The Anunnaki (Anunaki) is a pantheon of Gods, worshipped in Sumeria, Akkadia (Syria), Assyria and Babylon, responsable for manipulating the DNA of the human race and using the pineal gland as a tool of control. They were depicted with horned crowns.

An was the Sumerian god of the sky, with earth goddess Ki or Ninhursag as female counterpart.

The 7 most important gods were An, Enki, Enlil, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu and Inanna (corresponding to 7 chakra's and 7 planets, the kabbalistic Tree of Life pattern).

Utu represented the sun, Nanna the moon, Inanna Venus. Enlil represented the northern sky, Enki the southern sky. Enki became the Waterbearer of Aquarius. Enlil's son Ninurta fought the monster Anzu. Inanna had Dumuzid (later Tammuz) as consort.

In Akkadia, the Epic of Gilgamesh describes how the Anunnaki caused the Great Flood.

In statues, emphasis was put on their blue eyes (Aryan descent).

In Babylon texts mention the Igigi, a slave race of the Anunnaki that rebelled against their masters. The Babylonians worshipped Marduk (associated with Jupiter), who conquered the dragon Mushussu.

Sumerian mythology was copied by the jews, captive in Babylon, to write the Bible about the origin of a sacred bloodline. Enlil became the angry, jeoulous god YHVH.

In Greece sky god Anu became Ouranos. The Ekur (mountain house) of Enlil became Mount Olympus of Zeus.

In modern times, Zacharia Sitchin (Coast to Coast, trained at London School of Economics) and David Icke was used to spread disinfo about the Anunnaki, to create a new religion and creation myth (mythology of Planet X or Nibiru). Michael Heiser, Jon Ronson and Ronald Fritze played the role of gatekeeper of the official narrative.

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