Anton LaVey

Howard Stanton Levey (Anton Szandor LaVey) was a mind controlled provocateur agent, used in the media industry to normalize satanism, as the new Crowley. He founded the Church of Satan on april 30 in 1966, with his wife Diane (born 7/10 like Diana 7/1). He worked with Roman Polanski on making Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby, that announced the birth of the Antichrist, Diana's son William V.

He lived in a small black house at 6114 California Street in San Francisco with a black leopard (The Eagles refer to the house in Hotel California, The Rolling Stones in Paint It Black). Anton LaVey is an anagram for Levyathan. He was called the Black Pope, the title of Superior General of the Jesuits.

He founded the Church of Satan, after shaving his head like Aleister Crowley, on 4/30/1966, Walpurgis Night, date of death Adolf Hitler, day before 1 may, day of worship of Baal by pagans, communists, nazi's and socialists, a month after John Lennon claimed to be 'Bigger than Jesus'. His Church of Satan was promoted by Hollywood celebrities Jayne Mansfield, Sammy Davis Jr (Rat Pack of Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra, married to Mia Farrow) and pianist Valentino Liberace (Anton LaVey=Valentyno).

LaVey was married to Diane Hegarty (moon goddes Hecate), they had a daughter Zeena Schreck LaVey, born 11/19/1963 (11/19 date Charles Manson of the Revelation 911 murders would die), 3 days before the JFK ritual, with Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger as godfather. Like JFK, LaVey claimed to have had an affair with Marilyn Monroe (while she was a dancer at the Mayan Theatre).

He was a friend of the science fiction writers of Weird Tales, who published the work of HP Lovecraft, whose monsters like Ctulhu are used as 'gods' in Church of Satan and OTO rituals. With a group of science fiction and horror writers he formed the Order of the Trapezoid.

His 2nd wife was Sharon Leigh Densley (Blanch Barton, names Sharon Tate and Diana Spencer).

He founded the Church of Satan on april 30 Walpurgis night 1966, declaring 1966 as year 1 (date death Antichrist Adolf Hitler, april 29 date of wedding Hitler and Eva Braun, William and Catherine). The ceremony in his black house in San Francisco was attended by photographer Joe Rosenthal (rose valley=Sharon). He established branches ('grotto's) in Detroit, Dayton and NY. 8 days later The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Knight of Malta Rupert Loewenstein) released Paint It Black.

On may 23 1967 (date Kenneth Grant, The Shining), as a publicity stunt, he baptised his daughter Zeena Lavey in a Satanic baptism ritual, with the phrase Hail Satan like the final scene in Rosemary's Baby. She was later trained at the Stella Adler (Actors Studio) acting school like Robert de Niro, Harvey Keitel, ..

According to legend, he was not only advisor on the set of Rosemary's Baby but also played the devil who rapes Rosemary in Rosemary's nightmare and is the father of the Antichrist baby.

After his newly created religion, the branding of the Left Hand Path, the Colonna's created the fake may 68 protests, founding of the Left Wing Church.

He appeared in Kenneth Anger's Invocation of My Demon Brother with Mick Jagger, Lenore Kandel (The New School, Human Be-In in Haight-Ashbury with Timothy Leary and Michael Bowen) and Bobby Beausoleil. He appeared in the 1970 documentary Satanis.

In 1975 Church of Satan member Michael Aquino founded his own cult, the Temple of Set. He worked at the Presidio like Paul Tate, the father of Sharon Tate.

Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon is based upon LaVey.

In the 80's during the Satanic Panic media ritual (Pluto in Scorpio, Neptune in Capricorn) he and Michael Aquino, Zeena and Karla Maritza LaVey were promoted by Fox, Oprah Winfrey (Disney, Hearst), 60 Minutes, the Joan Rivers Show, the Ron Reagan Show (son of Knight of Malta US president Ronald Reagan who played with Rosemary's Baby actor John Cassavetes in the Killers), Nightline and 20/20 (ABC Disney). Karla LaVey was close to Alice Cooper (Alice in Wonderland programming, label of Frank Zappa).

Zeena LaVey and Nicholas Schreck planned an event at the Strand Theatre in San Francisco on 8/8/1988.

