Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries is an Australian mind controlled actor-comedian and drag queen, used in the media industry and the Hollywood film industry to normalise the masonic gay-transgender and pedophilia religion. He was a friend of Peter Cook (Greenwich Village comedy scene of Lenny Bruce). He married Elizabeth Spender, the daughter of MI6 agent Stephen Spender.

Elizabeth Spender played in The Felons with Rade Serbezija (Eyes Wide Shut), Terry Gilliam's Brazil (dystopian, Orwellian society) with Robert De Niro and Ian Holm, filmed at Mentmore Towers of the Rothschilds (also used in Eyes Wide Shut) and produced by Arnon Milchan (LSE, Regency Enterprises, Israeli intelligence agency Leke).

He attended Camberwell Grammar School like Keith Murdoch (father of Rupert Murdoch).

From 1959 he was used in the London comedy scene in the UK with Peter Cook, Alan Bennett, Willie Rushton (Private Eye with BBC actor Ian Hislop) and Jonathan Miller (Old Vic Theatre, son of Tavistock psychiatrist Emmanuel Miller and Betty Spiro who wrote for Horizon magazine of Stephen Spender),,..

His daughter Tessa is used as an actress for Seven Network. His son Oscar is editor of Apollo magazine.

He worked with Claudia Rosencrantz (ITV, Pop Idol with Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell).

Astrological chart

born 2/17/1934, date Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, Ed Sheeran, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Billie Armstrong, Denise Richards, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Michael Bay, Huey Newton.

Asc: Pisces, mc: Sagittarius. Dom: Pisces (the Moon), Aquarius, Aries - Mars (child), Neptune, Jupiter.

Houses 12, 1, 2. 12: Sun, Saturn, Venus in Aquarius, 1: Mars and Mercury in Pisces, 2: Moon and Uranus in Aries. 5: Pluto and Lilith in Cancer, 7: Neptune in Cancer, 8: Jupiter in Libra.


1957 Waiting for Godot (play of Samuel Beckett)
1967 Bedazzled Envy Peter Cook Raquel Welch Robert Russell Valentine Dyall Michael Bates (A Clockwork Orange) set in Swinging London 20th Century Fox
1972 The Adventures of Barry McKenzie Aunt Edna Everage / Hoot / Dr DeLamphrey Barry Crocker (song Neighbors) Peter Cook Spike Milligan Dennis Price William Rushton Clive James
1974 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Aunt Edna Everage / Dr DeLamphrey Donald Pleasence
1974 Percy's Progress Elke Sommer Judy Geeson Vincent Price Elke Sommer Alan Lake (husband of Diana Dors) Anthony Sharp (A Clockwork Orange) Adrienne Posta (movies with Diana Dors) EMI Film
1975 Side by Side Rodney
1975 The Great Macarthy
1977 The Getting of Wisdom
1978 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (based on Sgt Pepper's with Aleister Crowley on its cover) Bee Gees Keith Carradine (brother David Carradine) Donald Pleasence Steve Martin Steven Tyler  Alice Cooper
1981 Shock Treatment (gay-transgender agenda) Bert Schnick Jim Sharman Charles Gray Rik Mayall Ruby Wax
1985 Dr. Fischer of Geneva
1986 Les Patterson Saves the World Sir Les Patterson / Dame Edna Everage Joan Rivers
1994 Immortal Beloved Klemens von Metternich Gary Oldman as Ludwig van Beethoven Isabella Rossellini
1995 Napoleon
1995 Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills Bert / Lady shopper / Manager Francesca Hilton (daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor) Aaron Eisenberg (Star Trek) Beverly D'Angelo Moon Zappa (daughter of Laurel Canyon artist Frank Zappa)
1996 The Leading Man Tod Jon Bon Jovi Thandiwe Newton David Warner
1997 Spice World Kevin McMaxford Spice Girls Alan Cumming Elton John
2002 Nicholas Nickleby Mrs. Crummles Charlie Hunnam Anne Hathaway Christopher Plummer Jamie Bell Alan Cumming Timothy Spall
2003 Finding Nemo (1st dom: Pisces) Bruce (voice) Albert Brooks Willem Dafoe Ellen DeGeneres (gay agenda) Eric Bana Bruce Spence (Dark City with transgender Richard O'Brien) Disney
2005 Da Kath & Kim Code telemovie – John Monk
2009 Mary and Max narrator Philip Seymour Hoffman Toni Colette Eric Bana
2011 The Kangaroo Gang TV documentary – narrator
2012 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Great Goblin Ian McKellen Martin Freeman Cate Blanchett Ian Holm Christopher Lee Hugo Weaving Elijah Wood Peter Jackson
2012 Kath & Kimderella Dame Edna Everage Rufus Sewell Toni Colette
2013 Chalky documentary
2013 Justin and the Knights of Valour Braulio (voice) Charles Dance Angela Lansbury Alfred Molina Saoirse Ronan Mark Strong Freddie Highmore (CATCF) Antonio Banderas
2015 Blinky Bill the Movie Wombo (voice)
2016 Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Charlie and Dame Edna Everage (dual role) Jennifer Saunders Joanna Lumley Kate Moss Emma Bunton BBC 20th Century Fox
2019 The Magical Land of Oz (Wizard of Oz programming) Australian wildlife documentary ABC


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