Babylon or Babylonian Empire was a civilization with Babylon (33d parallel) as capital, a continuation of the Draco-Orion Empire with intent to conquer the female energy of earth, in the country now known as Iraq.

The Babylonian sorcery with money became the foundation of the global financial system.

History of Babylon

1894 bc first Babylonian dynasty. The Babylonians worship the Anunnaki gods of Sumeria. Sumerian fertility goddess Inanna becomes Ishtar (Venus, Egyptian Isis). The sun was worshiped as Shamash, Mars as Nergal, Mercury as Nabu.

1890 bc Sumerian king list. The Babylonians used the 12 months Nissan (Akitu festival), Iyar, Sivan, Tammuz, Av, Elul, Tishri, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shevat, Adar.

1800 bc Queen of Night relief with lions and owls. The Babylonians practice sex rites, which represent the Sacred Marriage of male and female.

1793 bc Hammurabi invents a code of law. Cities Ur, Sippar, Nippur and Eridu. Influence of the Nesalim (Hittite Empire).

Babylon (biggest city in the world at the time) is conquered by the Assyrians, Kassites and Elamites.

1359 Burna Buriash II corresponds with Egyptian pharao Akhenaten about a possible marriage with his daughter.

1100 bc king Melishipak (crescent moon and star symbol). Marduk eclipses the cult of Enlil, becomes the main deity of death worship in Babylon (temple Esaglia).

970 bc legends of King Solomon.

855 bc Marduk-zakir-shumi I.

722 bc Sargon II as king of Assyrian Empire.

689 bc Sargon II's son Sennacherib destroys Babylon.

681 bc reign of Esarhaddon.

626 bc Chaldean dynasty on the bank of the Euphrates. Rise of astrology.

609 bc Neo-Babylonian Empire.

605 bc Nebuchadnezzar II defeats the Egyptian army of Necho II.

Ziggurats are built as place of sacrifice for gods (Bab-El, Gate of God).

587 bc Nebuchadnezzar destroys the Temple of Solomon, takes jews as prisoners to Babylon. They develop the Kabbalah (simultaneously the Chaldean Magi mix Babylonian magic with heretic teachings of Zoroastrianism). Divination by means of astrology becomes a prestigious profession for jews.

575 bc Nebuchadnezzar builds the Ishtar Gate.

539 bc Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon, allows the jews to return to Israel.

500 bc Cyrus the Great founds the Persian Empire.

331 bc Alexander the Great conquers Babylon.

Sumerian mythology was copied by the jews, captive in Babylon, to write the Bible about the origin of a sacred bloodline. Enlil became the angry, jeoulous god YHVH.

The Babylonian Apkallu fish priests become the priests of Christianity in the Catholic Church.

Around the year 300 the texts of the Talmud were collected.

The Babylonian bloodlines conquered Britain (winged lioness on tapestry of Bayeux, Inanna with lion=>goddess Britannia).

In the Book of Revelation the Whore of Babylon rides a Beast with 7 heads (Rome built on 7 hills). It describes how the Great City (Babylon) was divided into 3 parts (Vatican, City of London and Washington DC).

In Aleister Crowley's Thelema the Whore of Babylon is worshipped as Babalon.


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