Astrology (introduction)

Astrology is not a science, but a metaphorical map of the self, that contains archetypes of the subconscious. The study of astrology is necessary to understand the logic behind the script of modern entertainment-news of the media industry and Hollywood film industry. Movies with movie stars represent the movements in the stars. The universe, the solar system and its planets, trees and human mind and body are all one and the same organism and are studied as such. The 12 zodiac signs to mark the cycle of the sun are linked to human body. The Tree of life in kabbalism (Saturn worship) is divided into 10 spheres or sepiroth, the planets stand for different planes of existence.

1 Neptune (Kether=Metatron=Enoch, the Gnostic Pleroma or fullness, the Ain soph, eye of sophia) has an orbit of 164 years, spends 14 years in each sign. While Uranus transforms through disruption, and Pluto through destruction, Neptune transforms through confusion. Neptune is the Roman version of the greek Poseidon, god of the sea with trident, a titan and the brother of Jupiter and Pluto. When Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune defeated their father Saturn they divided the world into three parts. Jupiter took the sky, Neptune the sea, and Pluto the underworld. Neptune’s reputation for having a violent temper was believed to be the cause of earthquakes, and violent storms. Neptune rules Pisces= (=Knight or king of Cups=the fisher king), and exalts in Cancer.
Lord of the Invisible Empire. Neptune is connected to the symbol of the trident , three-pronged fish spear: the cross of matter piercing the crescent of personality and setting it free to manifest at a higher level than personal ego. The cross represents life on Earth and the opposition of the separated will to its evolutionary destiny.

Associations: water, drinking, sea, oceans, dreams, spirituality, illusions, imagination, idealism, addiction, guilt, greed, escapism, horses (in legends Atlantis was said to be the first place where horses were domesticated), alcohol, art, confusion, cynicism, deception, deep, disguise, disillusionment, dissolving, fluid boundaries, drugs, escapism, fraud, ideas, imagination, instability, music, mystery, mysticism, poisoning, smoke-screen, screens, socialism, softness, transcendence, inner exploration, veil, yearnings, reform, ideals, trends, sacrifice, dodging and weaving, escaping from traps and being hard to catch, humanitarian efforts, stage illusion, film, theatre, movie director, bartender, otherworldliness (alien), inclusiveness.

2 Uranus (Chokma) assocated with sign of Aquarius, (groups and masses) exalts in Scorpio. It is tilted on its side- Anu, Ouranus, associated with electricity and lightning bolts, cyan electric blue. The planet of rebellion, revolution, bohemian, utopian society, clairvoyance, high intuition, crisis in awareness. It has orbit of 84 years (7 years in each sign), novel 1984, 1984 year of Macintosh computer and birth Mark Zuckerberg. It is the higher octave of mercury and has slow, generational effect. Uranus rules earthquakes, strong winds, rules Aquarius so also age of Aquarius. It brings freedom, shock, liberation as the Great Awakener.

Associations: androgynous, unpredictable, maverick, new approach, individuality, genius, originality, unconventional ideas, inventions, everything related to computer technology, modern humanistic sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology, sympathetic nervous system, mental disorders, breakdowns and hysteria, spasms, and cramps, attraction, break-ups, chaos, disruption, physical action, divorce, eccentric, exciting, fanatical, freedom, major change, revolution, independence, new inventions, outrageous, quirky, rebellious, revolutionary, shocks, sudden, surprises, unconventional, unprecedented, unpredictable, unusual, changes, revolutions, anarchy, innovations, individualism, me first mentality, environmentalism,..
Usually attached to the Tower (sudden realisation, destruction), and also symbolizing the Fool (mercury, innocent spirit) and the Devil (anarchy of mind).

3 Saturn (binah) the Great Sea, the Great Mother but also father Time, greek god Kronos, chronological time, devouring the children he created (symbolism that led to children sacrifice). Saturn has its return at 29,5 years. Saturn brings a wake up call, sobering reality, time to choose a path. Saturn is the Egyptian god Set, god of chaos, who stole Eye of Horus and later Death, Old Father Time with a sickle to harvest. Saturn is the coldest planet with rings of ice.

Associations: llimitation, effort, time, agriculture, corn, archaeology, architecture, bones, cattle, civil service, death, murder, domination, fatigue, history, land, leather, minerals, monogamy, monotony, obstacles, old age, perseverance, Saturday, self control, twilight, underground, widows, yesterdays, traditions, stability, authority, order, mines, death,..

