Apocalypse Now 1979

Apocalypse Now is a Hollywood movie by Francis Ford Coppola, with Martin Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Dennis Hopper, Harrison Ford and Marlon Brando, released by United Artists on 5/19/1979 (year 9 the Hermit). Brando plays Colonel Kurtz (CK: 311, 3x11=33) the archetype of bald Aleister Crowley, the Beast of the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation). Like the movie King Kong, it represents the decent in the subconscious, meeting the Shadow. The media created a mythology about the long and difficult process of making Apocalypse Now. The movie is full of rainbow Wizard of Oz and mirror/rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming.

It was parodied in Hot Shots with Martin Sheen's son Charlie Sheen and in Tropic of Thunder with Robert Downey Jr and Jack Black (also in King Kong).

5/19= date of death Jackie Kennedy, who married Aristotle Onassis on Greek island Skorpios, date death Cambodian communist Pol Pot, wedding Harry Mountbatten and Meghan Markle, Taurus, No Country For Old Men. US release on 8/15 Leo ruled by the Sun. 1979 was the year 9 the Hermit who descends into the 9th sphere. Sun =the present the now, story of sun, solar hero going to underworld.

based on 1899 book Hearts of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, 12/3/1857 Sagittarius (art) – 8/3/1924, (nr jupiter, date Martin Sheen) age 66. sailing up the Congo river, the equator the heart Tiferet, dark colonial imperialistic past of white man, encounter the shadow/the beast. On day of release of AN a small square was dedicated to Joseph Conrad in San Francisco (Golden Gate, Conrad name Joker Conradt Veidt). Conrad was a friend of Bertrand Russell and jesuit Jozef Retinger (Bilderberg Group, European Union), who died 6/12 date Rosemary's Baby. Retinger and his Bilderberg conferences was used as a villan by the Alex Jones-Charlie Sheen clique.
Screenwriter of AN, John Milius also wrote Dirty Harry, Red Dawn (1984 year birth Harry) Conan the Barbarian (also decapitation sirius john the baptist) and HBO series Rome (=the 7 headed Beast of Book of Revelation).

AN was influenced by Werner Herzog's Aguirre the Wrath of God 1972 which also features a river journey and an insane soldier (Klaus Kinski, father of Natassja Kinski, Polanski replacement of Sharon Tate, with Pluto as dominant). Vietnam war represented the army of the east of Revelation 9.

It was co-produced by Fred Roos (Hollywood High School like Laurence Fishburne).

- Opening scene
- Up the river
- Gates of hell

Opening scene

'This Is The End' of the Doors (Freudian theme of incest, Jim Morrison, all the children are insane, line of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland) with images of fire (Hebrew letter Shin, the Judgement/Aeon card).
Martin Sheen (shin=fire ) born 8/1940, date Joseph Conrad, John Bouvier (father Jackie Kennedy) as
Benjamin L. Willard (will heart, William) wakes up drunk in a hotel room in Saigon (Dionysus, god of alcohol and trance, equated in Thelema with Christ, beer with nr 33), breaks his mirror=splitting of the mind in twin alters. Narration written by Michael Herr who also wrote Full Metal Jacket with Kubrick and the Island of Dr Moreau with Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer who played Jim Morrison.

Martin Sheen played JFK, whose wife Jackie Kennedy married millionaire Aristotle Onassis on Greek island Skorpios (Pluto ruler of Scorpio, the Shadow, underworld, wealth, betrayal, Alpha and Omega). Onassis was born in Smyrna, one of the 7 churches in the Book of Apocalypse.

In conspiracy mythology (Gemstone Files) the island and Aristotle Onassis became a nemesis of Howard Hughes (James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever, Blofeld as Onassis). Marlon Brando played in Viva Zapata with Hughes' wife Jean Peters and Anthony Quinn (dark side of Michael Caine on a Greek island in The Magus). He attended fundraisers for JFK and had his own island in French Polynesia.

He meets the Hierophant, earth sign (green) Taurus.

