diller Shelley Winters John Carpenter
1994 Flashfire Jack Flinder
1994 Only You Harry / Fake Damon Bradley Marisa Tomei Robert Downey Jr Bonnie Hunt as Kate
1995 The Set-Up Charles Thorpe Tommy Lister
1995 Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight The Collector Jada Pinkett Traci Bingham
1996 The Phantom Kit Walker / The Phantom Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) Catherine Zeta-Jones
1996 Head Above Water Harvey Keitel Cameron Diaz
1996 Danger Zone Robert Downey Jr
1997 This World, Then the Fireworks Gina Gershon Sheryl Lee
1997 Titanic Caledon N. "Cal" Hockley Leonardo di Caprio David Warner Kate Winslet James Cameron
1998 I Woke Up Early the Day I Died The Thief Eartha Kitt Summer Phoenix (sister of River Phoenix) Rain Phoenix Ron Perlman Christina Ricci Karen Black Tara Reid Leif Garrett Jonathan Taylor Thomas (The Lion King) written by Ed Wood
1998 Susan's Plan Natassja Kinski Lara Flynn Boyle Michael Biehn
1998 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World John Rolfe voice Disney
1999 Promise Her Anything George Putter
1999 Cleopatra Timothy Dalton as Julius Caesar
2000 Hendrix Wood Harris as Jimi Hendrix Vivica Fox
2001 Zoolander Himself uncredited cameo Ben Stiller
2001 The Believer Curtis Zampf Ryan Gosling based on jewish nazi Dan Burros (KKK) Theresa Russell Summer Phoenix
2001 CQ Mr. E. Jeremy Davies Dean Stockwell Roman Coppola
2001 Morgan's Ferry Sam Roscoe Lee Browne (OPP) Henry Rollins
2002 Claim Roberto Bealing
2002 Landspeed Michael Sanger
2003 Silent Warnings Stephen Baldwin
2003 Vlad Adrian Francesco Quinn as Vlad Dracula
2003 The Kiss Alan Roberts / Young Philip Naudet Terence Stamp William Mapother
2003 Starving Hysterical Naked Jack
2003 Imaginary Grace Nero
2004 Silver City Danny Huston Chris Cooper Richard Dreyfuss Daryl Hannah Tim Roth Kris Kristofferson
2004 Big Kiss
2005 Dead Fish Virgil Robert Carlyle Gary Oldman Terence Stamp
2005 The Pleasure Kristinna Loken Michael Madsen Udo Kier Michelle Rodriguez Ben Kingsley
2006 The Last Drop Michael Madsen
2006 Survival Island Jack Kelly Brook
2006 Valley of the Wolves: Iraq Sam William Marshall
2006 Memory Ann-Margret Dennis Hopper
2007 The Mad Jason Hunt
2007 Fishtales Kelly Brook
2007 Alien Agent Tom Hanson / Saylon
2008 Perfect Hideout Victor
2008 The Man Who Came Back Sean Young George Kennedy
2008 Love N' Dancing Amy Smart
2009 Surviving Evil (one eye) Colin Moss
2009 Blue Seduction (glasses like Di Caprio in the Aviator) Estella Warren
2009 Evil – In the Time of Heroes Prophitis Messenger
2009 Darfur (Sudan) Kristinna Loken
2009 The Hessen Affair Jack Durant Michael Bowen Jr
2010 Magic Man Darius
2010 The Confidant Monty
2010 Enemies Among Us Graham
2011 The Roommate Leighton Meester Frances Fisher Kat Graham
2011 Boop Max Fleischer short
2011 Sniper: Reloaded NSC Agent Richard Miller direct-to-DVD
2011 Mercenaries Colonel Torida
2011 Flutter Edwin "The Dentist"
2011 Mysteria Danny Gkiver
2011 Lovemakers Jake's Agent
2011 Guido Sid Shine
2012 The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption King Talus Ron Perlman
2012 Electrick Children Rory Culkin
2012 Mama, I Want to Sing! Dillan Ciara Lynn Whitfield Patti LaBelle
2012 A Green Story
2012 Two Jacks Danny Huston Jack Huston Lydia Hearst
2012 Border Run Sharon Stone
2012 Dark Star Hollow The Devil
2013 The Employer Malcolm McDowell
2013 The Kill Hole Chadwick Boseman Peter Greene
2013 Blood of Redemption Dolph Lundgren
2013 Come Find Me Uncle short
2014 Scorned Kevin
2014 The Ganzfield Haunting Father
2014 HUVr Himself short
2014 Ghost of Goodnight Lane Alan
2014 Mining for Ruby Professor Sam Goodwell
2015 Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard Seiler
2015 Billy Zane Thinks Zayn Tweets Are About Him Himself short
2015 West of Redemption Hank Keller
2015 Trouble Sleeping Charles
2016 A Winter Rose Edward Furlong Theresa Russell
2016 Zoolander 2 Himself
2016 Swing State Angela Kinsey Sean Astin
2016 Dead Rising: Endgame Leo Rand
2016 Blue World Order Bruce Spence apocalyptic society because of global virus (the Covid19-ritual)
2016 White Island Leo
2016 Sniper: Ghost Shooter NSC Agent Richard Miller direct-to-DVD
2016 The Adventure Club Langley
2017 Sniper: Ultimate Kill NSC Agent Richard Miller direct-to-DVD
2018 Samson King Balek Rutger Hauer
2018 Holmes & Watson Himself cameo Will Ferrell
2019 Cliffs of Freedom Christos Christopher Plummer
2019 The Great War Colonel Jack Morrison Ron Perlman
2020 Ghosts of War Dr. Engel
2020 Final Kill Carl Riser
2020 Guest House Steve-O
2020 Battle of the Bulge: Winter War General Omar Bradley Direct-to-video
2021 The Believer Dr. Benedict
2021 Iké Boys Newt Grafstrom
2022 Hellblazers Bruce Dern


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