The atom is the microcosm of the torus, the One. Chemistry is the study of the chemical elements, the structure and properties of matter, that originated in alchemy which studied substances in conjunction with the study of astrology (worship of planetary energies of the God matrix, Al/El=Saturn). Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons (positive, neutral and negative electric charge=masculine, androgynous and female). Negatively charged electrons circle the atomic nucleus like planets around the sun in the solar system.  

In Egypt tm meant to finish=>word tomb. Atom=Ohm vibration in Hinduism, Egyptian primordial self created god  Atum, first man Adam in Genesis, Akhenaten's god Aten.

Most matter has atoms structured in a dualistic, chaotic way. In crystals (derived from greek word for icy cold, frost) atoms are arranged in an orderly structure (cubic symmetry like ice=rings of Saturn). The higher the vibration of an atom the closer it gets to becoming pure light.

Heat energy (red) converts matter from solid into liquid and gaseous form by making the structure of the atoms less dense while cold (blue) can convert matter into the opposite direction.

In superconductive materials the atoms are structured in order (become one like the sun) so it can switch between dimensions trough light waves. Atoms with an electrical charge are called ions. Positively charged ions (cations) are attracted to cathodes, negatively charged anions to anodes. Atoms with overflow of electrons become negatively charged anions (less life force).

Atmosphere= the sphere of atom-Atum. The ionosphere is ionized by solar radiation and forms the edge of the magnetosphere. Magnetism forms a protective net. Atoms can connect to each other through chemical bonds (covalent, metallic, ion) to form molecules and crystals.

History of atomic science

Crystal grids were used in Atlantis to transmit thoughts (Plato's Timaeus).

Amber was traded for its electrical properties on the Amber Road from the north to the south. The ancients used mineral crystals as gemstones (emerald, sapphire, amethyst, ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Turquoize,..).

The art of creating monoatomic gold was passed on in Khem (the Black Land) through alchemy (early chemistry). The Egyptians worshiped primordial god Atum who created himself out of the Watery Abyss.

1417 Poggio Bracciolini (in contact with the Medici's) 'rediscovers' the work De Rerum Natura of Lucretius (Epicurianism). Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz saw collision as the exchange of life force.

Dimitri Mendeleev developed the Periodic Table of Elements, categorizing the chemical elements based on atomic structure.

Ludwig Boltzmann's theory of molecules in atoms and improbability met opposition of Ernst Mach.

In 1897 the electron was identified (start of electrical engineering, Guglielco Marconi), named after amber.

The development of electronics caused the 4th wave of industrial revolution. The lower waves of the electromagnetic spectrum were used to create radio technology, microwave technology, infrared and X-ray technology. Richard Feynman and Enrico Fermi played a role in the development of quantum electrodynamics.

In 1904 president of the Royal Society JJ Thomson invented a model after the discovery of the electron at Cavendish Laboratory.

In 1913 Niels Bohr and Ernest Rutherford introduced the Bohr model of the atom. Otto Hahn discovered nuclear fission. Bohr published on nuclear fission with John Archibald Wheeler.

In 1933 Otto Frisch (assistant of Otto Stern) was transferred to London to start working with Rudolf Peierls (student of Heisenberg) on the atom bomb.

Electronic devices  manipulate electrons through electronic, integrated circuits (chips of silicon) and transistors.

X-ray experiments allowed scientists to determine the charge of atomic nuclei.

The WW1 and WW2 ritual ended in a mass sacrifice ritual in Japan (the east, Horus vs Set) with atom bombs on august 6 and 9 (Revelation 911), produced in the Manhattan Project (33d degree mason Harry Truman, John Wheeler, Vannevar Bush, John von Neumann, Robert Oppenheimer) as seed in the Cup of Babalon and 'unification' of the European Empire with particle colliders as CERN.

In 1964 Murray Gell-Man introduced the quark model.

1969 the 911 Sharon Tate ritual on august 9.

2000s Quantum computers like DWave.

Quantum mechanics

Niels Bohr