GD Spradlin born 8/31/1920 date death Diana, virgo knight of pentacles, year 21 the universe– 7/24/2011 leo prince of wands, year 19 the sun. He played JFK's successor Lyndon Johnson and in The Godfather. with Al Pacino, as son of Marlon Brando.
Harrison Ford (bull) born 7/13/1942 cancer ruled by moon, 42 nr of judges in underworld. (date john dee) Ford like president Gerald Ford.
Cancer, Gemini, Libra- Mercury, Jupiter (24 long distance travel), Moon (in-diana).
as colonel G. Lucas (referring to George Lucas)

Willard has to kill Colonel Kurtz (ck 311)= Kurtzweil: Joker, who is believed to have become insane (Dionysus, god of madness, cult leader like Charles Manson and Jim Jones who committed suicide in 1978, 2 months before Saddam Hussein was put in office) and hides in the jungle in Cambodia (AN released 5/19, date communist Pol Pot). The initiate goes to underworld to meet Osiris, god of the dead, Dorothy goes to see the Wizard of Oz (Coppola's production company Zoetrope=Oz).
Marlon Brando (brand=fire) born 4/3/1924, Aries the emperor decan the sun, day 93, year 20 Aeon – 7/1/2004 cancer ruled by the moon year 12 the hanged man, date birth Diana. Dominants: Aries (the emperor), Sagittarius (art), Taurus (the hierophant)- Jupiter (osiris), Uranus, Venus. Jupiter in Sagittarius, the Art card, journy to the heart, the centre of the earth, Kenya, Congo, Brando was on The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club cover with bald Aleister Crowley. He died 3 days after deposing of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Jupiter (Osiris) is the planet of long distance travel, colonel Kurtz (=Kurtzweil joker) American officer that turned to the dark side (Apollo rational- Dionsysus irrational) Luke Skywalker-darth vader. era Pluto in Libra, has to descend in the underworld, bring justice in an irrational insane situation. Brando in the press was associated with dark people (Civil Rights movement, native Americans).

Martin Sheen (mars, shin fire) has to kill the beast, decapitate the ego. Crowley considered himself the beast 666. Antichrist Charles Manson (charlie) played the role of Joker the fool in the Vietnam war. His son was named Charlie Sheen. Marlon (=merlyn) Brando was born 7/1 like Diana, GD spradlin 8/31 like death of Diana, 13 nr death. Sign of Mark Master 4th degree.

1979 mirror date of 1997 when Diana died in Alma tunnel on Paris meridian, river of souls. the boat =yellow submarine, the son's descent in the underworld, water sign Scorpio, the Prince of Cups.

Up the river

Frederic Forrest born 12/23/1936 in Texas, played Harvey Lee in Ruby and Oswald.
Laurence Fishburne (nun fish) born 7/30/1961. leo prince of wands, 29 days after diana, 5 days before Barack Obama. He is the Fool, mr Clean (Hebrew Tahur, 9th sphere Yesod), clean consciousness of white pillar of mercy in contrast with Willard. He played in Boyz n the Hood, Morpheus in The Matrix with Keanu Reeves (friend of River Phoenix).

Francis Ford Coppola appears in a scene as a director, yelling 'Don't look at the camera' (70's era of Neptune stage illusion in Sagittarius).
They join 1st squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment (Apollyon Revelation 911, angel of the Abyss), and meet the emperor William Killgore (Antichrist William).

Robert Duvall, born 1/5/1931 capricorn 2nd decan venus. Asc: Sagittarius, mc: libra. Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius- Jupiter, Saturn (conj Sun), Uranus. He leaves Death cards on his victims.
Killgore will escort them to the mouth of the river (Daath). Surfing is a metaphor for orgasm control in sex magic. The Fool on the Fool card rides the serpents/crocodiles. While attacking a village with helicopters, they play Ride of the Valkyries of Richard Wagner (friend of Friedrich Nietzsche), judgement shin fire, part of Die Walküre, associations with antisemitism and WW2, used in Birth of a Nation and What's Opera, Doc?. R Lee Ermey (Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam war movie Full Metal Jacket) also appears in the chopper scene.

Pluto forges and exposes hypocrisy (during Manson trial and imprisonment Timothy Leary, Pentagon Papers, Watergate, MK Ultra).
They are attacked by a tiger (leo Strength card, courage).

Playboy bunnies (going dawn rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland programming of sex slaves) Colleen Camp, Cynthia Wood and Linda Beatty (and briefly Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter), war as sex magic. Monarch slave Marilyn Monroe was used to entertain the troops in the Vietnam War, appeared on 1st issue of Playboy, archetype of Ishtar whore of Babylon.

