Atum was a primordial self-created God (the God matrix) and mythological figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology, mentioned in the Pyramid Texts and Book of the Dead, based on the Egyptian understanding of the atom and monoatomic gold mfktz. He was the father of Shu and Tefnut, the progenitors of male earth god Geb and female sky goddess Nut, and one of the 9 gods of the Ennead. As a solar (life force of the soul) deity he was equated with the light of Re (Ra). Like Set he was associated with the evening sun (tm: to finish, word tomb, falling sun in autumn), while Khepri represented the morning and midday sun. Geb and Net gave birth to Osiris and Isis (Orion and Sirius), Set and Nephthys. He gave birth to himself out of the Watery Abyss (in Sumeria Anu, Enki's Abzu). Sometimes he was represented as a snake (=electromagnetic or light wave, DNA, myths of interdimensional shapeshifting reptilians) or fighting the chaos serpent Apep.

He was worshiped in Heliopolis (city of the sun) in the form of a phallic obelisk.

Atum= Aum-Ohm vibration (Holy Breath) in Hinduism, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. Earth's atmosphere= sphere of Atum.

The 3 pyramids of Gizeh are a mirror image of the three stars of the belt of Orion. The pyramid shafts were aligned with Orion and Sirius as they served as a stargate, sexual union of the male and female. The yearly death-rebirth cycle of the sun, was synchronized with the death-rebirth cycle of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Sirius and Orion and the inundation cycle of the Nile, representing the river of life, the Milkyway.

Akhenaten replaced Amun and Atum with the sun disk Aten, which became Adonai in the priesthood of Judaism. The horned bull became the Phoenician and Hebrew letter aleph.

The captive jews copied Sumerian mythology about Adamu, wrote the Bible with Adam  as first man -Yod and HVH, higher and lower realm Adam and Eve (ning).

The throat chakra (Atum-Adam's apple, Adem=breath) corresponds with Da'ath. Adam and Eve created Cain and Abel (Bael), the child of Lucifer and Seth (setting sun), progenitor of Noah (nun: fish).

Like the Djedd pillar, the god Ptah represents the spine column with Kundalini serpent that can activate the pineal gland.

The phallic worship (sacred pole of Draco) continued in cults of Baal, Hermes, Dionysus, Mutus Libertinus, Lingam of Shiva in Hinduism,..

The Sliabh an Irain the Tuatha de Danaan landed on, the iron mountain became the primordial mount of the bennu bird, the Ben Ben Stone, the top of a pyramid (one eye pyramid symbolism of the Draco-Orion Empire)=the Ziggurat in Babylon, the Big Ben clock tower in London. The dam (masculine energy) stopping female water =Amsterdam-A'dam.

Nu(it) is a goddess (daughter of Chaos) worshiped in Thelema.

Khepri (khpr) and Revelation 911 symbolism was used in the Volkswagen Beetle (promoted by Adolf Hitler), and music and artwork of The Beatles. Oscar Ichizo and Claudio Naranjo (associated with CIA front Esalen, influenced by George Gurdjieff) developed the Enneagram (=Ennead) of personality.

Nikola Tesla's vortex math (3, 6, 9) became a viral internet topic. There is a hexagon vortex on the northpole of Saturn. The single digit code tells wether a number is dividable by 9 or not. The features of the number 9 are a consequence of decimal number system.

The Manhattan Project was a project to split the atom and to make an atom bomb to drop it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (blood of the snake, 33d parallel).

CERN tries to open the Abyss of Revelation 911.


God matrix