Averell Harriman

William Averell Harriman was a Skull and Bones member and political puppet of the Right Wing Church. He was the son of Edward Harriman (Union Pacific Railroad empire that profited from the American Civil War) and Mary Williamson (banking family). He was the Secretary of Commerce under Harry Truman, Governor of NY and US ambassador to the Soviet Union and Britain. He married Kitty Lawrence, Marie Norton Whitney and Pamela Churchill Hayward, who was married to Randolph Churchill (son of Winston Churchill) and Leland Hayward.

His father was a client of Andrew Carnegie's lawyer Elihu Root.

Averell Harriman was a member of the Wise Men club of Dean Acheson (Scroll and Key, World Bank), Dean Lovett (S&B), Chip Bohlen, and John McCloy (chairman of the CFR, World Bank, Ford Foundation, deputy of Secretary of War Henry Stimson S&B).

He was also a member of the Georgetown Set that later became the CIA: David Bruce, Ben Bradlee, Stewart and Joseph Alsop, George Kennan (Office of Policy Coordination), Phil Graham (married to Katherine Graham of Washington Post, daughter of Eugene Meyer of World Bank), Chip Bohlen, Frank Wisner, Paul Nitze, Allen Dulles, Cord Meyer.

His brother Edward Noel Harriman was also a member of S&B, classmate of S&B member Prescott Bush. They worked with George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman Bank. Edward Harriman married Glady Fries, executive at the Red Cross. Through Fritz Thyssen, Harriman bank and S&B financed the nazi party of Adolf Hitler.

He was chairman of the Business Council and member of the Pilgrim Society with Allen Dulles and Jaob Schiff.

His speechwriter was Daniel Patrick Moynihan (LSE, CFR, mentored by Arthur Goldberg of OSS, JFK administration).

His 2nd wife Marie Norton was the ex-wife of Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney of Guaranty Trust Company of NY, who financed Hollywood movies Gone With the Wind, The Searchers of John Ford (CIA) and The Young Land with Dennis Hopper. Marie Norton had an art gallery in Manhattan (Matisse, Gaugin, Van Gogh).

He raised Peter Duchin, who played the music at the famous Truman Capote Black and White ball in 1966. Duchin married Brooke Hayward, previously married to Dennis Hopper.

Pamela Harriman was related to the Dukes of Athol and Norfolk, Ovigly family (Cecil, Alexandra of Kent, Saxe-Coburg) and Sarah Ferguson. She worked for the Foreign Office, was used in Life magazine and had affairs with Aly Kahn (married to Rita Hayworth, ex-wife of Orson Welles), Gianni Agnelli (Fiat), John Payne Whitney, Elsie Rothschild, William Paley (CBS), Stavros Niarchos (rival of Aristotle Onassis). Leland Hayward was a Hollywood producer who attended Hotchkiss and handled Fred Astaire, James Stewart, Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburn, Henry Fonda.

Pamela Harriman married Averell at age 79 and served on the Rockefeller University Council.


born 11/15/1891 in NY.

died 7/26/1986.

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