Anonymous is a jesuit controlled propaganda outlet, that presents itself as a collective of hackers, created in 2003 to to spread disinfo and to play a Saviour role in the Conspiracy Church. Its symbol is the mask of V in V for Vendetta, of jesuit Guy Fawkes, similar to the Sting mask of Ted Turner's wrestling league. It symbolises the World Brain or Hive Mind and Mercury (wit, communication, the Trickster, the Fool/the Joker).

It played the role of antagonist of the Church of Scientology.

It uses a logo similar to the UN and the WHO.

It is closely associated with NSA, Scientology, the Wikileaks media actors like Julian Assange and the fake Occupy Wall Street movement.

It uses the phrase We Are Legion.

In 2015 USA Networks (NBC Universal) and Anonymous Content produced Mr Robot with Rami Malek (played Freddie Mercury), BD Wong (played Hugo Strange), Christian Slater (PCS), Joey Badass to create an idealised image of the Anonymous and Wikileaks hackers. It was created by Sam Esmail (NYU), who worked for A&E of Hearst. Jesuit trained Jeff Moss (CFR, WEF, Black Hat Briefings with director of NSA) was consultant. It contained a dream scene at Time Square like Vanilla Sky with Scientologist Tom Cruise.

It played the role of antagonist of Isis in the Isis-ritual.

It spread disinfo about mind control after the confused rants of Kanye West.

V for Vendetta was used to announce the Covid19-ritual (fake rebellion on Trafalgar Square) with mandatory masks.

It promoted the George Floyd media hoax and Jeffrey Epstein hoax.

Robert Howells wrote The Illuminati to promote Anonymous and Wikileaks of Julian Assange.

Controlled opposition

V for Vendetta