Austria is a European country founded in 1156. It has a population of 9 million people. It was conquered by the Roman Empire and governed by the Habsburgs during the Holy Roman Empire. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city and capital is Vienna.

It is a member of the European Union and the United Nations.

History of Austria

28.000 bc statues like the Venus of Willendorf are made.

Aryan tribes like the Chatti are conquered by the Roman Empire. Charlemagne, king of the Franks, imposes the religion of Christianity.

The Habsburgs (Rudolf I, Albert V, related to Sigismund I of the Order of the Dragon) conquer Austria and rule it as part of the Holy Roman Empire.

1585 the University of Graz is founded, controlled by the Catholilc Church.

1618 Jesuit Wilhelm Lamormaini (University of Graz) plays a role in the Thirty Years' War.

1653 Leopold I Habsburg defeats the Ottomans at the Battle of Vienna. Marie Therese of Austria protects the jesuits.

1700s Josef Ernst Furstenberg fights in the Austrian succession war. Marie Therese Habsburg takes Silesia from Frederick II the Great.

1756 Seven Years' War, Marie Therese Habsburg defeats Frederick II at battle of Lobositz.

Wolfgang Mozart (born in Salzburg, father trained by jesuits) works for the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and has his own lodge in Vienna. His friend, Illuminati-member Joseph von Sonnenfels (University of Vienna) helps designed the enlightened despote image of the Austrian emperors.

1810 Jesuit Napoleon (Order of the Golden Fleece) fights Francis II Habsburg and Franz Orsini Rosenberg and later marries Marie Louise of Austria Habsburg.

1815 The map of Europe is redrawn at the Congress of Vienna with mason Arthur Wellington (Order of the Golden Fleece) and George III Stuart.

1848 Felix Schwarzenberg becomes minister-president of Austria.

1867 the Austria-Hungary monarchy is founded with Francis Joseph I as emperor.

1888 Friedrich Eckstein, Franz Hartmann and Rudolf Steiner study and romanticize legends of Aryan homelands Hyperborea and Atlantis and found the Theosophical Society of Vienna (in alliance with the British, who found the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). They popularize yoga and work with Guido von List, who use the swastika symbol. Georg von Schonerer and catholic mayor of Vienna Karl Lueger spread the doctrine of Pan-Germanism and antisemitism. Gustav Meyrink is a member of the TS and HOGD.

1895 Chemist Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss found the Ordo Templi Orientis.

With Josef Breur as his mentor at the University of Vienna, Sigmund Freud conducts research on catharsis therapy. Wilhelm Reich works at Freud's Vienna Ambulatorium, combines psychoanalysis with marxism. Nikola Tesla studies at the University of Graz. Josef Strauss popularizes the waltz in classical music in Vienna. Ludwig Boltzmann introduces the concept of probability in mathematics.

1897 Vienna Secession movement with Gustav Klimt.

1899 Karl Kraus Die Fackel magazine with Frank Wedekind, Oscar Wilde, Arnold Schönberg, August Strindberg, Oskar Kokoshka, Houston Stewart Chamberlain,..

1907 Leon Trotsky moves to Vienna. Adolph Joffe helps him edit Pravda and studies psycho-analysis with Alfred Adler.

1914 Franz Ferdinand is killed by the Black Hand (Skull and Bones symbol of the Schwarzenbergs) to start the WW1 and WW2 ritual.

1916 Charles I (married to Zita Bourbon-Parma) as Emperor of Austria. Wolfgang Pauli and Erwin Schrodinger are used in the Science Church to develop quantum mechanics.

Theodor Reuss moves to Basel, where he founds an OTO lodge at Monte Verità, an utopian community near Ascona with Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, Annie Besant, Jidda Krishnamurti, Rudolf Steiner of Theosophical Society, Frederick van Eeden, Peter Kropotkin, Raphael Salomonson, Dada artist Hugo Ball, Isadora Duncan, Freudian Otto Gross, Paul Klee, Rudolf Laban,.. Monte Verità is also used as a destination for the Wandervogel youth groups of Germany (Hans Blüher, Greek pedophilia religion).

