Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant is a anti-gravity device described in the bible (Exodus and the Book of Revelation), in Judaism and Royal Arch freemasonry, linked to the Temple of Solomon. It is a box of acacia wood covered in gold, symbolizing Saturn and Kether (the Crown) in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life  and the pineal gland (Eye of Horus) in  the brain (fornix and insular lobe, the cerebrum as vault), a tool of the God-YHVH program that forms an electromagnetic arc circuit with the pituary gland. 

Disinfo about the Ark of the Covenant as only a literal object or golden treasure (literal interpretation was always used for the slaves of the Outer Temple) was spread by Erich von Dänicken, Graham Hancock, Jim Marrs, Tudor Parfitt (Channel 4), Timothy Hogan and Jimmy Church (Gaia), David Icke, Laurence Gardner, History Channel,,... (linking it to Dead Sea Scrolls =Luciferian gnosticism).

The Saturn cult sees El as the Great Architect of the Universe. Earth is an ark with 2 poles (Arctica and Antarctica), digging in earth is called archeology. Aryan monolithic sites represented the zodiac with cardinal signs as doors or henges, were based on Atlantean (northern, Arctic) knowledge of stargates (natural and technological).

Arc (in Greek ark): Egyptian word for chest, boat of solar god Ra (boats were made by Phoenicians). The chest in King's Chamber of Great Pyramid, built with sound levitation.  The gold on the outside and inside made it a insulated electric capacitor with diaelectric, creating an electromagnetic field (an arch) with  positive and negative node with the white gold powder transmuted until it was no longer gold but silica (sand of the moon)  that acted as superconductor (like mercury, lead, niobium-titanium) to null its gravity (atoms no longer solid but gaseous=higher vibration).  The sun (the one) produces monoatomic noble gas helium.

They demonstrated their 'divine' pow(d)ers with knowledge of electromagnetism and levitation (science of the light body or rainbow body), while their priesthood made 'holy" bread with the monoatomic gold powder in the shape of a cone like the pinecone (pineal gland). Bread=red, reddening stage of alchemy.

The powder, called mfktz, working as a rejuvenation-regeneration agent made the pharao's more susceptible for the God matrix, affecting their brain hemispheres,  DNA, decalcifying the pineal gland and causing addiction and delusions. The Green Man of the Aryans revived during spring equinox, became the mystery religion of Osiris in Egypt, revived by Isis-Hathor with serpents (DNA, electromagnetic waves). The technology was a symbol of the pharao's Divine Right to Rule but gradually the priests of Amun were becoming powerful than the pharao's themselves. When mixed with water the powder looks like semen. In depictions the cone shaped bread was presented by a priest with erect phallus. As the teachings degenerated, their lifespan (famous long lifespan of pre-flood kings) shortened.

Thutmoses III (born of Thoth) founded the white powder producing Great White Brotherhood cult. The Phoenicians used the alchemical symbol of the Phoenix= red gold (reddening stage of alchemy). After Akhenaten's reign the pharao's role of God was taken over by priests who acted as intermediary between the gods and the people.

Archons feed off blood receive sexual stimulation from it (tongue like penis). In witchcraft (worship of the moon) witches bond by forming covens or covenant (oven to bake bread).

The Atenists and Baal worshipping Hyksos kings were expelled from Egypt by Seti I and Ramesses II.

Bull sacrifice for Osiris became sacrifice for YHVH in Israel. The destructive power of electromagnetism (Hathor as the Eye of Ra) became the destructive power of the ark. Hebrew word Teba (from Egyptian Tbt :chest, coffin) means box, chest, basket, also 'word' (Logos).

The jews learned the practice of making the sacramental bread with salt from the Dead Sea through the priesthood of Melchizidek (king of righteousness). burning of incense= holy smoke Shekhina. The jewish priests were taken from Israel to Babylon (who also had copied Egyptian solar symbol of the lion), learned astrology and sorcery  from the Chaldeans (moon worshippers), copied Sumerian mythology (Enuma Elish, Epic of Gilgamesh) about Adamu and the Anunnaki creating a flood to write the Bible (Phoenician city Gebal/Byblos was a place of worship of Hathor).

