BP oil spill

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (BP oil spill)  was a media ritual at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on the 88th western parallel near Louisiana of spilling (creating a spell) oil to create a dimensional portal (the Abyss of Revelation 911), on 4/20/2010. 4/20 is the birthday of Antichrist Adolf Hitler, 42 nr of window to spirit world, rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland.

BP was founded by William Knox D'Arcy (name Antichrist William). Oil is hydrocarbon (element carbon=666).

The Deepwater Horizon of Swiss company Transocean (Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron) sunk on 4/22/2010 like the Titanic on 4/15/1912 (cleanup of the oil was completed on 4/15/2014).

2010 was the year Steve Jobs of Apple presented the I-pad (black monolith of 2001 ASO), Keystone Pipeline media ritual and Disney movie Alice in Wonderland with Johnny De(e)pp and Crispin Glover (born 4/20).

The oil reached the coast of Alabama (Alma) and Pensacola Beach. Pensacola Beach was the location where Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash in 1967 (year of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band of The Beatles, 30 years before car crash Diana), which according to legend decapitated her (John the Baptist symbolism, the oil well was capped).

The Macando Prospect was named after 100 Years of Solitude of jesuit Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize).  Oil dispersant Corexit was sprayed, developed by Standard Oil (problem-reaction-solution trick), to increase the toxicity of the oil. The drilling represented sexual union between Baal and Joudy-Jodi (Beast and Babalon).

Staged protests used the 8 pointed star of the Union Jack, used 2 years later in the James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual.

The dark clouds of smoke and fire= the Shekhina, biblical prophecies of the Book of Revelation. The Smithsonian, Stanford University, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, biblical ark of Noah and flood symbolism) was in charge of 'protecting' the marine life.

It was announced in Blackbird of The Beatles (British Invasion, White Album with Revolution 9), James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever, Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound Alaska 1987, Robert Zemeckis' Contact (1997, year Diana died in the Alma tunnel in Paris and James Cameron's Titanic) and 2010 The Year We Make Contact, Kick Ass,...

4/20 was also the date of the start of Project Bluebird in 1955, 55 years earlier, of the  Columbine High School shooting ritual in 1999 with Marilyn Manson (=Marilyn Monroe-Charles Manson) and birth Carmen Electra (Playboy slave like Jayne Mansfield born 4/19, died in a Buick Electra).

Anglo-Persian Oil Company British Petroleum bought Standard Oil of John D Rockefeller and ARCO (earth is an ark).

media ritual with media actors:

- Barack Obama (son of Stanley Dunham) cup of Babalon= cup of Abominations. attempt to poisoning the deep water energy of earth)

- Thad Allen (Liber Al) US Coast Guard, trained at MIT Sloan School of Management (S&B family).

- Kenneth Feinberg Chief of Staff to Ted Kennedy (theories about Deepstate) and 911 Victim Compensation Fund.

- Bob Dudley of BP, educated at Southern Methodist University like Jayne Mansfield, Phi Kappa Psi like Roy Scheider (2010 the Year We Make Contact), Herbert Dow (Dow Chemical Company), Woodrow Wilson, Michael Bloomberg, William Donovan (CIA) and Frank Morgan.

- US Environmental Protection Agency with Lisa Jackson (name of daughter Steve Jobs, scholarship of Shell, Delta Sigma Theta like Contact-actress Angela Bessett, Gloria Foster, Ruby Dee, Cicely Tyson, Miss America Ericka Dunlap) who later worked for the Clinton Foundation and Apple.

- William K Reilly (CFR, WWF)

- Governor of Mississipi Haley Barbour (CFR, Reagan administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon like William McKinley, Elliott Ness, William Faulkner, Lloyd Bridges, Sam Elliott, Terry Gilliam, Nick Lachey married to Jessica Simpson).

- Pete Seeger (worked with Harry Hay of the OTO and Jerome Wiesner of MIT Media Lab) wrote a song about the spill.

- Dick Cheney (vice-president of S&B member George W Bush) CEO of contractor Haliburton (HAL in 2001 ASO, daughter part of gay-lesbian agenda, Cheney was played Christian Bale).

During the Katrina ritual in 2006 the  Mercedes Benz Superdome represented the womb of Catherine giving birth to George (Diana died in a Mercedes Benz).

BP oil spill in pop culture

2009 Knowing (Knowledge Daath) Time Square on 42nd street

2010 Black Swan (black bird, Cygnus near star Vega)

2010 Inception (sinking in deep sleep) Leonardo di Caprio on ship evoking scene of Titanic, Pete William Postlethwaite. di Caprio played in Blood Diamond (BD=24, plot of Diamonds Are Forever).

2010 South Park episode spill as dimensional portal for Ctulhu (Ancient Gods of HP Lovecraft, used in OTO rituals)

2012 4/29 William and Catherine wedding on date of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

The Big Fix with Omar Mateen, the main actor in the fake Orlando shooting in Florida, produced by Tim Robbins and Peter Fonda. It was edited by Tina Imahara, editor of Thrive of Foster Gamble (=Jodie Foster) and Harmony (in collaboration with foundation of prince Charles). The Big Fix is also a movie with Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws) and John Lithgow (Interstellar).

2015 The Runner Nicholas Cage Peter Fonda distributed by Alchemy (water poisoning as alchemy).

2016 Deepwater Horizon Mark Wahlberg as Mike Williams Kate Hudson (William and Kate, born 4/19 like Jayne Mansfield) Kurt Russell John Malkovich jesuit Gina Rodriguez Ethan Supplee (Scientology, fan of Hitler in American History X) Peter Berg produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers franchise of Hasbro with Mark Wahlberg) for Lionsgate.

controlled opposition Sara Adams Bases Project of Miles Johnston.

2018 William and Catherine's child Louis (Merovingian Clovis) born on 4/23.