Boyd Rice became a friend of LaVey and a member of the Council of Nine (Revelation 911 murders). They worked with Nicolas Schreck, married to Zeena LaVey, who collaborated with Christopher Lee (Sauron in Lord of the Rings, movie with Jayne Mansfield) and made Charles Manson documentary Charles Manson Superstar. They developed a philosophy of social Darwinism and Nietzschean elitism (fascism of James Madole, America as the new Atlantis).

He also worked with Aimé Michel and Jacques Vallee (modern UFO religion, Stanford).

The Antichrist superstar archetype became more prominent in Hollywood movies Natural Born Killers, written by Quentin Tarantino. Marilyn Manson promoted Anton LaVey and satanism in Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine (Columbine High School massacre ritual).

Philip Anselmo of Pantera was born 18 days after the release of Rosemary's Baby and called himself Anton Crowley.

He died a month after the car crash of Dodi Fayed and Diana Spencer, on 10/29/1997. Peter Gilmore took over the leadership of the Church on Satan, was promoted on BBC and History Channel (Disney, Hearst). Poughkeepsie NY became the new headquarter of the Church of Satan (home of movie director Ed Wood).

The scene in Mulholland Drive where Naomi Watts and Laura Harring (Diane and Camilla) are united in Club Silencio is based on Anton Lavey as the Devil, splitting the mind through sodomy (Dolores del Rio died 4/11).

In 2016 a conspiracy theory was spread in a social media meme to link Zeena LaVey to Taylor Swift.

Astrological chart

born 4/11/1930, in Chicago. 4:11 Bible verse about the Curse of Cain, date Ethel Kennedy, wife of Robert Kennedy, mother of David Kennedy (dk=411), the 4th out of 11 children, date first Apple computer, launch Apollo 13 moon mission, date movie Anaconda with slit reptilian eyes in 1997 year of his death, date death Eminem's friend Proof, date Eagles of Death Metal Death By Sexy. Obama from Chicago won his election on 11/4. 13 days after Richard Donner who released Antichrist movie The Omen on 6/6 date of death Robert Kennedy.

Asc: Aquarius, mc: Sagittarius. Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Taurus, Aquarius - Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn.

Houses 2, 7, 4. 2: Sun and Uranus in Aries, Venus and Mercury in Taurus, 7: Moon in Virgo, 4: Jupiter in Gemini. 11: Saturn (Satan) in Capricorn (the Devil). 5: Pluto in cancer (like JFK and Kubrick). Mercury trine Neptune like Sharon Tate and Nicole Kidman.

died 10/29/1997 (Diana died 8/31/1997), date d George Gurdjieff, Black Thuesday in 1929 start of Great Depression, jesuit nazi Joseph Goebbels, d Adolphe Menjou (Sorrows of Satan), Rosemary's Baby 2, Winona Ryder, movie The Jayne Mansfield Story, Rufus Sewell (Dark City, the Illusionist, Man in the High Tower), Dan Castellanata (Homer Simpson).

Bibliography and filmography

1968 The Satanic Mass LP, recorded in his Black House, reciting over music of Beethoven and Wagner
1969 Invocation of My Demon Brother of Kenneth Anger with Mick Jagger, Leonore Kandel (the New School of Colonna-Columbia) and Bobby Beausoleil of Charles Manson's Manson Family as Lucifer
1969 The Satanic Bible (use of John Dee's Enochian system like Parsons and Hubbard)
1975 The Devil's Rain with William Shatner (William) and John Travolta (mind controlled with Hubbard's Scientology)
1977 The Car with Disney actresses Kim and Kyle Richards Hilton, as technical advisor (Dies Irae music of opening scene with car of The Shining)
1989 Death Scenes about mafia and the JFK ritual by Nick Bourgos
1992 The Devil's Notebook foreword by Adam Parfrey (collaboration with Boyd Rice, Genesis Orridge, played in Crispin Glover's What Is It, publisher of Feral House books, book about Ed Wood inspiration for Tim Burton's Ed Wood with Johnny Depp)
1993 Speak of the Devil documentary also by Nick Bourgos (The Goddess Bunny, Alice in Wonderland programming, transgender agenda)
1994 Strange Music (Reptilian Records)


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