Ark mythology in the Bible

The path of the golden sun (boat of Ra) crossing the Milkyway and ecliptic became the story of the Israelites carrying the Ark 40 years wandering through the desert (crossing the Abyss, sand, Daath) and crossing the Jordan, celebrated during Nisan first month of spring.

The expulsion of Akhenaten and return to Canaan (place of child sacrifice to Baal) was distorted into a propaganda story of Moses, liberating the slaves of Egypt, receiving divine guidance of God (Aten=> jewish name for God Adonai) to build the ark and bringing it to the 'holy' land.

parallels to ark of Noah (astrological cycle), acting out of self control instead of emotions and animal instincts, baptism-cleansing of lower mind. Noah is described with the word just =tsaddik (the Emperor Aries)= Melchizidek. The rainbow as sign of covenant= rainbow body of 7 chakra's. Hebrew letter mem (water) in gematria: 40 => spending 40 days and nights in the ark during flood = Moses leaving for 40 days and nights to receive the commandments= 40 years wandering through the desert (no water) with the ark.

Like in Egyptian religion and Holy Grail mythology, the ark represents the womb of the royal (Ra-El) bloodline, requiring blood sacrifice for regeneration. Moses was born in an ark or basket, Cancer the keystone in the royal arch associated with birth. contract=contracting vagina. Yesod (genitals) channels while Malkuth receives. The keystone is analogous to coagulation in the alchemical process, an emblem of completion (Atum: to finish). Astrologically the keystone represents the summer solstice- the sun entering the sign of Cancer at its highest point in the northern sky. 

Moses supposedly received instructions to build the ark on Mount Sinai =mountain of the moon (in contrast with Mount Horeb=Hor, mountain or pilllar of the sun)= Sinai peninsula workplace of worship of Hathor associated with malachite and emerald gemstones (tablets) of quartz crystal, the science of creating a resonance field.

Moses' brother Aaron became the first High Priest of Israel.

When he returned he saw the Israelites had built a Golden Calf (bull-Baal worship). He melted the calf and turned it into powder (demonstrating the science of monoatomic gold).

Like the table of the sacred showbread, the ark was made of acacia wood. Acacia wood contains DMT like the pineal gland.

The sisters Isis and Nephthys, 2 brain hemispheres-arches of the cerebrum, =pillars of sun and moon, + and - became the mercy seat with 2 cherubim Michael and Gabriel bowing down (archangels, cardinal signs=doors). Chesed (Mercy) is the 4th sphere connected to Binah. Cherubim also guarded the Garden of Eden (Daath, the powder was also called the paradise stone).

 The ark was built by Oholiab of Tribe of Dan (Tuatha de Danaan).

The ark was said to contain the tablets with 10 commandments, pot of manna and Aaron's rod.

Tablets (tabula tablet of testimonies= Thoth's emerald tablets=alchemical knowledge of the verdant waters, the pad/path of the sun) 2 tablets synchronization of left and right brain. Akhet (flooding season): sun in balance. the 10 commandments =Spell 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, 10 sepiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, system of morality while building temple of wisdom.

The jewish priests called the mfktz (in Egyptian text what is it?) white powder that acted as a superconductor, lessening the weight of the ark, manna  (silica, sand of the moon). The cult of preparing the cone shaped bread (Virgo Beit Laheim, House of Bread)  and wine, flesh and (menstrual) blood. Matzo unleavened bread was prepared during Passover.

Aaron's rod =magic wand of Aryan druids representing fire, male will power to manifest things in the 3 lower worlds, the phallic Staff of Ra, staff with serpent of Thoth ( the bible states it could turn into snake=DNA/electromagnetic wave, the Kundalini serpent). symbol with 3 branches on top, from 0 to 1, Fibonacci sequence Golden Ratio of Pi). The rod or staff would be put in ground would ground the electrical charge of the ark. The Levites (art of levitation) consider themselves descendants of Aaron.