He takes a LSD trip, linked to MK Ultra experiments, Manson Family, Michael Hollingshead who worked with Victor Lownes of Playboy. the Fool, music Jimi Hendrix

Mr Clean is killed. In Apocalyps Now Redux Willard and his fellow soldiers meet and dine with French colonists.

Gates of hell

The Art card of Sagittarius is the journey to the heart of the earth, to meet judge Osiris in the underworld.
1: Lilith in Pisces (the Moon)

They meet an American journalist (Dennis Lee Hopper, based on Errol Flynn's son Sean Flynn). He makes the welcoming sign of Horus the Enterer of the Lovers card.

His camera represents Ayin eye of the Devil, Abraham Zapruder who filmed the JFK ritual, Hopper died 5/29, date birth JFK. Hopper=painter Edward Hopper who painted Bates motel. Mercury/Hermes writer taking eye of Horus. unpredictable, confused like Charles Manson.

The victims of Kurtz are hanged like the Hanged Man. Sharon Tate was found in the Hanged Man pose, Brando's daughter hanged herself on 4/16/1995, date death Onassis related Stavros Livanos (=bald Stavros Blofeld). date Kill Bill 2 (killing the Osiris bull, with Michael Madsen who appeared with Brando in Michael Jackson's music video, last appearance of Brando).

Brando as Crowley (Brandon Lee in The Crow) the Beast of the Apocalypse =the Roman Empire (subject of The Godfather). one eye Ayin the Devil.

Nate Thyer did an interview with Pol Pot in july 1997, as calm, poetry loving character (lived in Paris like Polanski), minimalizing the genocides he committed. He died 4/15/1998, date Fordicia, slaughtering of a cow, date trial Roman Polanski, birth Dodi Fayed, birth child of Charles Manson. 8 days before killer of Martin Luther King Jr (friend of Brando, Shadow, King Kong), month before Frank Sinatra (5/14, also dark side of JFK).

The judge of Brando's child custody case, Laurence Rittenband was the judge of Roman Polanski's rape case and Elvis Presley's divorce case.

He quotes The Hollow Men of TS Eliot (The Wasteland= going through the Abyss, the Night of Pan, Kabbalistic sphere Daath: empty room, associated with Pluto and Sirius). He also reads quotes from Time magazine about jesuit Lyndon Johnson. Brando was born 1924, year 20 Aeon, letter Shin: fire (3 months after John Spencer, father Diana).

He reads poetry (Apollo god of poetry), book the Golden Bough. the slaying of the Osiris bull (Robert Downey Jr as Lincoln Osiris in Tropic Thunder), dismembering of Dionysus. This is the End, beginning and end Alpha and Omega, regeneration as Babe in the Abyss. At the end of his career Brando got fatter like Jim Morrisson (Bacchus).

He brings decapitated heads, symbolism of John the Baptist, ego death the Sun, letter resh: head, Rosemary's Baby pose John Lennon Imagine. tin man jupiter Jack Haley died 6/6 month after Apocalypse Now. beastman as Uebermensch.

Willard kills Kurts, the symbolic slaying of the Osiris bull (Aeon - Judgement, letter Shin).

Apocalypse Now in pop culture

A year later Dead Kennedies, a punk band from San Francisco (Golden Gate of Sagittarius) released Holiday in Cambodia about the Pol Pot regime, with a video of the Vietnam war, associating him with the dark side of John Kennedy.

Martin Sheen reborn as Charlie Sheen (name enemy in Vietnam war) in Platoon (Orion Pictures, Oliver Stone made movie about JFK and Jim Morrison) and Apocalypse Now parody Hot Shots as Topper Harley (Harvey Lee was watching war movie War is Hell by Burt Topper, when he was arrested, died 4/3, date of birth Marlon Brando).

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump (Sheen played Trump character in the Dead Zone) were pictured in the media with Apocalypse Now imagery.

2009 David Carradine died nude in a hotel room in Bangkok Tahailand, born 12/8, date John Lennon was shot at the Dakota hotel by Mark David Chapman.

2008 Tropic Thunder Ben Stiller Jack Black Robert Downey Jr Tom Cruise Matthew McConaughey Nick Nolte Danny McBride

2013 (year 21 the World) This Is The End Jonah Hill James Franco Rihanna Danny McBride

2017 Kong: Skull Island (month of inauguration Donald Trump) Tom Hiddleston Samuel Jackson

Francis Ford Coppola

The Godfather