Bases Project

Bases Project is an Irish propaganda outlet of controlled opposition Miles Johnston, with Grey alien logo (Crowley claimed to have channeled Aiwass and Lam= base or root chakra), used in the New Age Church to spread disinfo on extraterrestrials, UFO's, military abduction, super soldiers,  Operation Paperclip and other government projects, in alliance with Project Camelot of Kerry Cassidy (reference to King Arthur mythology).

Disinfo agents: Mark Devlin, Betty Meyler (UFO Society of Ireland), Paul O'Conner (Project Stargate), James Casbolt, Sarah Adams, Max Spears (Project Camelot, died in 2016, blamed on Michael Aquino who Miles Johnston interviewed), Stewart Sverdlow (Project Montauk hoax, FYM), Sean Stone, Sophia Stewart (claimed The Matrix was based on her story), Simon Parks (Trump as good guy narrative, Project Camelot), Mike Emery (orgone energy), Sandra Deroy, Colin Woolford (Decoding Star Wars), Kerry Murray, Barbara Lamb (Lam, MUFON), Harald Kautz Vella, Robert Duncan (DARPA, HP, Oracle Corporation, TruTV with Jesse Ventura), Nick Pope (Ancient Aliens), Anya Briggs, Mary Rodwell, John Urwin,..

Sarah Adams and Mark Marrow were used in a Vice (Hearst) item about Targeted Individuals.

Kerry Cassidy worked with Laura Eisenhower, Catherine Austin Fitts and

Project Camelot

Controlled opposition