In Exodus the ark was placed in the Tabernacle tent, hidden under large veil (Binah=Outer Robe of Concealment, covered with a cover story) with badger skin (unattractive), red ram's skin, woven goat hair skins and purple cloth. The tabernacle is the structure of the Egyptian workplaces- temples with multiple H-shaped entrances (YHVH).

The bible verse about Moses face that shone, is the skin glow effect of monoatomic gold.

The sistrum (=menat rattle instrument of the cult of Hathor)  was a brass or bronze shaker instrument used by pharao queens who always automatically represented Hathor like Nefertari (Rameses the Great) Setnakhte's wife Tiy Merenese (20th dynasty, beloved= bloodgiver of Isis, degeneration of Egyptian culture, influence of Phoenicians.). Percussion  as part of science vibration was also used at Stonehenge and taught to Buddhist monks.

The high priests or Kohanim (snake priests) wore metallic breastplate with 12 gemstones (silica, quartz crystal), baker hats and an apron (disinfo of Jordan Maxwell the priests wore mushroom hats and manna was mushroom). They used the one eye pyramid hand sign.

 Uzzah (Her Strength=Oz) was killed by the ark for touching it. The ark was used for communication (channeling rituals, trance state through drugs and sound like percussion). 

It was used to break the walls of Jericho (Yah moon Ra sun) and in a battle against Philistines (Book of Samuel). The Philistines stole the ark, became sick (cancer, tumours) and returned it.

Apart from a technological device, like the search for the Holy Grail, the search for the ark is a metaphorical cover story for raising consciousness, the inner journey (wandering through the desert= crossing the Abyss, path of the High Priestess, letter gimel: camel), search for enlightenment, uniting with the Divine Feminine, to be reborn in the cosmic womb.

In Samuel 6:16 Saul's daughter sees king David (usually depicted as red haired) leaping and dancing before the ark. The key of David (like the Star of David, blue and red, phallus and cup, balance and synchronization of left and right brain)= unlocking DNA for illumination. King Solomon placed the ark in the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Solomon (=temple in On/Un in Egypt with two pillars of sun and moon where priests produced the white powder for the bread).

History of ark mythology

587 bc Babylonians conquered Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace= fornax in brain, light of consciousness corrupted by fornication, the womb of Virgo as Cup of Whore of Babylon. myth of the ark buried under Temple Mount and Queen Sheba and Solomon (alchemical marriage) and their son Menelik.

539 bc jews return to Canaan - Israel but Cyrus the Great does not restore the Judean monarchy, given the priests (Pharisees, early rabbi's) more power. To jews the ark is the womb of the Messiah of the Endtimes (AC= Antichrist) who will rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem.

The jews practice abstinence and fasting during Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, in 9th month september, during Virgo (9 the Hermit, saving his semen-phosphor light), like the muslims during Ramadan to (over)activate the pineal gland.

273 bc Cleopatra VII (Ptolemeic Egypt) builds extra parts in the Temple of Horus (entrance with H stargate symbol) in Edfu Egypt with replica of the ark and stargate symbol in hieroglyphs.

The ark is mentioned in the Book of Revelation with flashes of lightning.

In Greece the age of Pan was called Arcadia. legend of the Jason and the Argonauts who traveled north (Arctica) for the Golden Fleece. The staff of Thoth and Moses becomes the caduceus of Hermes.  cult of Apollo (also associated with the north) with priestesses selected to become channelers (oracles) in Delphi. The alchemists of Alexandria call manna the Paradise Stone.

The theme of a tomb in Arcadia found by shepherds appears in the work of Virgil.

70 Titus of Rome (Flavian dynasty) conquers Jerusalem and builds the arch of Titus. prophet Zecharia (God remembered) in Twelve Prophets of the Old Testament.

Pharisee Yohannan ben Zakkai (2nd Temple) teaches about the Merkaba (Chariot). The Talmud describes the rules of jewish bread.

