Bijou Philips

Bijou Philips is a mind controlled actress and singer, used in the music industry and Laurel Canyon scene to normalise hedonism, drug abuse and the gay-transgender religion, as part of the cultural marxist program Rock. She is the daughter of John Philips of The Mama's and The Papa's. Her mother Geneviève Waite posed for HarperBazaar of Hearst with Monarch butterfly symbolism.

She is the sister of Mackenzie Philips (flirt scene in American Graffiti of George Lucas at age 12).

She was mind controlled with Scientology of Ron Hubbard (Laurel Canyon meetings with Robert Heinlein and Jack Parsons).

She posed for Interview of Andy Warhol at age 13, for Vogue (Polanski raped a girl after a Vogue photoshoot) and for Calvin Klein. She had sex with Evan Dando of the Lemonheads (made album with Liv Tyler and Kate Moss) at age 15.

She was used in the tabloid entertainment industry with Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton. Her friend photographer Davide Sorrente (Heroin chic fashion trend with Kate Moss, Calvin Klein) died of a heroin overdose. Sorrente's girlfriend Jaime King was used from age 14 for HarperBazaar.

She played in Black and White with Robert Downey Jr and Brooke Shields, Almost Famous and Hostel Part II.

Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) produced her first album.

She married Scientologist Danny Masterson, actor in That 70's Show with Mila Kunis, Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher and Tommy Chong. Materson was accused of raping the wife of Cedric Bixler-Zavala (also Scientology).

born 4/1/1980, date founding Apple.


1999 Sugar Town Autograph Girl Rosanna Arquette Jack Kemp (Spandau Ballet)
1999 Black and White Charlie Robert Downey Jr Brooke Shields Wu Tang Clan Rashida Jones Jared Leto Elijah Wood Joe Pantoliano Ben Stiller Claudia Schiffer Maria Maples (wife of Donald Trump) Mike Tyson James Tobback (accused of rape, worked with Natassja Kinski) Gaby Hoffman (Andy Warhol scene)

2000 Almost Famous (poster with glasses like Strange Angel about Parsons) Estrella Starr Billy Crudup Philip Seymour Hoffman (Boogie Nights about Laurel Canyon murders, Ron Hubbard character in the Master) Jason Lee (Scientology) Fairuza Balk (Return to Oz) Frances McDormand Noah Taylor Anna Paquin Kate Hudson based on groupie Bebe Tyler (mother of Liv Tyler) Patrick Fugit as child Harpo, teenage writer for Rolling Stone, Monarch butterfly symbolism Cameron Crowe (Vanilla Sky)
2001 Fast Sofa Tracy Natasha Lyonne Adam Goldberg Jake Busey Eric Roberts Jennifer Tilly Crispin Glover
2001 Tart Delilah Milford (Black Dahlia) Melanie Griffith
2001 Bully Ali Willis Larry Clark (Kids) Nick Stahl Jessica Sutta (The Pussycat Dolls) based on murder of Bobby Kent
2003 Octane as member of a strannge cult Jonathan Rhys Myers
2004 The Door in the Floor Alice (Alice in Wonderland) Jeff Bridges Kim Basinger Elle Fanning
2005 Pancho's Pizza N/A Short film
2005 Havoc Emily Channing Tatum Joseph Gordon-Levitt Anne Hathaway Michael Biehn
2005 Venom Tammy Method Man Disney
2005 The Outsider Herself Documentary
2006 Friendly Fire The Lover Sean Lennon (son of John Lennon) Carrie Fisher (in Wonderland about Laurel Canyon murders) Asia Argento Lindsay Lohan Jordana Brewster distributed by Capitol Records
2007 Spin Aubrey Amber Heard (married to Johnny Depp) Katie Cassidy Danny Masterson
2006 The Wizard of Gore Maggie (Wizard of Oz programming) Crispin Glover (in The Doors about Laurel Canyon singer Jim Morrison) Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) Jeremy Kasten (Baltimore School of Arts with Tupac Shakur)
2006 Hostel: Part II Whitney Swerling Eli Roth Lauren German (Fox series Lucifer) executive produced by Quentin Tarantino
2006 What We Do Is Secret Lorna Doom about Darby Crash of the Germs (Pat Smear, friend of Kurt Cobain) University High School programmed with EST, LSD and Scientology
2008 Chelsea on the Rocks Nancy Spungen Documentary about Chelsea Hotel interviews with Ethan Hawke Robert Crumb Dennis Hopper Milos Forman
2008 The Art of Travel Christina Layne
2008 Choke Ursula Sam Rockwell Anjelica Huston (house of Jack Nicholson at Mulholland Drive, where Polanski raped a Vogue girl) Kelly Macdonald Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club)
2008 Dark Streets Crystal
2009 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (movie within play like the Tempest) Jake Hoffman (NYU, son of Dustin Hoffman) Jordan Galland Ralph Macchio
2009 Wake Ian Somerhalter (ABC show Lost) Danny Masterson Elie Kanner (Kehillat Israel with brother of Patrick Whitesell of Endeavor)
2009 Made for Each Other Marcy Charles Masterson Danny Masterson
2009 The Heart Is a Drum Machine Herself Documentary
2009 The Bridge to Nowhere (Scientology=Bridge to Light) Ving Rhames
2009 It's Alive Larry Cohen (CCNY)
2010 Black Limousine
2012 Law and Order Special Victims Unit Ice-T Mariska Hargitay (daughter of Jayne Mansfield)

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