Pluto (hidden sphere Daath) has an orbit of 248 years, greek god Plouton, god of wealth (plutocracy, power of wealth), unconscious, sex, death and transformation. He was linked to Hades (Roman Dis), god of the dead and the underworld, who abducted Persehone (the Eleusinian Mysteries). Pluto rules Scorpio, exalts in Virgo. It represents the Jungian Shadow, dark side of personality (almost always sexual component, dream manipulation goddesses like Lilith), known through projection, autonomous process by which features (usually repressed) of the Ego are assigned to other people (external objects). The Shadow needs to be confronted and integrated, creation of Christ figure automatically creates dark counterpart Satan. The dark night before rebirth, in Thelema night of Pan, symbol of plutonium=symbol of Choronzon. Pluto is the shadow in the 8th house, the daemon. Cracking open what's repressed, purging, exorcising, burning away falsehoods, releasing buried power and core truths (Manson, Scarface, Joker in dark knight), creative destruction, ordeals. showdown of fear, pursuing of deepest longing, ego death, struggle for power and control. planet of religion, secrecy, higher octave of Mars.

Associations: dark people dark spirits, communism, compulsive, enigmatic, deep, crime, darkness, death, deep, hidden, magic, mystery, nuclear energy (pluto-nium), occult, conspiracy, orgasm (=car crash, death drive=sex drive) , paranoid, dictators, sadists, profundity, psychology, rebirth, recycle, reform, renewal, reproduction, virusses, oil and petroleum, shipwrecks, explosions, revolutionary, self-transforming therapies, healing, sex, subconscious, taboo, transformation, unconscious, underneath, undermining, volcanoes, the underworld, detectives, disruption, decline, regeneration, exposure, intensity, extremes, willfull denial,..

4 Jupiter (Chesed, mercy) Enlil, judge Osiris, Amon, Marduk, greek god Zeus, yhvh, Odin,.. The good side of Saturn, the symbol of Jupiter is the symbol of Saturn sideways, Osiris was the brother of Set. 12 years to circle zodiac, rules the zodiac and its 12 signs. God of thunder, storms and lightnings, defeated Saturn and the other titans. Its symbol is number 24 (24h a day), nr 42 window to spirit world, the rabbit hole.
The planet of growth, expansion, benevolence, that ruled age of pisces (image of the father sky god, dome of st peter).

Associations: thinking person, leader, pope, higher learning, religions, philosophy, long distance travel, optimism, unifier, luck, sports, amplification, big (the big face macroprosopus)-tiny, capitalism, celebrations, college, courts of law, doctors, feet, foreign countries, furry animals, glory, gluttony, grand, humour, joviality, large, law, legality, ceremonial magic, merchandise, merit, millionaires, monasteries, orthodoxy, over-indulgence, philanthropy, philosophy, preachers, prestige, professors, profit, pulpits, religion, science, ships, splendour, success, thighs, tin, Thursday, travel, truth, wisdom, religion, priests, The Law, courts and justice, aristocracy, publishing, overseas travel,..

5 Mars (Geburah, judgement) orbits the Sun in 687 days. Egyptian sun god Horus (conquering archetype in the Aeon of Horus: Mussolini, Dillinger, Parsons, H. Hughes, Werner Von Braun, Elon Musk), Ares god of war, male fire, vulcan of life force (propelling rockets of Jack Parsons).

Associations: armour, armies, blood, butchers, cars, controversy, disease, drive, energy, engineering, executives, garlic, guns, heat, heroes, incense, inflammations, iron, knives, locks, murder, passion, penetration, pipes, pirates, radiators, razors, sarcasm, stamina, sport, surgery, tobacco, virility, war, wrestlers, fear, ram, roman empire,..

6 Sun (Tiferet, beauty) will to live, creative life force, also the ego, adult that censors our inner child. The truth, the light, the male redeemer Horus, Apollo, Christ.
The present, here and now in contrast with moon, past subconscious.

Associations: affection, ambition, authority, burning, children, citrus fruits, coins, constitution, courage, creativity, dignity, domineering, ego, emperors, energy, extravagance, fame, father, fiery, fire, gambling, generosity, gold, haughty, health, honour, hot, husband, identity, individuality, jewellery, joy, laughter, life, light, lions, magnanimity, nobility, ostentation, orange, passion, peacocks, pomp, popularity, positive, power, pride, prosperity, purpose, royalty, simplicity, spine, spirit, spotlights, stardom, strength, Sunday, superiors, vitality, warmth, will, yellow,..

7 Venus (Netzach glory, emotions ) dual rulership over Libra and Taurus, exalted in Pisces (Jesus was also called the Morning Star), falls in Virgo (in winter she becomes the whore, consort of Saturn). Babylonian Ishtar, greek goddess Aphrodite, born from the foam of the sea, Roman Venus, Lucifer the morning star. in Thelema Babalon. Venus rules love and money. As Lucifer, Venus is viewed as contender of the sun, never more than 45 degrees away from sun.
The Venus symbol is the circle cross female symbol similar to ankh, contains all sepiroth.