The ark in Christianity of the Catholic Church is equated with sphere Binah  virgin Mary (Virgo House of Bread, Beit Lahem), the womb of the light bringing sun (Jesus Christ). The High Priestess (Isis, path Gimel=crossing the desert) sits on a cubic stone. Catholic priests summon the Archons as archangels in their  archbasilica's (monoatomic gold=silica). The cult of bread and wine, flesh and (menstrual) blood, becomes the Eucharist ritual.

320 Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum Ethiopia Beta Israel bloodline.

395 the Roman Empire is split into the western empire of Honorius and eastern empire of Arcadius.

The Tarot is called the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Royal Arch of freemasonry (the Scottish who developed the Scottish Rite claim to be descendants of Akhenaten-Moses) is the arch of the sun (heaven=Arcadia), the first 6 months of spring and summer with Cancer as keystone. The vault=crypt of cryptic masonry is the brain, the skull (cra-nium) containing the pineal (purple crown chakra). A candidate is said to be 'exalted' when he receives the Degree of Holy Royal Arch, Jupiter exalts in cancer. El the Great Architect of the Universe, goat of Capricorn, rules the lower arch, the moon arch=> monarchy. 

Babylonian bloodlines built the British Empire.

The Knights Templar (=Temple of Solomon, hq in London) during the crusades to Jerusalem learned the worship of Baphomet and knowledge of architecture (building arches), mathematics, sacred geometry,.. The gnostics perform the Eucharist ritual.

1430 Philips the Good of Burgundy (Flanders) founds the Order of the Golden Fleece.

1431 burning of Joan of Arc (Hundred Years War of Templar bloodline House of Anjou).

1456 Rosslyn Chapel built like Temple of Solomon.

1503 Jacopo Sanazzaro Arcadia.

1600s rosicrucian manifesto's, rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart.

1618 Guercino painting Et in Arcadia Ego (I Am phrase of God when instructing to build the ark).

1627 Nicolas Poussin (Massimo's as patron) 1st version of Et in Arcadia Ego figures representing Virgo, Serpentholder, Hercules and waterbearer Aquarius (Enki).

1638 Poussin's 2nd version Et in Arcadia Ego (The Arcadian Shepherds) figure kneeling down like constellation Hercules pointing at RC.

1666 the Puritans found Newark in New Jersey (New Jerusalem).

1667 George Starkey Secrets Reveal'd reveals the philosopher's stone is monoatomic gold.

1687 Isaac Newton (Royal Society of Stuarts) describes the law of gravity.

1776 Adam Weishaupt (monoatommic gold is the Adam Stone) founds the Illuminati (false light cult).

1786 opening of the Palais Royal in Paris first shopping arcade. Friedrich Schiller (Beethoven's 9th symphony about Elysium) poem Resignation phrase 'I was born in Arcadia'.

1790 Karl von Eckarthausen (Illuminati) The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary reference to the Great White Brotherhood.

1806 Napoleon (Apollyon of Revelation 911), married to Marie-Louise Habsburg, builds the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile (stargate) in Paris after the French Revolution with Moses Dobrushka (jewish lodge Knights of St Joh or Asiatic Brethren, related to Jacob Frank).

1808 jewish masonic lodge L'Aurore Naissante (=Golden Dawn, book of Jacob Boehme) in Frankfurt with Rothschild agent and Illuminati-member Siergmund Geisenheimer, Franz Molitor (Asiatic Brethren) Daniel Itzig and rosicrucian Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Vril race with mythical Vril power, a sort of electricity, Orphic Circle with Theosophical Society founder Emma Britten)

1820 Humpfrey Davy (David, Royal Society) experiments with electric arches at the Royal Institution. James Tissot (Legion of Honour) painted David in front of the ark.

1852 Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

1870 Helena Blavatsky works with the Brotherhood of Luxor in Cairo (the Great White Brotherhood becomes the Ascended Masters of Theosophy).

1876 Richard Wagner Das Rheingold (Ludwig II of Bavaria as patron, part of the Ring cycle=Saturn) gold than can be made into a ring to rule the world (Saturn Lord of the Rings), golden apples of Freya for eternal youth.

