Astrological ages and cycles

-Age of Virgo 12.200-10.000
-Age of Leo 10.000- 8600
-Age of Cancer 8600-6500 worship of mother goddess, domestication farm animals
-Age of Gemini 6450-4300 upper and lower Egypt, Horus and Set.
-Age of Taurus 4400-2200 bc bull worship at Catal Hoyuk.. Legends of a sun hero Gilgamesh slaying the bull Taurus at spring equinox. Egyptian sun god, carrying the sun between its horns at the Silver Gate in Taurus. The pharao symbolised by the Apis bull, worshipped in Memphis. Cow goddess Bat and Hathor (house of Horus, the sun). Minoan civilisation with bull leaping, myth of Theseus slaying the minotaur, the cerebellum (the lower mind). Human sacrifice to Baal/Moloch, to feed the fire in the belly of the beast.

-Age of Aries (fire) between 2200-100 bc: defined by sun in Aries during spring equinox. Ram headed sphinxes at Karnak. From human sacrifice, to sacrifice of rams. Abrahamic religion. Libra in autumnal equinox, age where first codes of justice are recorded, like the code of law of Hammurabi in Babylon, the Torah and ten commandments of Akhenaton (Moses). Akhenaton (depicted with horns) melting of the golden calf, leading its people from Egypt to start the age of Aires, the Exodus as breakaway from Egyptian civilisation. Mars, the emperor, Hittite, Babylonian, Egyptian and Roman empire (Rome=the ram). Iron age, weapons like the battering ram. Aryan race. From obsession with power to civilizational order, religion, and spiritual tradition. The prophet in opposition to the ruler, persecution of Akhenaton, Elijah,..Ammun-Ra pictured as ram head, in Christian tradition the lamb of God.

-Age of Pisces (water) 0-2012 Jesus the fisher king as the prophet of water sign Pisces with more emphasis on compassion, intuition, emotion of love, also in Buddhism. Virgo in autumnal equinox (virgin Mary). Jesus as shepherd of the lambs, in opposition with the ram, the Roman Empire. The death-rebirth cycle of green man Osiris becomes a formula of sacrificing and crucifying the physical body. Christ depicted in the Vesica Pisces, symbol of the fish. Moon and Saturn worship in Islam in the middle-east. The roman empire incorporates Christianity, continues its global dominance. The printing press, renaissance announcing age of reason. Jupiter expansion, religious wars.

-Age of Aquarius (air) 2012 matriarchal rule of Saturn. Transition from Pisces, age of the patriarchal sky god Jupiter to Saturnian age. From expansion through male domination, to world peace through obedience to the law of Saturn. Saturnian age announced in Star Trek (the Star= Aquarius), where everything is controlled and monitored by its surveillance, All seeing eye. Internet of Things, the yod. Religions (the hierophant Jupiter) collapse- police no longer blue, the color of the skygod but black, restriction of death. New atheism, where science is the new religion, creating the new Atlantis, the Titan Saturn. Like death, it is patient and waits for the soft kill. Everything is heard and measured in time. The waterbearer Enki, god of freshwater. Element of air, the intellect, age of technology and inventions, announced by the age of reason in 17th century, no more need for masculine muscle power. Also ruled by Uranus- planet of electricity, unconventional ideas, individualism. Intellectual approach, detached from the real world. The age of (apparent) freedom and flexibility, democracy, humanitarianism, and idealism, but also rebellion, nonconformity, and irresolution (fake movements like Anonymous, Arab spring,..). Announced by the CIA controlled hippie movement and distorted in the New Age religion. Evolving to one world culture (first picture of earth in 69). Technocracy. Additional influences of Taurus in the summer solstice, Leo in the autumnal equinox, and Scorpio in the winter solstice.

-Age of Capricorn 4000

the Great Year

Like winter and summer affects human consciousness in a death-rebirth cycle, there are greater cycles of summer and winter, synchronized with the rise and fall of civilisations and consciousness. Because of the wobble in earth's orbit, earth's rotational axis points constantly points to a different North star, the cycle of the procession of the equinoxes, the Great Year. The great year lasts approximately 24000 years, 12.000 ascending 12.000 descending (the ancients used autumnal equinox), but because of the binary counterpart of the sun, thought to be 25.765 years. The cardinal signs of the solar cross are seen as points of great changes. The Greeks taught history in 4 ages (gold, silver, bronze, iron), the Hindu's divided history in 4 yugas (golden satva yuga, silver treta yuga, bronze dvapara yuga, iron kali yuga), the bible mentions a golden, silver, bronze, iron age in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. The middle ages are seen as the middle point, the lowest point in the wave cycle, where the sun and its binary counterpart were after which an ascending wave began, bringing the Earth closer to the beneficial influence of the magnetic center. This Ascension concept is distorted in the New Age religion (Sri Yukteswar, Blavatsky) where a descending and ascending wave of consciousness is sold as an external saviour where no action is required and promotion of the concept of 'ascension', where high frequencies are better than low frequencies (usually linked to theories about the rising of Schumanns resonance).