American Revolution

The American Revolution was a series of military conflicts between the United States and the British Empire (George III, House of Hanover) from 1765 to 1791, instigated by the Jesuits (Roman Empire, freemasonry, the war industry). It was a precursor of the French revolution, under the disguise of Enlightenment ideals.

Main actors

- Abraham Whipple (mason)
- Baron von Steuben (mason)
- Benjamin Edes (Boston Gazette, married to Martha Starr who was related to the founder of Harvard)
- Benjamin Franklin (mason, Hellfire Club, Lunar Society, American Philosophical Society)
- George III
- George Washington
- Haym Solomon
- John Adams
- John Paul Jones
- Joseph Warren
- Marquis de Lafayette (jesuit)
- Paul Revere (son of French Hugenot, wrote for Boston Gazette, Scotish Rite freemason)
- Robert Morris (American Philosophical Society)
- Samuel Adams
- Thomas Gage
- Thomas Hutchinson (Loyalist)
- Thomas Jefferson (Sons of Liberty, Enlightenment)
- Thomas Paine (friend of Franklin and William Blake, S&B family, American Philosophical Society)

Philip Johnston, Nathaniel Scudder and Dave Matthews were alumni of Princeton University.

Timeline of the American Revolution

1730s 'Great Awakening' revival of the Protestant movement in the US under influence of the God program. The Methodist Church is founded by mason John Wesley and George Whitefield (Holy Club of Oxford, controlled by the Cecils, friend of Benjamin Franklin). Sabbatean Nicolaus Zinzendorf played a role in the Moravian Church (Bohemia). The Moravian missionaries convert Native Americans to Christianity and conspire with the jesuits to rally them against the British.

1741 Franklin is visited in Philadelphia by Nicolaus Zinzendorf, a bishop in the Moravian Church, whose kabbalistic sexual practices influenced the New Jerusalem Society of Emanuel Swedenborg.

1743 Franklin founds the American Philosophical Society.

1746 the Presbyterians found Princeton University.

1763 the jesuits and British Empire (British East India Company) win the Seven Years' War against France and have a monopoly on the opium trade in India and China.

1765 the Stamp Acts taxes the US colonists, leading to the forming of Loyal Nine (John Adams, Paul Revere, Benjamin Edes of Boston Gazette) and Sons of Liberty (Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams) with the Liberty Tree as symbol. Benjamin Franklin works with the Pennsylvania Chronicle to create anti-British sentiment.

1769 Lord Dartmouth establishes Dartmouth College.

1770 Boston Massacre, depicted on engraving of Paul Revere. Lord North as pm of Britain.

1772 Lord Dartmouth as Secretary of State for the Colonies. The Sons of Liberty (masons Abraham Wipple and John Brown of Brown University) burn the British ship HMS Gaspee in Rhode Island.

1773 (year of suppression of the jesuits) Tea Act which allows the British East India Company (with jesuits as stakeholders, on the verge of bankruptcy after the Bengal famine) to pay no taxes, forming of the Boston Tea Party. British Loyalist vs American Patriots or Whigs. Publishing of letters of Thomas Hutchinson to cause outrage.

Polish jew Haym Solomon (Mekveh Israel, York Rite mason), friend of Aaron Levy, joins the Sons of Liberty. He funds the war with Robert Morris (American Philosophical Society, Bank of North America).

1774 Thomas Gage closes the Port of Boston. Franklin founds the Society of 13 with Richard Price, Joseph Priestley, Benjamin Vaughan.

1775 Battle of Lexington and Concorde on 4/19 (date associated with sacrifice to Baal; leading up to may day), Siege of Boston. Frederick the Great and Frederick II of Hesse (Rothschilds as bankers, 'enlightened despote' image) lease their mercenary soldiers to cousin George II (house of Hanover- Brunswick-Lunenberg) to quell the American Revolution.

1776 Thomas Paine publishes pamphlet Common Sense. 1 may founding of the Illuminati. Declaration of Independence on july 4 (aphelion of Sirius), drafted by Thomas Jefferson, with Benjamin Franklin, jesuit Charles Carroll, cousin of John Carroll, president of Georgetown University). George Washington crosses the Delaware river.

1777 Richard Price (Royal Society) becomes grandmaster of the Bridgend Lodge.

1778 Voltaire is initiated in the Nine Sisters lodge (Grand Orient) in Paris with Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones, Jean-Sylvain Bailly, Camille Desmoulins, Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès, Nicolas Chamfort as members. The Philips family found Philips Academy and Philips Exeter Company.

1781 Siege of Yorktown, victory of US and French troops (led by George Washington, Baron von Steuben and jesuit Marquis de Lafayette) over Britain (Lord Cornwallis). Chevalier de la Luzerne helps founding the Society of the Cincinatti.

1784 Franklin meets with Illuminati-member comte de Mirabeau.

1789 (year of French Revolution with Thomas Paine, Desmoulins, Sieyés and Bailly) mason George Washington is inaugurated as first US president in Wall Street, NY on the day before 1 may. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès, Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson design the Declaration of Rights of Man (ideals of the Enlightenment) with one eye pyramid symbol.

The name Sons of Liberty was used during the US Civil War.

The Republican Tea Party movement (Ron Paul) modelled itself on the Boston Tea Party. In 2015 History Channel produced miniseries Sons of Liberty.

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