1884 Flinders Petrie (Plymouth Brethren like Crowley who introduced Cake of Light in OTO, pro-eugenics) expedition to Egypt.

dig in Hill of Tara in Ireland by British Israelite movement to search for the ark, fake protests of Irish nationalists Maud Gonne  and WB Yeats (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn).

1904 Aleister Crowley channels the Book of the Law as the new Moses after visiting the pyramids.

1920 George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Washington DC with ark of the covenant, 7th floor as the Cryptic Room (7th chakra, the Crown chakra).

The Science Church  admits atoms can be at two places at the same time (bi-locating through superconductivity) through quantum mechanics.

1922 DH Lawrence Aaron's Rod.

1932 George Washington Masonic National Memorial with Ark of the Covenant.

1937 Otto Rahn Lucifer's Court.

1939 The Wizard of Oz projection of Oz (Osiris) large face Macroprosopus above ark.  Frank Morgan (Morgane LeFaye).

1942 Holocaust sacrifice ritual with Antichrist Adolf Hitler (the concept of the perishing of the Aryan race through fire of the Theosophists).

1946 Trinity Test nuclear explosion in White Sands (white silica powder).

1947 silicon as semiconductor, start of silicon revolution and Silicon Valley.

1952 copper stroll (associated with Venus=Lucifer) Dead Sea Scrolls Jim Barfield.

1964 Goldfinger Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore (ark as womb). capitalist consumer economy, the supermarket as the new superconductive ark.

1968 wedding of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski with cake (imitated by Mike Myers as Austin Powers and Axl Rose in November Rain). Erich von Daniken Chariot of the Gods?.

1970s cocain as the new magical powder in program Disco.

1975 David Hudson (King David) Ormus ORME powder psyop in Phoenix Arizona (33d parallel).

1980 The Shining rainbow and 42 symbolism.

1981 (year of marriage Charles and Diana of Holy Grail bloodline Stewart) 6/12 (date Rosemary's Baby, William born 6/21) Steven Spielberg  Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford (Horus, Harry's mother Diana) as Indiana Jones, Karen Allen John Rhys-Davies (dwarf in Lord of the Rings) and Alfred Molina, based on a screenplay of Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strike Back with Leigh Brackett) and story of George Kaufman (San Francisco counterculture of CIA in Golden Gate Park, friend of Anais Nin, Twisted with Ashley Judd) and George Lucas.

produced by Frank Marshall (Alpha Tau Omega like Vannevar Bush), married to Kathleen Kennedy. Kaufman's son married the daughter of Nancy Pelosi. Indiana Jones was based on Otto Rahn.

1982 (year of birth William) Holy Blood Holy Grail about Nicolas Poussin's painting (RC as reference to Rennes le Chateau in South of France).

1988 jesuit Paul Coelho The Alchemist Melchizidek as guide.

1989 Alphalearning International institute (brain synchronization). video games are played in an arcade.

1992 Graham Hancock The Sign and The Seal, comparing it with Parzival and Holy Grail mythology. Jim Marrs rumors of ark in south France (Rhesus- Basque bloodline of Merovingians, Ignatius of Loyola,..) sacred bloodline of 'Christ', UFO zero point anti-gravity technology.

1994 Stargate Roland Emmerich character Catherine receives Eye of Ra amulet.

1995 Golden Eye (MI6 propaganda James Bond) Pierce (=Perceval) Brosnan nuclear electromagnetic weapon called GoldenEye Sean Bean fakes death at Archangelsk Joe Don Baker (bread) as Jack.

1996 Nexus article about farmer David Hudson's 'discovery' of monoatomic gold. Hudson met with scientists of Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin Texas and Hal Puthoff (Stargate Project). NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program. British Aerospace and Boeing anti-gravity research Project Grass at Phantomworks Seattle (Boeing).

1999 The Matrix Laurence Fishburne (burning vesica pisces=burning bush) on ship called Nebuchadnezzar (destruction of the temple) to protect Zion. The Lawrence family assisted Richard the Lionheart during the crusade.

