Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne  is a Canadian mind controlled sex slave (Alice in Wonderland programming), used in the music industry (cultural marxist program Punk Rock), the media and the Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of Venus. She married Deryck Wibley (Sum 41, also used in program Punk Rock, dated Paris Hilton) and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback, program Rock). Her images contain S&B, masonic checkerboard, pentagrams, signs of AIW and Wizard of Oz programming, kitten programming and doll programming.

Her music was produced by Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction, Alanis Morisette), married to the stepdaughter of Haim Saban, business partner of Ynon Kreiz (EndeMol, Mattel and Warner Music Group). 

Astrological chart

born 9/27/1984, date Gwyneth Paltrow, Lil Wayne, month of birth Harry Mountbatten.

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Libra, Sagittarius - Venus, Pluto, Neptune.

Houses 1, 12, 3. 1: Pluto and Venus in Scorpio, 12: Sun in Libra, Mercury in Virgo, 3: Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn.

Discography and filmography

2002 Let Go Arista Records Sk8ter Boy (pentagram)
2002 Sabrina the Teenage Witch ABC
2004 Under My Skin RCA Chantal Kreviazuk
2004 Going the Distance Jason Priestly
2006 Over the Hedge Steve Carell Bruce Willis William Shatner Eugene Levy Dreamworks
2006 Fast Food Nation as Alice Richard Linklater Patricia Arquette Ethan Hawke Kris Kristofferson
2007 The Best Damn Thing
2007 The Flock Richard Gere Claire Danes Ray Wise
2010 American Idol Fox  Simon Cowell Paula Abdul Steven Tyler Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez Nicki Minaj Katy Perry Ellen DeGeneres will.i.am
2011 Majors and Minors Brandy Norwood The Hub
2011 Goodbye Lullabye (mirror symbolism) Max Martin
2013 Avril Lavigne Epic (Sony) Hello Kitty (one eye, kitten programming)
2018 Charming (Snow White programming) Sia Ashley Tisdale John Cleese Demi Lovato Netflix
2019 Head Above Water (mirror symbolism) I Fell in Love with the Devil
2022 Love Sux Elektra Travis Barker Bite Me (masonic floor, Alice in Wonderland programming)
2022 Good Mourning Machine Gun Kelly Becky G Dove Cameron Megan Fox Amber Rose Danny Trejo YG Snoop Dogg

the Music Industry

Punk Rock