Anarchopulco, is a jesuit controlled fake anti-establishment event in Acapulco Mexico, founded in 2015 by the network of Jeff Berwick, used to to spread disinfo and to play a Saviour role in the Conspiracy Church. It uses Alpha and Omega symbolism (wich was an offshoot of the HOGD).


- Adam Kokesh (RT, FYM, Libertarian Party)
- Andrew Kaufman
- Andrew Napolitano (friend of jesuit Glenn Beck, Washington Times of Unification Church, Fox News, Freedom Watch on Fox Business Network with Ron Paul and Peter Schiff)
- Ben Swann (Brigham Young University of Mormon Church, Fox, Fox News, RT, Republic Broadcasting Network of Willis Carto WACL)
- Bob Podolsky (jesuit)
- Christina Tobin (catholic university, campaign of Ralph Nader, Libertarian Party)
- Collective Evolution
- Cynthia McKinney (US congress, Green Party with Jesse Ventura)
- Dan Dicks
- David Icke
- David Weiss (Flat Earth psyop)
- Dayna Martin
- Del Bigtree (Oprah Winfrey related Dr Phil show, Vaxxed of Andrews Wakefield)
- Derrick Broze (FYM, RT)
- Dominic Frisby (St Paul School, The Guardian, Dave/BBC show The Money Pit, Bitcoin hype)
- Doug Casey (jesuit)
- Foster Gamble (Thrive with David Icke, FreemanTV)
- Freeway Ricky Ross (drug trade with CIA)
- G Edward Griffin (John Birch Society, Thrive)
- Gina Carr
- Guenther Bernard
- James Corbett
- Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante, Bitcoin hype)
- Jeffrey Tucker (friend of Ron Paul, Action Institute funded by the Bradley Institute, catholic, National Review of William F Buckley)
- John McAfee (Libertarian party, friend of Adam Kokesh, suicide in 2021 as part of Qanon psyop)
- Larken Rose (FYM)
- Luke Rudkowski (FYM)
- Marc Emery (High Times, Cannabis Culture, Libertarian Party of Canada, worked with Joe Rogan, Ed Rosenthal and Paul Mavrides of the Haight-Ashbury scene)
- Mark Devlin (FYM, FreemanTV)
- Mark Passio (Infowars, FYM)
- Max Igan (FYM, FreemanTV)
- Michael Terpin (Transform Group)
- Ole Dammegard (FreemanTV)
- Paul Rosenberg
- Paul Sztorc (Bitcoin hype)
- Richard Gage (Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth)
- Ron Paul (American Free Press of Willis Carto of John Birch Society)
- Sean Stone
- Sterlin Lujan (Politicon)
- Tim Moen (Libertarian Party of Canada)
- Vit Jedickla (Party of Free Citizens in Czech Republic)

Anarchopulco participated in the Jeffrey Epstein psyop.

Controlled opposition

David Icke