1918 Hungary declares its dependency from Austria. Richard Kalergi helps planning the European Empire with Otto von Habsburg.

Arthur Schnitzler writes Traumnovelle, later used by Stanley Kubrick as inspiration for Eyes Wide Shut. Oskar Kokoschka, student of Gustav Klimt, influences Viennese expressionism (Egon Schiele) and makes anti-German propaganda for MI6.

1925 Karl Anton Rohan founds the Kulturbund and publishes Europäische Revue with Hans Blüher (Wandervogel), Thomas Mann, Winston Churchill, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung and Julius Evola (aimed at European unification, sponsored by Lily Schnitzler and IG Farben).

1927 Fritz Lang directs Metropolis (announcing the Endtimes with Antichrist, Whore of Babylon,..).

1930 Zionist Martin Buber teaches at the Frankfurt School.

1933 Adolf Hitler as Antichrist figure.

1938 Ernst Starhemberg (Order of the Golden Fleece), jesuit Otto Ender and jesuit Kurt von Schuschnigg are replaced by Adolf Hitler, who annexes Austria (the Annschluss). Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud move to the UK.

Hitler confiscates the money of the Viennese Rothschild bank and transfers the money to the Finck family (Merck, Wertheim-Rosenberg). Ernst Kaltenbrunner (Blood Order with Ernst Röhm) plays a role in the Holocaust ritual.

1939 Herbert Berghof, who studied acting with Max Reinhardt, moves to NY to work with the Actors Studio.

1950 Occultist and SS member Wilhelm Landig forms the Landig Group (theories about nazi's and UFO's, Antarctica and Atlantis), influenced by Julius Evola and Herman Wirth (Ahnenerbe).

Arnold Schwarzenegger (son of nazi Gustaf Schwarzenegger), Erich von Stroheim, Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, Christoph Waltz and Michael Haneke are used in the Hollywood film industry.

1960's Rudi Gernreich is used to promote the Swinging London scene (Peggy Moffit) and to push the gay agenda of the Mattachine Society of Harry Hay (OTO). Simon Wiesenthal plays the role of 'nazi hunter'.

1970s Pedophile Otto Muehl and satanist Josef Dvorak (follower of Aleister Crowley) play a role in the art scene (Viennese Actionism).

During the inflation of the 70's economists of the Austrian School like Friedrich Hayek (teacher of JK Galbraith and David Rockefeller at LSE of Fabian Society) reject the Keynesian model of interference.

1984 Dietrich Mateschitz founds Red Bull GmbH.

2000s Right Wing actor Jorg Haider (son of member of the Sturmabteilung) is used as controlled opposition against the multiculti agenda (mediaritual with jesuit Jacques Chirac).

2012 Conchita Wurst is used to push the transgender agenda at the Eurovision Song Contest (song Like a Phoenix= James Holmes Phoenix ritual).


Karl Seitz, Michael Hainish, Wilhelm Miklas, Arthur Seyss-Inquart (SS nazi, executed after the Nuremberg trial), Karl Renner, Leopold Figl, Theodor Körner, Julius Raab, Adolf Schärf, Josef Klaus, Franz Jonas, Bruno Kreisky, Rudolf Kirschläger, Kurt Waldheim (Sturmabteilung of the nazi's), Andreas Kohl, Barbara Prammer, Heinz Fischer, Karlheinz Kopf, Norbert Hofer, Alexander Van der Bellen (Green Party).


Karl Renner, Michael Mahr, Johannes Schober (Interpol), Ingaz Seipel (Roman Catholic priest), Engelbert Dollfuss, jesuit Otto Ender, Leopold Figl (papal Order of Pius IX), Franz Vranitzky, Viktor Klima, Wolfgang Schüssel (ECFR), Hartwig Löger (World Bank), Brigitte Bierlein (friend of Jörg Haider), Sebastian Kurz (worked for Peter Thiel), Alexander Schallenberg, Karl Nehammer.

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