The Aryans are a race, a group of elite families that claims it originated in Orion, that formed an alliance with the Draco's as the Draco-Orion Empire during the technological civilization of Atlantis on the north pole (Arctica, mythical Hyperborea) and later on an island in the Atlantic ocean, creating genetic experiments. While the Aryans based their authority on specific DNA, they were a priest class with initiation rituals like modern freemasonry that became arrogant, dominant and dependent on technology.

While they are white and feel superior because of their skin colour, they play a role in the anti-white agenda's of the Multiculti Church (white guilt, white privilege doctrine).

The blond, red-haired giants migrated to Western Europe and became the Irish, Scottish and British (druid culture with megalithic stone monuments like Stonehenge) and the Gauls and Basques in France and Spain (Rhesus- bloodline).

In mainstream history they are known as the Celts, who formed the Hallstatt culture in Austria, La Tène culture during the Iron Age.

Draco attacked Orion for its trapezoid shaped stargate.  The 'Fallen Angels' can shapeshift through a similar morphogenetic field but need blood to hold form (start of habit of eating meat, flesh of pigs taboo food in Judaism and Islam) so demand blood sacrifice of victims-candidates of the sacred Holy Grail bloodline (natural ability to dissociate-astral project). druid culture (sacred trees as Tree of life).

43.000 - 26.000 bc 'Aurignician culture' in Western Europe, cave paintings for shamanic rituals, Venus and lion man figurines.

6500 bc The Atlanteans mix with the natives of North-America, become the Iroqois (Haplogroup X). Blue-eyed Nephilim are known by the Othama tribe and the Hopi Indians in North-America as Bahana, 'white brother from the skies'. In Peru they are known as the Chinchurro, red haired fisher folk who practice mummification. In Meso- and South America the people call their arrival, the beginning of the Age of the First Sun, age of the giant, white haired, bearded giants.

In Ireland they become the matriarchal Tuatha de Danan, who worship the mother womb of the primordial waters as Danu (Swe-den, Den-mark, Sar-din-ia, the sea-faring Tribe of Dan). Danu is the mother of Vrtra, the demonic serpent, slain by the thunder god.

4500 bc Sum-Aryan culture (modern day Iraq with Tigris and Euphrates) Anunaki blue eyed gods (depicted with head of an eagle, as birds are related to reptilian dinosaurs), legends of a holy bloodline and flood.

Taurus, the bull of heaven in pre-dynastic Egypt in a fertility religion, as the sky and cow godess Hwt hr/ Hathor ('Hat'-'Hor' - 'House of Phos-Horus').

3500 Sumerian writing. In Sum-eria, (A)Iran and India (Aryavarta in the Indus Valley) they created a top-down hierarchical caste system (worshiped as Anunaki and blue blood gods, higher percentage of copper).

3000 bc Stonehenge in Wiltshire, Newgrange, spiral symbol, triskelion. Callanish standing stones in Scotland.

2000 bc Egyptian culture, North pyramid. 3 pyramids aligned with the 3 stars of Orion's belt. red haired mummies with amber stones. The Aryan Green Man (Tree of Life) becomes Osiris. H-Arya becomes hawk headed Horus. goddess Arya=>Taura, wheel of the Tarot.

1650 bc Baal worshiping Hyksos dynasty. Amber Road trade route from the north to the south.

1458 bc reign of Thutmose III (Battle of Megiddo). worship of sun god Ra in the form of obelisks (corruption of male energy).

1353 bc reign of Akhenaten (18th dynasty), married to Nefertiti. expulsion of the Atenist Hyksos kings (Exodus of the Hebrews), start of Saturn cult Judaism (Akhenaten as Moses)=the cult of Baal. The study of the Tree of Life becomes Kabbalism.

1189 bc 20th dynasty, start of decline of Ancient Egyptian civilization, influence of Phoenicians.

Age of Aries (the Ram, Aries controls the head)

1100 bc Aryavarta.

800 bc Hallstatt culture. Scythians, Tocharians and Cimmerians inhabit region now known as Russia, Georgia, India.

747 bc Scythian Empire underground dwellings. Rune alphabet. Ogham calendar of the druids with holy trees, symbol of Tree of Life.

600 bc Greek traders found Massalia (Marseille) in France.

550 bc Cyrus the Great (Sirius) founds the Persian Empire (Darius the Great, Xerxes). Zoroastrianism, winged sun symbol. Iran Dravidians, Hinduism society with the Aryan Brahmin class on top like in Egypt (one eye pyramid concept of central power), worshiping blue blood gods.

539 bc Persians conquer Babylon.

The Tribe of Dan inhabits the region of Danau as Spartans.

In Christianity goddess Arya becomes M-aria (Virgin Mary) Hary-Horus becomes white solar god Jesus.

9 Arminius battle at Teutoborg Forest (Lower Saxony near Osnabrück), distinction between Germania Superior (above the Rhine) and Germania Inferior (below the Rhine).

