Anna Freud

Anna Freud was a jewish Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist, daughter of Sigmund Freud and Martha Bernays, working for the secret service, used to give the Sabatean tradition of incest a scientific and intellectual image through psychoanalysis, a cover for research on trauma based mind control (creating trauma to split the mind and to create MPD, with drugs and hypnotic triggers). The Tavistock Institute used his methods, has a statue of Freud at its headquarter. She was related to the Philipp brothers (metal traders), propaganda agent Edward Bernays (US war propaganda for the Committee on Public Information) and Isaac Bernays, Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, who was related to Heinrich Heine (related to Karl Marx). Her father also had a relationship with her aunt Minna Bernays.

Sigmund Freud was influenced by Wilhelm Fliess who sexually abused his son Robert Fliess and was trained at La Salpêtrière hospital in Paris by French physician JM Charcot, an expert in hypnosis and neurosis, who also educated Joseph Babinsky, Pierre Janet (concept of 'subconscious' and 'dissociation'), Adolf Meyer, Alfred Binet and Gilles de la Tourette. He treated Ida Bauer, the sister of Otto Bauer, student of Carl Grünberg of the Frankfurt School and Austrian marxist movement. With Josef Breur as his mentor, he did research on catharsis therapy in Vienna.

She was raised by a Catholic nurse. She worked at Baumgarten Children's Home.

She participated in meetings of the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society with Alfred Adler, Otto Rank, Carl Jung, Tatiana Rosenthal, Sabina Spielrein, Ernest Jones, Anny Rosenberg,....

Freud visited the OTO center Monte Verità (first use of the swastika) near Ascona Switzerland with Freudian Otto Gross, Herman Hesse, Dada artist Hugo Ball, Isadora Duncan, Fanny zu Reventlow, Paul Klee, Rudolf Steiner of Theosophical Society, Rudolf Laban,..

She lectured at Erich Fromm's Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute. She trained Wilhelm Reich's wife Annie Reich (study of female sexual submission) and Lou-Andreas Salomé (friend of Friedrich Nietzsche).

The Dadaists and Surrealists used Freud's theories to liberate the subconscious through art and free association. Communist and psychiatrist André Breton worked in a hospital under Joseph Babinsky, with traumatized soldiers of WW1 and wrote the Surrealist Manifesto in 1924 (uniting the pleasure principle and reality principle in one superreality, the surreal), mentioned Freud several times.

She developed the concept of defense mechanisms of the ego.

After the Anschluss of Austria with nazi Germany, the Freud family and members of the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society like Dorothy Burlingham, Eva Rosenfeld and Erwin Stengel moved to the UK (with help from Marie Bonaparte) to work with the British Psychoanalytical Society with Ernest Jones, William Mackenzie, John Bowlby, Donald Winicott, Melanie Klein, John Rickman, Lionel Penrose, James Strachey, Edward Glover, Cyril Burt, Charles Rycroft (Maudsley), Rosine Perelberg (Maudsley), Joan Riviere (uncle worked for SPR), Thomas Walker Mitchell,..

Sigmund's sister Esther Adolphine lived at the Theresienstadt Ghetto  with Ludwig Chodziesner (father of psychoanalist Gertrud Kolmar), Josef Breur's daughter Margarete Schiff and surrealist Robert Desnos.

After Sigmund Freud's death in 1939, the British Psychonalytical Society split in 3 factions: the followers of Anna Freud, followers of Melanie Klein and an independent faction (Donald Winnicott, John Bowlby).

From 1945 she worked with orphans from Theresienstadt to research trauma based mind control of children, transferred by Leonard Montefiore-Goldsmid (Order of the British Empire, Athenaeum Club with Alfred Milner). Montefiore, Lionel and Anthony Rothschild, Otto Schiff and Neville Laski (brother of Fabian Harold Laski, married to Moses Gaster of the Balfour Declaration) had founded jewish emigration organization World Jewish Relief in 1933. The transfer was romanticized in BBC propaganda The Windermere Children with Thomas Kretschmann. She trained Erna Furman (Popper) who moved to the US with help from Anny Rosenberg Katan.

She wrote An Experiment in Group Upbringing (used in cults like Manson Family).

In 1952 she founded the Hampstead Child Therapy Course and Clinic in London, now called the Anna Freud Centre, linked to Institute of Psychiatry, NHS, University College London, Oxford University and Yale University (death cult Skull and Bones). She worked with Wilhelm Reich's wife Anna Pink and Lou-Andreas Salomé (friend of Friedrich Nietzsche).

She was a friend of Ralph Greenson who treated mind controlled slaves Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Vivien Leigh and Marilyn Monroe.

In 1967 she was named a Commander of the British Empire by Elizabeth II. Catherine Middleton is patron of the Anna Freud Centre. Moshe Kantor (World Holocaust Forum) is a trustee. Peter Fonagy (also Order of the British Empire) wrote books about borderline personality disorder.

Anna Freud Centre founded Kids Company (accused of child abuse), funded by Morgan Stanley, JK Rowling (Harry Potter), Jemima Khan (relationship with Russell Brand), Coldplay. Chairman Alan Yentob worked for the BBC and opened the Jewish Museum London.

In 2020 the Anna Freud Centre launched the UK Trauma Council.

Lucian Freud had an affair with Sonia Brownell, wife of George Orwell. He married Caroline Blackwood, related to the Irish Guiness family, who worked for Encounter magazine of Irving Kristol (Congress for Cultural Freedom), Stephen Spender and Zionist T.R. Fyvell (Infomation Research Department with George Orwell). She later married poet Robert Lowell.

His brother Clement Freud worked for BBC and Queen magazine, which created Radio Carolina to promote the Swinging London scene and later became Harper's Bazaar of Hearst. After his death, he was accused of pedophilia.

Clement's son Matthew Freud married Elizabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Rupert Murdoch and founded PR company Freud Communications. He is related to Caroline Blackwood Guiness. He had a relationship with the mother of Playboy model Marina Baker/Pepper. He was mentioned in Adam Curtis BBC documentary ' Century of the Self. His first wife Caroline Hutton married the brother of Diana Spencer.

Marc Bernays Randolph co-founded Netflix, which like the Tavistock Institute, pushes the gay-transgender agenda.

David Bakan wrote Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition.

born 12/3/1895.

died 10/9/1982.

Sigmund Freud