2001 the 911 ritual at the Hudson river in Man(na)hattan, twin towers as pillars of the Temple of Solomon (destruction of the temple on 9th of Av) with Salomon building as central pillar, Ground Zero= disappearance trick of zero point technology. Jayz (YHVH) the Blueprint making the one eye pyramid sign. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (monoatomic gold) Emma Watson (on of the people in the ark in Noah).

Zecharia Sitchin as new prophet Zecharia (disinfo about Anunaki obsession with gold).

2004 (year of tv series Lost) Laurence Gardner (books about Holy Grail bloodline and freemasonry) Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations and Incredible Power of Gold.

2006 James Cameron History Channel Exodus Decoded.

2007 archeologists Ronnie Reich and Ellie Shukron 'discover' a tunnel from the Temple Mount to Qumran. Evan Almighty Steve Carell (Virgo as dominant, played 40 Year Old Virgin) is instructed to build an ark.

2008 The Dark Knight Christian Bale (played Moses) Aaron Eckhart (brother of Moses) Arkham Asylum. Iron Man Robert Downey Jr as Tony Starks son of Howard Starks (spacetime ark).

Barack (arck) Obama (born 5 days before Laurence Fishburne) as the new Akhenaten-Moses to rebuild the temple.

Stargate the Ark of Truth.

2010 Biblical Mysteries Michael Sanders (sand). Project Camelot promotes Diana Katherine Hehrenreader (Anna Hayes- Ashayana Deane) promoting monoatomic gold scam in program Ascension through the Melchizek Cloister Emerald Order, and Laura Knight and Ark Jadczyk channeling entities called the Casseopeans through a Ouija board, forming the Future Quantum School of Melchizidek Teachings.

Steve Jobs of Apple presents the Ipad (tablets).

Eminem Not Afraid (album Re-covery with Templar cross) levitating like Batman, shot in Newark New Jersey.

2011 Game of Thrones HBO Stark (spacetime ark) family Sean Bean Maisie Williams about War of the Roses (York vs Lancaster). marriage Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Armenia associated with Noah's Ark).

Ancient Aliens season 18 ep 5 was dedicated to the Ark of the Covenant. David Childress David Wilcock Giorgio Tsoukalis Graham Hancock Mike Bara Ed Feinstein

Spirit Science (2 brain hemispheres reason and faith) disinfo of Drunvalo Melchisidek supposedly channeling Thoth (mercury), popularization of sacred geometry, Ascension and Merkaba mysticism. Melchisidek is promoted by Gaia, Tool and Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (The Matrix Reloaded).

Ormus powder scam  (Orus with m symbol of Virgo) promoted by Laurence Gardner and David Icke in the New Age Church with indium, irridium, palladium, titanium,..

2017 Alien Covenant (AC Antichrist) with Michael Fassbender as David Katherine Waterston (Kate Middleton) Billy William Crudup (William and Catherine) and James Franco, sequel to Prometheus) 5/19 date wedding Harry and Meghan.

cubits= qubits of quantum computers like DWave (silicon: sand like desert). nanotechnology of monoatomic wires.

disinfo of Timothy Hogan and Jimmy Church on Gaia show Into the Vortex.

2020 the Covid19 ritual nanotechnology to alter DNA, with the WHO (logo with north pole Arctica and serpent staff of Moses) and Bill Gates who created a seed vault on the North pole.

2023 History's Greatest Mysteries (History Channel) Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus in The Matrix). Robert Cargill (University of Iowa)  Jim Barfield Ed Feinstein (Ancient Aliens). The Ark Syfy  Dean Devlin (writer of Stargate).

famous Aarons: Aaron Spelling, Aaron Eckhart, Aaron Littleton (Catherine Middleton) in Lost,..

Misleading books on the ark of the covenant

David Childress (Ancient Aliens) Ark of God The Incredible Power of the Ark of the Covenant.
Frank Joseph (American nazi party) Opening the Ark of the Covenant
Graham Hancock Sign and the Seal
Patrick Byrne Templar Gold
Tudor Parfitt The Lost Ark of the Covenant
Robert Cornuke Relic Quest