247 Partian Empire. Chatti from Turkey (double headed eagle symbol of priest kings) become the Germans.  They are conquered by the Roman Empire. Arius develops Christian doctrine Arianism. The Roman Empire becomes the Holy Roman Empire, ruled by the Catholic Church (under influence of the God program).

Viking culture with ships with dragon heads.

410 end of Roman rule in Britain. Anglo-Saxons. Merovingians.

900 Toltec Empire with city Tula in Mexico.

1500s Catholic Church participates in the Atlantic slave trade of blacks (bible used to justify their claim of superiority). The Aryan Green Man/Osiris becomes St Patrick with clover symbol in Ireland.

1616 Thirty Years War, battle of the birch (sacred to Aryan druids), castle of Wewelsburg of Furstenbergs, peace treaty signed at Osnabrück near Teutoborg Forest.

1700s Scottish Rite freemasonry Royal Society (study of Stonehenge and Sanskrit) in alliance with Sabattean jews to build university system to rebuild the Atlantean civilization.

John Russell and the Villiers family cause the Great Famine to force the Irish to emigrate to the US.

1707 Edward Lhuyd introduces the term Celts. Johann Herder (Illuminati) popularizes the concept of Aryan German culture.

1800 salon of Germaine de Staël, Romanticism. Kabbalistic jews brothers Grimm help developing German nationalism.

1803 Thomas Jefferson buys Louisiana territory (luis third letter in Aryan alphabet).

Alexander Csoma de Koros mentions Shambhalla as origin of the Turkish people.

1846 discoveries Hallstatt culture.

1857 discovery of La Tène in Switzerland. Alexander Hamilton (The Asiatic Society) and August and Friedrich Schlegel study Sanskrit texts.

Francis Galton Darwinism. Mason Ignatius Donnelly Atlantis.

1865 end of American Civil War (North vs South) with giant Abraham Lincoln, founding of the KKK with pendragon.

The Theosophical Society (British Intelligence) creates Ariosophy with Guido von List  and Lanz von Liebenfels. Richard Wagner opera's based on Holy Grail bloodline mythology.

1899 Houston Stewart Chamberlain (married to daughter of Cosima Liszt, daughter of Franz Liszt and wife of Richard Wagner) The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (Aryans as superior), published by Hugo Bruckmann (Mein Kampf). Otto von Bismarck's Kulturkampf.


Frank Baum (Theosophical Society) The Wizard of Oz (Osiris). Druid religion (wands of holy wood) becomes the sorcery of Hollywood (in alliance with Ashkenazi jews).

Theodore Roosevelt promotes Madison Grant who writes The Passing of the Great Race and founds the American Eugenics Society. Ariosophist Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels founds Ostara magazine. revival of Rune signs. Great Migration in the US from black slaves from the south to the north (NY, LA, Chicago, Baltimore,..).

1930s doctrine of the Right Wing Church. Thule Society (Ultima Tule) based on myths of Hyperborea. In Germany Adolf Hitler (druid Winston Churchill as antagonist), Heinrich Himmler SS and nazi party with swastika and eagle symbol. worship of the Orion Nordics, cult of the Aryan Uebermensch. Ahnenerbe institute of Hermann Wirth (studies the Oera Linda book), expedition to Tibet. Otto Rahn Court of Lucifer.

1942 the WW2 ritual. Holocaust, sacrifice of millions of Ashkenazi jews, sacrifice of 8 million Germans, 20 million Chinese, 24 million Soviets.

1943 Julius Evola Doctrine of Awakening.

1945 American Holocaust propaganda, blamed on German people. Operation Paperclip transfer of nazi scientists to work for CIA (eagle symbol).

1947 Regnery Publishing Right Wing 'conservative' agents William F Buckley.

1960s Charles Manson with swastika symbol. prison gang Aryan Brotherhood.

1968 Club of Rome. start of Left Wing Church doctrine, multiculturalism (replacement of whites) imposed as progress, in contrast with 'conservatives'. Susan Sontag white guilt doctrine.

1970s Richard Butler founds Aryan Nations.

1977 Star Wars of George Lucas about the Draco-Orion war, Empire with German nazi uniforms.

1980s Mitochondrial Eve theory (Out-of-Africa).

1985 Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke Occult Roots of Nazism Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology.

1994 Timothy McVeigh ritual (ties to Aryan Nations). Blue eyed Diana Spencer (Merovingian bloodline) as modern mother Mary. cult of the Blonde (Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera,..).

Disney Shamrock Holdings with clover symbol of Aryan Brotherhood, worked with Wernher von Braun. National Geographic made documentaries about Aryan Brotherhood. Hearst controlled Vice signed Action Bronson (Ariyan Arslani).  Disney movie Merlin David Rockefeller's granddaughter Ariana Rockefeller. Ariana Grande.

2010 Ancient Aliens (History Channel of Hearst) about Aryan monolith sites.

Michael Tsarion Irish Origins of Civilization. white genocide framed as far right conspiracy theory.

2020 BLM, George Floyd ritual, woke propaganda.


Draco-Orion Empire