Argentina is a country in South America, founded in 1818, by declaring its independance from Spain, with a population of 17,5 million people. Its capital and largest city is Buenos Aires (close to 33d parallel). It is a member of the United Nations. It is a dictatorship, ruled by the Jesuits (Catholic Church). It has the 71st largest GDP. It controls a large part of Antarctica.


History of Argentina

18000 bc cave of the hands.

Inca Empire (sacrifice in volcano's).

1500s Spanish colonists conquer Argentina.

1600 the jesuits use indigenous tribes for experiments with communism in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. The profits of the South American colonies start to anger the slave traders who exploit the African colonies and the Jesuit mission in Paraguay is temporarily abolished.

1776 Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata.

1821 the jesuits establish the University of Buenos Aires.

1864 Paraguyan War, Paraguay vs Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

1890 jesuit Carlos Pellegrini as president.

1896 jesuit José Evaristo Uriburu as president.

1923 Hermann Weil, father of Felix Weil founds the Frankfurt School.

1936 birth Jorge Francis.

1945 Josef Mengele and Hans-Ulrich Rudel move to Argentina.

1946 Knight of Malta Juan Peron as president.

1947 nazi publication Der Weg with Johann von Leers, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, jesuit Maurice Bardèche (Action Française), Hans Fritzsche (acquited at Nuremberg trial).

1948 Adolf Eichmann moves to Argentina.

1960 'capture' of Adolf Eichmann by Mossad (Simon Wiesenthal).

1961 jesuit Che Guevara is used in the Cuban Revolution with jesuit Fidel Castro. Marxist group Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo (ERP) uses the method of guerilla warfare of Che Guevara.

1963 jesuit Arturo Umberto Ilia.

1965 jesuit Alejandro Bulgheroni starts working for oil company Bridas Corporation.

1973 Peron's secretary José Lopez Rega leads the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance death squad and works with Italian anticommunist lodge Propaganda Due or P2. Raul Alberto Lastiri of P2 is interim president from july to october.

The Children of God cult operates in Argentina.

1974 Juan Peron dies, he is replaced by Isabel Peron.

1976 military junta. Jorge Rafael Videla (WACL) works with fugitive nazi's from Germany.

1983 jesuit Raul Alfonsin as president.

1997 Madonna as Evita.

1998 Great Depression.

2001 december riots.

2005 debt restructuring with the IMF and the World Bank. founding of Pampia Energia (Joe Lewis of Tavistock Group).

2010 Maxima Zorreguieta marries Dutch prince Willem-Alexander (House of Orange). Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Paris St Germain) is used in the sport industry and the religion of online fame (Instagram).

2013 jesuit Jorge Francis as pope.

2015 Mauricio Macri as president, Alfonso Prat-Gay as Minister of the Treasury and Public Finances.


jesuit Carlos Pellegrini, jesuit Luis Saenz Pena, jesuit Manuel Quintana, jseuit Roque Saenz Pena, jesuit Victorino de la Plaza, jesuit Hipolito Yirigoyen, jesuit Marcelo de Alvear, jesuit Augustin Pedro Justo, jesuit Roberto Marcelino Ortiz, jesuit Ramon Castillo, jesuit Arturo Frondizi, jesuit Arturo Umberto Illia, Edelmiro Farrell, Juan Peron, Raul Alberto Lastiri (P2), Isabel Peron, jesuit Raul Alfonsin, jesuit Adolfo Rodriguez Saa, jesuit Edoardo Duhalde, Mauricio Macri, jesuit Alberto Fernandez


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