Australia is a country founded in 1901. It has a population of 26 million people. It was conquered by the British Empire. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its capital is Canberra. Its most populous city is Sydney (on the 33d parallel) . It is a member of the United Nations. It is nicknamed Oz (Osiris, Wizard of Oz).

History of Australia

50.000 bc Australia is inhabited by Aboriginals.

1606 Australia is explored by Dutch colonists.

1700 Australia colonised by the British Empire.

1770 explorer James Cook.

1789 outbreak of smallpox decimates the indigenous population.

1801 explorer Matthew Flinders (grandfather of Egyptologist William Flinders Petrie).

1804 Castle Hill rebellion.

1851 Gold rush.

1878 the jesuits found Xavier College.

1901 Opening of parliament.

1908 Vyvyan Deacon establishes an Australian chapter of the OTO.

1919 Billy Hughes represents Australia at the Paris Peace Conference.

1921 Katharina Prichard (Aleister Crowley's A.A.) founds the Australian Communist Party.

1933 Frank Packer starts working for The Daily Telegraph.

1939 WW2, Australia fights Japan in New Guinea.

1954 Harry Bailey supervises the electroshock experiments of Ewen Cameron in Canada, William Sargant in UK and Lars Leksell in Sweden as WHO representative.

1956 launching of Seven Network.

1958 migration plan of Fairsea ship (Bee Gees, parents of Kylie Minogue).

1962 Harry Bailey experiments on patients like Stevie Wright, with deep sleep and coma at Chelmsford Private Hospital. Stevie Wright played in The Easybeats with George Young, producer of AC/DC with lightning symbol=electroshock symbolism) and Dick Diamonde (Jehova's Witness), signed by EMI.

1970 CIA and NSA build surveillance base Pine Gap.

1972 The Packer family sells The Daily Telegraph to Rupert Murdoch.

1973 the Multiculturalist doctrine is introduced.

1975 Jim Sharman (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, produced by Lou Adler) and Barry Humphries (married to the daughter of MI6 agent Stephen Spender) are used to push the transgender agenda. debut album of AC/DC.

1979 Mad Max George Miller Mel Gibson.

1980 Harry Bailey media scandal.

1985 soap Neighbors on Seven Network (Kylie Minogue, Jason Donavan,..). Elle Macpherson is used in the fashion industry.

1991 opening of Warner Bros Movie World (sex slave Sophie Monk, used by PETA) with Clint Eastwood, Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson.

Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving, Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington, Isla Fisher (partner of Sacha Baron Cohen), Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush, Baz Luhrman and Margot Robbie are used in the Hollywood film industry. AC/DC (lightning symbol), Nick Cave, The Veronica's (black white programming), Michael Hutchence and Kylie Minogue are used in the music industry. Alexander Downer of the Liberal Party woks for International Crisis Group.

1994 Priscilla Queen of the Desert (gay-transgender agenda) Stephan Elliott Guy Pearce Hugo Weaving Terence Stamp

1999 The Matrix Hugo Weaving, filmed in Sydney.

2001 Big Brother Australia (announcement of Orwellian sciety) Sonia Kruger Vanessa Wagner (gay-transgender agenda). Julian McMahon (son of William McMahon) married Danni Minogue and played in Charmed about witchcraft with Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano.

2006 Rhonda Byrne's The Secret (The Secret Doctrine of Helena Blavatsky) is promoted by Oprah Winfrey (the New Age Church).

2008 disinfo of Fiona Barnett about MK Ultra.

2014 sex slave Iggy Azalea is used in program Hip Hop.

2016 Australia's Next Top Model Elle Macpherson Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe) Miranda Kerr Sarah Murdoch (married to son of Rupert Murdoch) Fox8

2020 the fascist Covid19-ritual. Mark Latham of the Labour Party and Lauren Southern of SkyNews work for Rebel News.

2021 Big Brother VIP on Seven Network with Caitlyn Jenner (transgender agenda) and Thomas Markle Jr (brother of Meghan Markle).

Bushfires media ritual with Chris Hemsworth.

Prime ministers

Edmund Barton, Alfred Deakin, Andrew Fisher, Billy Hughes, Stanley Bruce, Joseph Lyons, Robert Menzies, Ben Chifley, William McMahon, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard (jesuit Tim Fisher), Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd (Berggruen Institute, Chatham House, Atlantic Council, CSIS), Tony Abbott (jesuit), Malcolm Turnbull (Goldman Sachs, related to Angela Lansbury), Scott Morrison (Hillsong Church, jesuit Dan Tehan). Hawke, Abott and Turnbull were all Rhodes Scholars.

Propaganda outlets

- Seven Network: jesuit Peter Landy, X-Factor

- Nine Network: Packer family, jesuit Philip Brady, jesuit Mike Walsh

- Network 10

United Kingdom

United States