Bill Murray

William James Murray is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry. The Irish catholic elite family Murray is one of the families who control the Odd Fellows lodge. He was raised in Chicago and trained by the jesuits at Loyola Academy and Regis University in Denver. His sister Nancy Murray is a member of the Dominican Order. His brother Brian Doyle-Murray was trained by the jesuits and played Jack Ruby in Oliver Stone's JFK. His brother Joel Murray was also trained by jesuits and played in Mad Men and Monsters University. He promotes the teachings of George Gurdjieff.

Astrological chart

born 9/21/1950, date Richard 3, HG Wells, Henry Stimson, Leonard Cohen, Tracy Reed, Nicole Richie, Liam Gallagher, Stephen King, 2 months before Ed Harris.

Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Aquarius, Scorpio - Mercury, Sun, Saturn.

Mercury in Virgo.


1976 Saturday Night Live NBC
1978 Loose Shoes Harry Shearer
1979 Meatballs Kristine DeBell
1980 Where the Buffalo Roam as Hunter S Thompson Peter Boyle music by Neil Young
1980 Caddyshack Chevy Chase
1981 Stripes John Candy
1982 Tootsie Dustin Hoffman Sydney Pollack produced by Charles Evans, brother of Robert Evans (Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby, The Godfather, Chinatown)
1984 Ghostbusters (dimensional portals, phrase 'something strange' in your neighborhood, reference to Enochian calls) as professor at Columbia University Dan Akroyd Harold Ramis Ernie Hudson Ivan Reitman Sigourney Weaver (producer of David Cronenberg) Columbia Pictures
1984 Nothing Lasts Forever Eddie Fisher
1988 Scrooged (007) Richard Donner (The Omen)
1989 Ghostbusters II
1990 Quick Change as bank robbing clown (Joker) Geena Davis Jason Robards Stanley Tucci
1991 What About Bob? Richard Dreyfuss Disney
1993 Groundhog Day
(88 time portal) Andie McDowell Harold Ramis
1993 Mad Dog and Glory Robert De Niro Uma Thurman
1994 Ed Wood Johnny Depp Patricia Arquette Vincent D'Onofrio Sarah Jessica Parker Tim Burton
1996 Kingpin Woody Harrelson
1996 Larger Than Life Matthew McConaughey
1996 Space Jam Michael Jordan Danny DeVito
1997 The Man Who Knew Too Little Alfred Molina
1998 Wild Things Matt Dillon Kevin Bacon Neve Campbell
1998 Rushmore Disney Jason Schwartzman
1999 Cradle Will Rock Tim Robbins John Cusack Vanessa Redgrave Susan Sarandon John Turturro
2000 Charlie's Angels Drew Barrymore Lucy Liu Tim Curry Cameron Diaz
2000 Hamlet (William Shakespeare) Ethan Hawke Kyle MacLachlan Liev Schreiber Casey Affleck
2001 Osmosis Jones Brandy Norwood Laurence Fishburne  William Shatner Ron Howard Chris Rock
2001 Speaking of Sex James Spader Lara Flynn Boyle
2001 The Royal Tenenbaums Danny Glover Anjelica Huston Gwyneth Paltrow Ben Stiller
2003 Lost in Translation (Mercury: communication) Sophia Coppola Scarlett Johansson Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi
2004 Garfield the Movie Jennifer Love Hewitt
2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Disney Wes Anderson Noah Baumbach Owen Wilson Willem Dafoe Anjelica Huston Cate Blanchett
2005 Broken Flowers Julie Delpy Tilda Swinton Sharon Stone
2005 The Lost City
2008 Get Smart Steve Carrell
2008 City of Ember Saoirse Ronan Tim Robbins
2009 Fantastic Mr Fox (novel of Roald Dahl) Wes Anderson George Clooney Meryl Streep Willem Dafoe
2011 Passion Play Megan Fox Mickey Rourke
2012 Moonrise Kingdom Bruce Willis Tilda Swinton Edward Norton
2012 A Glimpse in the Mind of Charles Swan III Charlie Sheen Patricia Arquette
2012 Hyde Park on Hudson as Oddfellow Franklin Roosevelt Laura Linney
2014 The Monuments Men Matt Damon
2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson Adrien Brody Murray Abraham Ralph Fiennes Willem Dafoe Jeff Goldblum Harvey Keitel Jude Law  Edward Norton Saoirse Ronan Tilda Swinton Tom Wilkinson Owen Wilson
2014 St Vincent Naomi Watts
2015 Aloha Bradley Cooper Rachel McAdams Emma Stone
2015 Rock the Kasbah Bruce Willis Kate Hudson
2016 The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling) Scarlett Johansson Idris Elba Ben Kingsley Disney
2016 Ghostbusters Kristen Wiig Andy Garcia Charles Dance
2018 Isle of Dogs Tilda Swinton
2019 The Dead Don't Die Jim Jarmush Iggy Pop Adam Driver Steve Buscemi Tilda Swinton RZA Rosie Perez Selena Gomez Tom Waits
2021 Ghostbusters Afterlife McKenna Grace Ernie Hudson
2022 The Greatest Beer Run Ever Zac Efron Russell Crowe
2023 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Paul Rudd Evangeline Lilly Michelle Pfeiffer Michael Douglas


Mind control