Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is a propaganda show of the media industry on History Channel (A&E Networks controlled by the Hearst family, Order of Malta, Irish-Aryan, Scottish rite freemasons=the Aryan Draco-Orion Nordic bloodline) to spread disinfo about Atlantis and extraterrestrials, first broadcast in 2009.

It focused on psy-ops like the Roswell crash and hoaxes like the Loch Ness monster (Boleskine House of Crowley) and participated in the 2012 phenomenon hype. It is produced by Prometheus Entertainment (=lightbringer Lucifer, AA was used as inspiration for 2012 movie Prometheus), which worked with Fox and produced The Tesla Files, Star Wars: the Legacy Revealed and Playboy After Dark.

Its sensationalist and unscientific popular science approach, based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin (LSE), Robert Bouval and Graham Hancock, serves as a antithesis for the Science Church (Smithsonian). Michael Heiser (Liberty University of Jerry Falwell, book on Stranger Things) was used in Ancient Aliens Debunked. The Southern Poverty Law Center, founded by Julian Bond (NAACP), criticized Ancient Aliens as racist.

In 2005 Jason Colavito (History Channel, Skeptic Magazine) published The Cult of Alien Gods: H. P. Lovecraft and Extraterrestrial Pop Culture (Prometheus Books) and in 2012 A Critical Companion to Ancient Aliens Seasons 3 and 4.

In freemasonry the Great Architect of the Universe is referred to as the Ancient of Days. In Lovecraft's mythology, the ancient gods are referred to as The Old Ones. In Kenneth Grant's OTO system of magic the Anaturra Amnaya (AA like Crowley's Astreum Argenteum) continues the Typhonian tradition.

Ancient Aliens is often dismissed as a joke and used as a meme in popular culture and on Facebook, at the same time it normalizes and popularizes the topic of extraterrestials as preparation for the Luciferian New Age world religion.

Episode 97 discussed Aleister Crowley and his channeling of interdimensionals. Season 6 contained an episode Crystal Skull from Outer Space and Season 18 Crystal City Discovered Under Antarctica.

Action Bronson was used in Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens of Vice (also partially owned by Hearst). In 2021 William Shatner presented William Shatner Meets Ancient Aliens.

Main actors

- Billy Carson (Coast to Coast AM)
- Covington Scott Littleton (Phi Beta Kappa like David Rubenstein of Smithsonian, Camino College like The Beach Boys and Lynette Fromme of Manson Family)
- David Childress (Fox, NBC, International UFO Congress, Inside the Gemstone Files with Kenn Thomas)
- David Wilcock
- Eric Rankin
- Erich Von Däniken (reference to Tribe of Dan, Book of Dzyan of Helena Blavatsky, Project Camelot)
- George Noory (jesuit, Coast to Coast AM)

- Giorgio Tsoukalos (Coast to Coast AM)
- Graham Hancock
- Jonathan Young (Star Wars: the Legacy Revealed, worked with Joseph Campbell of Esalen)
- Linda Moulton Howe (Stanford, Fox show Sightings, CNN, Coast to Coast AM)
- Michio Kaku (Coast to Coast AM)
- Michael Salla
- Mike Bara (Boeing, Coast to Coast AM, book with Richard Hoagland)
- Nick Pope (Disclosure Project, Smithsonian Channel)
- Richard Dolan (Disclosure Project, Coast to Coast)
- Robert Bouval
- Robert Clotworthy
- Robert Schoch (Coast to Coast, Boston University)
- William Shatner (Antichrist movie Incubus, Star Trek)


Sites used in Ancient Aliens:

- Puma Punku, Tikwanaku site in Bolivia, considered a world centre like the sites in Greece were considered as navel of the world, used to worship the celestial pole, with the dragon Draco on its top. Puma Punku contains large, heavy stone slabs red sandstone. The builders had advanced knowledge of masonry, practiced human sacrifice, had trophy skulls. They used the H symbol, symbol of a stargate in Egyptian and Nubian pyramids, also used in the History channel logo (Puma Punku= door of the puma, door to the otherworld). The gate of the sun show the serpent god Viracocha, holding 2 poles (swastika, meaning 'all is well', symbol of good luck of Aryans). The site was investigated by the Ahnenerbe institute of nazi's to document their Aryan heritage. Ancient Aliens exaggerate the weight of the stones, suggest the use of diamond tip tools.

- the Pyramids of Gizeh Egypt, built as stargate to return to Orion, mummies were buried as Osiris god of the underworld, mummification ceremony synchronous with inundation of the Nile and the disappearance of Sirius behind the sun (Isis going to underworld). The King chamber represents the pineal gland, the Queen's chamber the pituary gland (stairs as stairway to the stars). They were not a UFO landing site, but the pharao's claimed a 'divine' and extraterrestial origin.

- Baalbek in Lebanon, used in worship of the god Baal, corrupt male energy worshipped in form obelisks (phallus of Baal) with very large, heavy stones. It contains motives with swastika's. Ancient Aliens quotes Sitchin's misleading information that it was used as a landing space for spaceships.

- Incan sites Machu Picchu, 15th century sacred mountain.

-  Easter Island.

Ancient artifacts used as evidence

- the Antikythera mechanism

- the London Hammer

- king Pacal and the World Tree interpreted by Erich von Daniken as a depiction of a machine, designed by extraterrestials.

-  The Nazca Lines

- Tolima stylised birds and fish are interpreted as 'fighter jets'

- the depiction of a lotus in an Egyptian crypt at Dendera, as first womb out of nothingness giving birth to sun god Atum, represented as a snake, is interpreted as a 'light bulb' and proof of electricity. The lotus is supported by Nun, goddess of nothingness and the Djed pillar, symbol of the spine and kundalini energy (activation of the pineal as birth of the universe out of nothingness). Ancient Aliens uses pictures of manipulated hieroglyphs to prove the Egyptians had planes and helicopters.

- The sun and moon on paintings of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ as male female pillar, are interpreted as UFO’s.

- The crystal skulll hoax, promoted by Frederick Mitchell Hedges, who also worked for the Hearst family.

- The large Paracus skulls were introduced in 1928 by Julio Tello, funded by CIA front Rockefeller Foundation (who also funded Robert Temple of 'the Sirius mystery' about the Dogon tribe), spreading rumors they had European origin.

Ancient text used as evidence

- Sumerian clay tablets about Anunnaki, misinterpreted by Zacharia Sitchin

- the Watchers in the Book of Enoch

- Ezekiel’s Wheel in the bible is interpreted as a spaceship, scenes in the Mahabharata are interpreted as scenes of ancient nuclear warfare (Louis Pauwels' book 'the Morning of the Magicians')

- Vimana’s as UFO's in fake text 'Vimanika Shastra'



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