Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that contains DMT, used in shamanistic rituals to access 4D (after a purging process with vomiting) and communicate with the female plant intelligence of Mother Earth. As a continuation of the counterculture of the 60's, it was spread as a trend to move from Christianty to the New Age religion (revival of Paganism, Neo-shamanism).

It was popularised by Michael Harner (neoshamanism, The New School, friend of satanists Kenneth Anger and Anton LaVey), Joe Rogan, Paul Teroux (related to Justin Theroux and Louis Theroux), Graham Hancock (Magician of the Gods, Fingerprints of the Gods), Wade Davis (The Serpent and the Rainbow about Haitian Voodoo), Daniel Pinchbeck (Reality Sandwich) and Foster Gamble (Thrive).

In Brazil the plant is used in the Santo Daime religion.

Graham Hancock

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