Babalon is a goddess (the God matrix) worshiped by the Saturn cult in Aleister Crowley's religion Thelema, that represents the Whore of Babylon of the Book of Revelation. On the Lust card she is depicted as riding the seven headed Beast (symbol of Rome/Roman Empire, built on seven hills) with a Cup of fornication (Holy Grail or Chalice symbol). Her consort is the Beast 666 or Chaos (worshiped in chaos magic). Its emblem is the 7 pointed star and Vesica Pisces (also in emblem of the OTO). In movies the Lady in Red represents Babalon.

The Egyptians built obelisks as the phallus of Osiris. The Babylonians practiced sacred prostitution.

The dome of St Peter's in Rome (the Catholic Church) represents the Cup of the Whore of Babylon. William Blake made a drawing of the Whore of Babylon.

Aleister Crowley wrote the Book of the Law (Liber AL) in 1904 (Babalon contains Al=El, Saturn).  He was trained to play the role of new John Dee who used a heptagon (seven pointed star) as the Seal of God in his Enochian divination-cryptography system.

In magic rituals Thelemites evoke Babalon (female, active) in the west, Hadit (male, active) in the south, Nuit (female, passive) in the north and Therion (the Beast, male, passive) in the east.

Babalon has 3 aspects: the Great Mother (Binah), the Gateway to the City of pyramids (Da'ath) and the Scarlet Woman. In sex magic, the mixture of female sexual fluids and semen produced in the sexual act with the Scarlet Woman or Babalon is called the Elixir of Life (the mixture of menstrual blood and semen is called the Elixir Rubeus).

The Scarlett Woman (in movies the Lady in Red) offers her blood and demands blood sacrifice and death of the ego-identity (drugs like LSD) to become one with the All (Al).

Crowley saw his sex partners Rose Edith Kelly, Jeanne Robert Foster, Mary Sturges, Hanni Larissa Jaeger, Maria Teresa Ferrari de Miramar, Anna Catherine Miller, Pearl Brooksmith, Roddie Minor, Lea Hirsig, Bertha Busch (Babylonian bloodline), Dorothy Olsen as Scarlett Woman. Babalon is mentioned in the Gnostic Mass and the Book of Lies.

Babalon is depicted on the Lust card and as the Scarlett Woman on the Hierophant card.

In kabbalism Venus is associated with 7th sphere Netzach (Glory, emotions). Venus like Lucifer, was seen as contender of the sun, it is never more than 45 degrees away from the sun. Venus is the Lightbringer Lucifer the Morning Star. Venus rules love, feminine beauty and money and has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus. In Egypt Isis, in Babylon Ishtar, in Greece goddess Aphrodite, in Rome Venus.

Babalon is seen as a doorway or dimensional portal (the Empress Hebrew letter Daleth: door, vulva symbolism in 2001 ASO, etc). Initiates pour their essence in the Cup of Babalon to cross the Abyss, to enter the sphere of Binah (ruled by Saturn) and be reborn as Babes or Nemo.

Crowley experimented with Enochian sex magic and wrote The Vision and the Voice. Fritz Lang made Metropolis, announcing the Whore of Babylon.

In 1946 Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard performed the Babalon Working in the Mojave desert to summon the goddess Babalon as counterforce for Horus, god of war, after which Parsons met red haired Marjorie Cameron.

Cameron played in Curtis Harrington's The Wormwood Star and  Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome and died 6/24, day of John the Baptist, decapitated by Salomé.

Hilary Clinton was born in 1947, named after Cameron (Hilarion) and Jeanne Robert Foster and played the role of consort of the Beast (Donald Trump) in the 2016 election ritual.

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena (home of Parsons' OTO) represents the Cup of Babalon.

Female celebrities of the Hollywood film industry, porn industry and music industry are mind controlled with kitten programming to embody Babalon in the Endtimes.

The CIA controlled hippie counterculture of 'love, peace and understanding' Laurel Canyon (close to San Fernando 'Porn' Valley= Cup of Babalon) was a social engineering program to summon Babalon to quicken the coming of the Antichrist (William in 1982). The fake sexual revolution and the Feminist Church is worship of Babalon as the Liberated Woman.

Diana, divorcing from Charles, represented Babalon. Diana and Charles married at St Paul's cathedral (dome as Cup of Babalon). Catherine Middleton represents Diana reborn.

Scarlett Johansson represents the Scarlett Woman. Barack Obama is a reference to the Mother of Abominations.

Finding Nemo of Disney contained crossing the Abyss symbolism.

The red haired woman (Jessica Gawi in the Joker shooting, Emma Stone in Gangster Squad, Lily Cole in The Imaginarium) represents Babalon during the 2012 James Holmes Phoenix ritual.

Catherine's child Charlotte represents the Harlot.

The black hole in Interstellar (Nathan Crowley, Kip Thorne of Caltech like Parsons) represents the Womb of Babalon.

Jack Parsons