Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a mind controlled political puppet of the Left Wing Church, used to push the Luciferian gay-transgender agenda, multiculti agenda and vaccination agenda during the Covid-19 ritual. He was made president in a false hope narrative of the Black Church, and the Climate Church, as the new Martin Luther King Jr, promoted by MLK's children, in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop by actors Jay-z, Kanye West and P Diddy and Hearst controlled Oprah Winfrey. He played the role of False Prophet that would give power to the First (William V, Diana born month before Obama) and Second Beast (jesuit pope Francis).

He is the child of Stanley Ann Dunham (mirror image of Paul McCartney Liverpool 53°, Kansas 55°) of The Beatles.

He was trained by jesuit Gregory Galluzo in Chicago and had ties to the Chicago mafia (Tony Rezko). He was promoted as a Christ saviour in the Left Wing Church, by puppets of the Hollywood film industry like Tim Robbins, Edward Norton, Natalie Portman and in the cultural marxist program Hip Hop by puppets like Jay-z, Russell Simmons and P Diddy. His vice-president was Joe Biden.

His campaign was mainly funded by Goldman Sachs. His administration was filled with jesuits: Jon Favreau, Joe Biden, John Podesta, Janet Napolitano, Avril Haines, Scott Gration, Chuck Hagel, John Allen, James Jones, Broderick Johnson, Robert Cardillo, William Daley, Dan Pfeiffer, John Kerry, Jack Lew, Brennan, Clapper, Denis McDonaugh, Ernest Moniz,,..Austin Coolsbee (S&B) as economic advisor.

His speeches were written by jesuit Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett, used to push the gay agenda, relationship with Ronan Farrow, child of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow (mother of Antichrist in Rosemary's Baby).

He played a role in catching-bad- guy- Osama farce and the war in Syria (Sirius) during the Isis ritual. He announced the death of his nemesis Osama on 5/2, 3 days after wedding of Antichrist William and Catherine.

He was used in a media psyop Pizzagate with photoshopped images, to introduce the term 'fake news' and increase internet censorship.

He was replaced by jesuit trained Donald Trump, a puppet of the Right Wing Church.


Astrological chart

8/4/1961, date of Meghan Markle, year of inauguration JFK and birth Diana Spencer. Leo, moon in Gemini, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tropic of Cancer (Queen of Hearts) on 216th day, 216 nr of gevurah mars (6x6x6), Rosemary's Baby on 6/12, William on 6/21. 61 =Nothinng zero O). 5 days before Laurence Fishburne.

Asc: Aquarius (the Star: hope, guiding light), mc: Scorpio (death). Dom: Leo (Lust, joke at White House about being the Lion King), Aquarius, Gemini - Sun (Christ, Horus, like MLK), Moon, Uranus.

Houses 6, 7, 4. 1: Aquarius, Pisces, 4: Moon in Gemini (like William and Catherine), 5: Venus in Cancer, 7: Pluto, Mars in Virgo. 8: Libra, 9: Neptune in Scorpio, 12: Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius.

Predictive programming

Goldie Wilson in BTTF, Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, Chris Rock in Head of State,..