Area 51

Area 51 (Groom Lake) is a base of the US Air Force (the war industry) in Nevada (state of Las Vegas), used to test the U-2 of Lockheed Skunkworks (nicknamed Dragon Lady, Project Rainbow to lower radar detection) and stealth technology. The Area 51 hoax was started as a CIA psyop to spread disinfo about secret government projects, mind control, dimensional portals, UFO's and extraterrestrials (reptilians and greys), usually linking Area 51 to a recovered craft of the Roswell incident, as a distraction from real mind control projects like Operation Paperclip and MK Ultra. Main disinfo agents on Area 51 are Bob Lazar (Coast to Coast), John Lear (friend of William Cooper), George Knapp (Coast to Coast, International UFO Congress, KLAS-TV of CBS, funded by Pentagon through Robert Bigelow), Gaia, Nick Redfern, Annie Jacobsen, Fritz Springmeier, ...

Lazar worked at Fairchild transistor company of William Shockley and Los Alamos (Manhattan Project). Lazar=Osiris/Lazarus. Lazar claimed Edward Teller (Manhattan Project, father of the hydrogen bomb, National Defense Research Committee) worked at Area 51.

Skunk Works operates US Air Force Plant 42 also used by NASA.

The town Rachel became a tourist destination for UFO pilgrims.

John Lear was educated at elite school Le Rosey, son of Bill Lear of US Navy and Moya Olsen= Crowley's Scarlett Woman Dorothy Olsen, Frank Olson.

Area 51 in pop culture

1990 The Simpsons Maggie 'Area 51' Roswell.

1994 Unsolved Mysteries Virginia Madsen. Larry King interviews Steven Greer (Disclosure Project with Don Philips of Lockheed), William Shatner and Stanton Friedman at Area 51 for CNN.

1995 Fritz Springmeier names Area 51 as a programming center in The Illuminati Formula.

1996 Dreamland Bruce Burgess (Bob Geldof's Band Aid, disinfo on William, Uri Geller, Bermuda Triangle, Ark of the Covenant).

1997 Area 51 worker calling Art Bell.

2009 Conspiracy Theory on TruTv (AT&T Warner Media) with Jesse Ventura (WWE of McMahons) episodes on Area 51, HAARP, 911, global warming, Bilderberg, forced vaccination, mind control, Denver airport, FEMA camps, Andrew Basiago, Goldman Sachs, JFK ritual, Watergate, super soldiers, reptilian base in Dulce (interview David Icke), Philadelphia Experiment and Project Montauk, ..

2011 Nick Redfern The NASA Conspiracies. Annie Jacobsen (writer for CBS, Amazon, also books on DARPA and Operation Paperclip) Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base.

2015 Area 51 Jason Blum.

2017 Wolfenstein II the New Colossus (giants, full moon symbolism) for Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, XBox, references to Roswell and Area 51 Gideon Emery Peter Macon (Kingdom of Planet of the Apes)

2018 Bob Lazar George Knapp Mickey Rourke. Nick Redfern Area 51.

2019 Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell (Harvard Westlake, exhibition about Sharon Tate). Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell interviewed by Joe Rogan.

2020 the U2 integrates AI.

2022 John DeSouza (FBI) on Coast to Coast. The Area 51 Incident.

Lockheed Martin

Roswell incident