Beyoncé Knowles is a mind controlled sex slave, used in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop, the media and Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of Venus, the Whore of Babylon, as a positive role model in the Multiculti and Black Church, and to promote political puppet Barack Obama. She plays the wife of Hip Hop actor Jay-z.

She was born in september 1981, 2 months after the year of wedding Charles and Diana to create Moonchild Antichrist William V. Her mother is Celestine 'Tina' Knowles, a descendant of Acadian leader Joseph Broussard-Beausoleil (Bobby Beausoleil of the Charles Manson murders, the 911 Sharon Tate ritual).

She is used in the fashion industry (HarperBazaar of Hearst). Her father Matthew Knowles is born 1/9 like Catherine Middleton. Beyoncé's sister is Solange Knowles.

She started as singer of girl group Destiny's Child with Michelle Williams (to announce William V and Michelle Obama) and Kelly Rowland (John Cassavetes wife Geena Rowland). Her image as couple with Jay-z is based on Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, announcing the William and Catherine wedding.

Like her sister she is owned by Columbia (Colonna) Records and used to promote the fake Black Lives Matter movement. She is a Libra, and plays the role of a Bitch Queen of an army of social justice warriors of the Black Church. Her dominant is Venus (feminine beauty, sexuality, fashion).

Her child Ivy Blue Carter, born 1/7/2012 year before Catherine's blue Moonchild George, is used in the music industry (soundtrack The Lion King) and the Black Church (NAACP award) from age 8.


Astrological chart

born 9/4/1981 in Houston Texas, date of Damon Wayans, Wes Bentley, year of wedding Charles and Diana to create Moonchild Antichrist William V.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer (father male breast cancer). Dom: Libra (Adjustment, social justice warrior), Scorpio, Leo (Lust)- Venus, Pluto, Jupiter.

Houses 1, 12, 2. 1: Pluto in Libra, 12: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus in Libra, 2: Moon, Uranus and Lilith in Scorpio. 7 (partners): Taurus.

Discography and filmography

1998 Destiny's Child
1999 The Writing's On the Wall
2001 Survivor (rebirth through Luciferian sodomy).

2001 Carmen a Hip Hop Opera, 8 Days of Christmas (opera released in 1875, year birth Crowley, Carmen Electra appeared in video of Jay-z) Mekhi Phifer (8 Mile with Eminem) Mos Def Lil Bow Wow Wyclef Jean Rah Digga Reagan Gomez-Preston (movie with Meghan Markle)
2002 Austin Powers: Goldmember (Baphomet pose) with Mike Myers (mm=33, named after rosicrucian Michael Meier, parody of James Bond) Michael Caine movie within movie Tom Cruise Danny DeVito Kevin Spacey Britney Spears Ozzy Ozbourne
2003 The Fighting Temptations with Cuba Gooding Jr
2003 Dangerously in Love (Marilyn Monroe 1st movie Dangerous Years), Me Myself and I (twin alters)
2004 Fade to Black, Destiny Fulfilled. The Verizon Ladies Tour with Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys.
2006 Pink Panther with Steve Martin (pink Alice in Wonderland programming like Jackie Kennedy)
2006 B'Day, Ring the Alarm (the Fool)
2006 Dreamgirls (directed by jesuit Bill Condon, also biopic about Alfred Kinsey) on 12/4 bday Jay-z, Jamie Foxx John Lithgow Eddie Murphy Danny Glover
2008 I Am.. Sasha Fierce (sodomy spirits in mind control, creating twin alter), If I Were A Boy (Baphomet transgender agenda)
2008 Cadillac Records about Chess Records (black white masonic floor) Adrien Brody Vincent D'Onofrio Mos Def
2009 Obsessed with Idris Elba (Bael) as Sharon Charles (Charles Diana, Sharon Tate) based on Polanski
2011 4 (6/24 day death Marjorie Cameron), Run the World (4/21, 21 the World)
2013 Beyoncé, Drunk in Love (Lust, Whore of Babylon) with Jay-z, Life is But A Dream (Alice in Wonderland)

XO (pink neon) Wonder Wheel spinning music video shot by Terry Richardson at Coney Island
2013 Epic Mary Katherine (=MK Ultra Catherine) Josh Hutcherson Amanda Seyfried Colin Farrell Christoph Waltz Steven Tyler
2016 Lemonade
2019 The Lion King (Lust, King William V) Jon Favreau (name speechwriter Obama) Donald Glover Seth Rogen James Earl Jones Chiwetel Ejiofor Disney.

The Carters with Jay-z Everything is Love music video at the Louvre. Homecoming as Nefertiti.
2020 Black is King visual album to the Lion King.

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