Berggruen Institute

The Berggruen Institute (or 21st Century Council) is an globalist think tank, founded in 2010 by German-American Nicolas Berggruen (headquarter in LA).

It founded World Post (in collabaration with The Washington Post, founded by Eugene Meyer of the Federal Reserve and World Bank). Nicolas Berggruen's brother, Oliver Berggruen works for Carnegie Mellon University, plays a role in the art scene (Courtaud Institute of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, wrote books about Picasso and Stravinsky).

Nicolas Berggruen founded the Council on the Future of Europe with Tony Blair, jesuit Mario Monti, Gerhard Schröder, Juan Luis Cébrian (Club of Rome, media group Prisa), Guy Verhofstadt, Jacques Delors (European Commission),.

The Institute organised meetings with Chinese president Xi Jinping.


- Alain Minc (Le Monde, Prisa, Fnac, Yves Saint Laurent, advisor to Sarkozy)
- Alexei Kudrin (ex Minister of Finance of Russia)
- Amartya Sen (Harvard, married Emma Rothschild, The Hunger Project with Werner Erhard)
- Amy Gutman (University of Pennsylvania)
- Arianna Huffington (trained by Werner Erhard, National Review of William F Buckley Jr, co-founder of the Huffington Post, Uber, Thrive Global with Marc Benioff as investor, X Prize Foundation with Elon Musk)
- Axel Weber (Swiss bank UBS Group, Group of Thirty, Institute for International Finance, TC)
- Bing Song (Goldman Sachs)
- Carl Bildt
- Chad Hurley (Youtube Google)
- Christiana Figueres (London School of Economics, UN, Climate Church, Inter-American Dialogue)
- Dambisa Moyo (World Bank, Goldman Sachs)
- David Bonderman (Phi Beta Kappa, TPG Capital with Chelsea Clinton's husband, 100 billion in assets)
- Elon Musk
- Eric Schmidt (Google, CFR, TC, WEF)
- Eric X Li (Fudan University, newssite, International Institute for Strategic Studies)
- Ernesto Zedillo (president of Mexico, Club de Madrid)
- Evan Spiegel (Snap Inc, Snapchat, mind controlled model Miranda Kerr, previously married to Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom)
- Fareed Zakaria (CFR, TC, CNN)
- Fernando Cardoso (Legion of Honour, ex-president of Brazil)
- Festus Mogae (ex-president of Botswana)
- Francis Fukuyuma (CFR, Commentary, RAND, National Endowment for Democracy, Stanford University, Project for the New American Century)
- Fred Hu (Goldman Sachs)
- George Yeo (Minister of Foreign Affairs Singapore)
- Gerhard Schröder (TC, ex-Chancellor of Germany, Rosneft)
- Gordon Brown (pm of UK)
- Helle Thorning-Schmidt (ex-pm of Denmark, Save the Children, CFR, Atlantic Council, ECFR, Facebook Oversight Board, International Crisis Group)
- Jack Dorsey (Twitter)
- Jared Cohen (CFR, TC, advisor of Hilary Clinton)
- Jeff Skoll (eBay, Giving Pledge of Bill Gates, producer of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth)
- Jerry Yang (Yahoo!, Alibaba Group)
- John Elkann (Fiat Chrysler, ERT)
- Jonathan Blake (RAND Corporation)
- Joseph Stiglitz (World Bank, mentor of Janet Yellen of Federal Reserve)
- Juan Luis Cébrian (Spanish newspaper El Pais, Club of Rome)
- Kevin Rudd (ex-pm of Australia, Asia Society, Chatham House, Atlantic Council, CSIS)
- Kishore Mahbubani (UN Security Council)
- Laura Tyson (National Economic Council, Brookings, CFR, Center for American Progress)
- Lawrence Summers (Harvard, World Bank, Brookings, CFR, TC, International Crisis Group Clinton and Obama administration)
- Margaret Levi (Center for Advanced Study in the Behavorial Sciences of Stanford)
- Michael Spence (CFR)
- Nandan Nilekani (Indian multinational Infosys)
- Nathan Gardels (advisor of jesuit Jerry Brown Laurel Cayon)
- Nicolas Berggruen (trained at Le Rosey in Switzerland, NYU, CFR, Brookings, WEF, Giving Pledge of Bill Gates, brother of Oliver Berggruen)
- Nicolas Sarkozy (president of France)
- Park Woon-son (LSE, Democratic Party of Korea, suicide after sexual allegations)
- Pascal Lamy (WTO, ECFR, Le Siècle)
- Patrick Soon-Chiong (AI company Nantworks, LA Times, Giving Pledge of Bill Gates)
- Paul Martin (pm of Canada)
- Peter Schwartz (Students for a Democratic Society of Walter Lippman, Royal Dutch Shell, Global Business Network with Stewart Brand, Salesforce of Marc Benioff)
- Pierre Omidyar (eBay, Giving Pledge, financed Glenn Greenwald of Wikileaks)
- Ray Chambers (WHO, Millennium Development Goals, company with William Simon, Secretary of Treasury under Richard Nixon)
- Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn, Giving Pledge)
- Ricardo Lagos (ex-president of Chile)
- Shaukat Aziz (ex-pm of Pakistan, Atlantic Council)
- Stephen Schwarzmann (S&B, Atlantic Council, BlackStone, Trump administration)
- Tadahi Yanai (richest person in Japan, Fast Retailing)
- Vilas Dhar (Rockefeller Foundation, WEF, X Prize Foundation of Peter Diamandis, AI agenda of Patrick J McGovern Foundation)
- Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute)
- Xavier Niel (Le Monde, Delphine Arnault)
- Yaël Eisenstat (CIA, Facebook)
- Yuval Harari
- Zhang Lei (Yale,, China-US Exchange Foundation)
- Zheng Bijian (Chinese communist party, China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy)
- Zhu Min (World Bank, IMF, People's Bank of China)


Many members of the Berggruen Institute are also member of Zheng Bijian's China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy (CIIDS): Ernesto Zedillo, Gordon Brown, Ricardo Lagos, Alexei Kudrin, Reid Hoffman,.

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