Associations: women, grace, charm, beauty, social life (social media), amusement, art, boudoirs, brass, confectionery, dance, desire, dimples, doves, emeralds (emerald city), entertainment, fashion, femininity, flowers, grapes, humour, immorality, intimacy, justice, lingerie, love, marriage, music, partnership, pleasure, adornment, relationships, social interactions, romance, relaxation, sex, social centres, societies, style, ..

8 Mercury (Hod, splendour, the intellect ) ruler of the twins of Gemini and Virgo. Irish ogmah- Sumerian God Enki, who created man through knowledge of DNA- Babylonian Nabu -Egyptian ibis headed Toth (associated with monkeys), recorder at weighing of heart (also trickster god Set) -Trickster Loki in Norse mythology- Greek god Hermes (from Hermae, stone phallus like pillars placed at crossroads), patron of thieves, with winged sandals and caduceus, staff with intertwined serpents, the spine with kundalini energy, the dna ladder. He was the son of Zeus and Maya, the youngest of the seven Pleiades. Roman Mercury- translator, lens that shapes reality. Mercury has an orbit of 88 days, is the fastest planet, the reason why he was considered messenger of the gods. The teacher of knowledge, arts and writer, everything related to communication and commerce and also a psychopomp, one foot in physical and one foot in spiritual, the guide of souls in afterlife. Androgynous liquid and solid, male and female in one.symbol Venus with horns. The magician with 8, symbol of infinity above his head.

Associations: authors, bargaining, books, clerks, clothing, commerce, computers, contracts, dealing, documents, editors, history, hygiene, intellect, language, lectures, logic, mercury (metal), messages, mind advertising, nerves, post, respiration, signals, talking, telephones, trade,travel (especially air travel), transport, transportation, typewriters, Wednesday, wind, wit, writing, youth (the Fool),..

9 Moon (Yesod, imagination, intuition, subconscious) ruler of Cancer when sun at its highest peak summer solstice.While the sun acts, the moon reacts, unconscious maternal energy. The moon is exactly big enough to eclipse the sun. It caused the flood, influences rhytmic ebb and flow of the seas (earth 80% water like human body). It represents what animates us (the anima, feminine counterpart, and dark anima dark night of the soul) the mediator between inner and outer world, the inner child, inner mother. It has a cycle of 29 days, similar tot cycle/sickle of Saturn of 29,5 years and synchronous with female egg cycle. Isis, Selena, Helena, Cybil, Hecate, Diana.

Associations: agriculture, changes, childbirth, collective (sub)conscious, public living in illusion, community, dairies, emotions, families, fecundity, feelings, fermentation, fluctuation, fluids, general public opinions, health, insanity, instinct, intuition, mariners, maternity, Monday, moods, mother, nursing, oats, plumbers, public, reproduction, response, silver, tears, the common people, water, women,..

10 Earth (Malkuth).


Zodiac signs

Aries (the Emperor) ruled by Mars: Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Ariana Grande, Heath Ledger, Jayne Mansfield, Quentin Tarantino, Russell Crowe

Taurus (the Hierophant), ruled by Venus: Carl Jung, Cate Blanchett, Crispin Glover, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Uma Thurman

Gemini (the Lovers), ruled by Mercury: Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Keir Dullea, Malcolm McDowell, Tom Hanks

Cancer (the Chariot), ruled by Moon: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kendrick Lamar, Liv Tyler, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Tate, Sydney Pollack, William V,

Leo (Lust), ruled by Sun: Barack Obama, Christopher Nolan, Frank Sinatra, George HW Bush, Martin Sheen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Stanley Kubrick, Tom Cruise

Virgo (the Hermit), ruled by Mercury: Edward Norton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Harry Mountbatten, Keanu Reeves, Mark Ruffalo, River Phoenix

Libra (Adjustment), ruled by Venus: Alex Jones, Beyoncé, Christopher Lloyd, Emma Stone, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Nas, Natalie Portman,

Scorpio (Death), ruled by Pluto: Charles Manson, Grace Kelly, Hilary Clinton, Jack Parsons, Joaquin Phoenix, Jodie Foster, Katy Perry, Martin Scorcese, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey

Sagittarius (Art), ruled Jupiter: Brad Pitt, Danny DeVito, Dennis Hopper, Ed Harris, Ellen Burstyn, Eminem, Mila Kunis, Jay-z, Winona Ryder

Capricorn (the Devil), ruled by Saturn: Brad Pitt, Brandon Lee, Diane Keaton, George Clooney, Mia Farrow, Samuel Jackson

Aquarius (the Star) ruled by Uranus: Christian Bale, Harry Styles, Natassja Kinski, Oprah Winfrey

Pisces (the Moon) ruled by Neptune: Albert Einstein, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain, Robert de Niro, Ron Hubbard